Monotonous Midnights

Making something new
Wishing it were tangible
Wishing I could touch it
Creating novelty
To break up the monotony
I need to cut my dosage
And feel something new

The cogs in my head
They will never stop turning
But it's not that hard to figure you out
My superficial generation
Never riche
But nouveau libre
And how do you use this epiphany?
Creating little tragedies
To break up the monotony

Allergic to thought?
Let me be your epinephrine
The sun and the moon are liars
That separates your life
Divided by sleep
Makes you think change is possible
Days bleed into each other
We'll start again tomorrow
Too bad it never comes

Insanity or cognizance?
Everything in moderation
My thoughts keep skipping over pages
Too monotonous to read
So give me a beat
And keep me grounded
I fell from the sky
But haven't landed

The world stops at midnight
A time for reflection
Slipping and sliding
Only sleep allows traction
A downward spiral
Pulling me deeper
Inside my own head
It's never daylight in my mind

Where are you?
The balance to my endless thoughts
Let's make a deal and be a wave
You drag me out
And make me cave
I'll pull you in
And sleep for days

But here's a warning
My longed-for struggle
A precautionary push away
I won't hold your hand
Mine are tangled with fear
If you never let go
I promise I will