They say your life is the most important thing in your life. Well, no. No one says that, people just KNOW it. That's the problem, people just know things anymore. What if things people KNOW, weren't exactly…accurate.

My name is unimportant; you can call me Mallicki, or just Malli. That's what my friends call me. Well, that's what people call me, not my friends. I don't have any friends.

I'm different from most people my age. Everyone is finding colleges to go to, careers for themselves and their futures, no one is worried about what I am….because no one can see what I can…

My name is Mallicki, and I have been cursed with a blessing. Every once in a while, some child is born with a power I have called Sight. Sight isn't like seeing, per say, it's more like…feeling. Not like touching feeling, but like…knowing feeling. And with Sight comes some extreme circumstances.

For instance, sitting in Independent Living and feeling an army of undead, armored and hungry, marching on the school. Or staring into the eyes of a dragon and watching it turn in fear and run. Sight isn't the only power I have, which may be why it ran.

Because along with Sight, I can manipulate the world, in ways I don't even understand…but there's a catch. With these powers I can save lives, end wars, change society, rule the world, take vengeance, live in luxury knowing that no mortal or immortal can stand before me.

For with these powers comes an influence. One without control that creates its own shelter in beings; people have said I'm just bi-polar, I'm actually two people. And one is actually a prisoner, the other an 18 year old boy…And both of them are fighting for control, to different ends. And one doesn't even know of this struggle…