Finally, I had come upon solid ground. After what could easily have been months, I hit the ground in a roll and spring to my feet, ready to get hit by…nothing. How anti-climactic, falling for what felt like centuries, getting mentally ready for anything and everything, and when I finally get to the bottom, I'm hit by…absolutely nothing but an oppressive darkness and a haunting silence. Creepy. I don't just want to sit in darkness for the rest of my life, but I don't want to draw any attention to myself by lighting the place up. Duh! Sight. I can't believe I hadn't been using it more. Then I thought about that. Imagine, looking into the souls of the Damned, to see the sins of their life. To be surrounded by such a corrupting presence strong enough to twist the minds of regular men into cawing. I suddenly thought twice about Seeing every sick thought man was capable of all bundled up in one neat little corner of existence.

What else could I do then? For being, supposedly, awesome, I felt very limited in my options. Ok, think, some things aren't going to be easy, some times you just need a moment to think, for options to present themselves. Nothing…nothing…this sucks! Being a tad impatient and feeling kind of rushed, I decided to reach out, and see what sort of terrain I was in at least. Think of how radar works, you send out a wave, and then the wave returning tells you general shape and structures. I can do this with a gentle push. So, what's behind dark curtain number 1? …Nothing. Absolutely nothing…this is getting a little strange. This is getting maddening. This is freaking me out, you don't drop down a chasm to nowhere and land nowhere, that's not how it works. It just isn't.

So, absolutely nothing, no stimulus, and only one potential for stimulus, me, staring into a dark emptiness with myself…not good. My shoulders started to ache a little now, I had forgotten all about the tears along my upper back. Where were those from? Ugh…my head was starting to spin…I was getting tired, hungry; everything just came after me, one nag, one weakness at a time. I couldn't handle it all at once. I cried. Yeah, I am still human, you know. And under stress I can crack too. Still, this is the first time in my entire life I had felt so weak, so powerless. I let the tears come for…I don't know, I can't just tell time by nothing, for a while, longer than I would have liked. Finally, I pulled myself together, wiped my eyes, and thought. I always thought when I was getting worn out.

I thought about my first Sight, about Gahe il kijg mebano. Borfesk, borfesk…" whatever it is, I thought about that beauty, that untouchable perfection. That…I could never become so serene, so perfect, so…out of touch. Wow, I had never looked through "an angel's" eyes before. I had always been looked at as inferior, as lesser even if I wasn't. Imagine, to be seen as so untouchable that no one even attempts at relating to you. The sheer solitude you would be pushed into by your own…overcomings? I don't know, opposite of shortcomings. Yeah, longcomings. Sure. I don't know, I'm just rambling, trying to see the reality between us. We were both absolute outcasts for things we couldn't choose not to use. No one, on any plane of existence, at any time, in any way, could ever hope to stop me from using my power to defend my school, my town, Michelle, nothing was going to stop me from being who I am, even if that means I can never live among people I am trying to help, so be it, I am ready for a life alone. I am ready for a life of labor for those who would see me dead. I am ready for my life to continue, and if that meant dying in this cesspit of sin and lifelessness, fine. As long as Michelle didn't stay here, I could. And I shall not be stopped by some darkness and my own fears, not now and not ever.

The darkness around began to flee, being beaten back by my own determination, by my power, manifesting in the form of silver light along my wounds, covering my scars, physical or not, and mending them, creating me again, anew. In the pits of Hell, there is deep, horrible little hole, and in this hole there is a gash, a blaze of silver slashed along the darkness, as though that pure black was a being, and this silver streak the scar I left, forever, to give any who are unfortunate enough to fall in this horrid place a trace hope of a savior, of freedom again. That freedom was not for the bearer of silver, but those deserving to be honored in silver.

I reached out, as far as I could, to listen for the beat of her heart, for the faintest sign of Michelle. And I found what I was looking for. Above, on the bridge I was on moments before, was a new form, a much more imposing form. A form I knew well, for it had spoken to me just before I had come to this place. A form with an all-knowing smile, and a small beacon of hope was trapped by this monstrosity. My love, held prisoner by this monster, almost brought the whole of this place down upon us all. Instead, though, I narrowed that hate, and I placed him in its sights, just waiting for my chance to pull the trigger. I had a long ways to go if I was going to get to the bridge again, I had to keep my energy and I had to stay in control. I couldn't think of what would happen if I lost my temper here. So I began my ascent, leaving nothing in the black but a long gash of silver and a chance in Hell, literally, of some good coming out of this. No matter who it was for, I would see to it becoming a reality.