If it was up to her, she'd be on a first class trip to California, she'd live on the beach and spend her days making art and writing stories. If it was up to her, she'd be in love with a musician/artist who loves her back.

But unfortunately it isn't up to Willow Ulley.

If it was up to him, he'd be drafted by the New York Yankees, he'd play baseball all day, live in a large house with a picket fence and be married at age 26 to a housewife and have kids by 30- a son and a daughter.

But again, it isn't up to Cody Callahan either, even if he thinks it is.

Willow sat at her desk usual desk- they didn't have assigned seats but as Willow saw it, humans are creatures of habit so therefore they were compelled to sit in the same seats every other day- and Willow didn't have any complaints. Except well, she could complain about how everyone in that class was incompetent and that she wished that they would just shut up. It wasn't that hard was it? I mean really it was English lit. there's plenty of talking to be done there. But it's not like Willow loved that class, in fact she hated it. The teacher was nice enough and she liked most of the kids in her class- a lot of them were her friends- but since it was her 7th period she was tired of people. In general Willow was just sick and tired of people. She wanted out of this town and the end of senior year couldn't come fast enough.

Granted she loves a lot of the people, but it wasn't specific people that she hated. She hated the idea of people, hot people acted, how so damn slow people walked in the hallways and how they all thought they were in fact superior to most people- even if they didn't admit it.

Willow loves Jaxon, Sam, Theirry, Penelope, Randie, Patrick, etc. The list could go on and on but seriously she need out of this place.

The sad thing is though that she doesn't want things to change, she doesn't want people to leave and she doesn't want to be separated from everyone, she wants the high school experience to continue, she wants to be surrounded by people she knows and overall she wants to be young.

Going to college meant that she was old and that time would be moving by faster than ever.

Cody couldn't wait to be in college. College meant leaving, being drafted and finally, finally being a professional baseball player. He's going to NYU and he'll be going on a baseball scholarship. His dream was becoming real. He'll play college ball, join the minor leagues and then he'll play for his team- the Yankees.

Cody twirled his pen as his math Spanish teacher spoke- he didn't really bother listening most of the time. He didn't have to take Spanish his senior year- he's gotten straight A's in every class he's had since kindergarten. School was easy. AP Spanish was easy. And soon enough he'd figure that his life would be easy. Sure he's sweat, be covered in bruises, scratched up and possibly break bones but he pretty much loves all of the above.

Cody was so good at all subjects, sometimes he even helped his friends in classes he didn't even take. Like French, that shit was a breeze to him, he'd always help Ryan with it. And Ryan would help Willow with it.

Cody let out a sigh as he looked out the window. The same Spanish classroom for the past four years, walls covered in colorful posters with simple Spanish terms and tips, some piƱatas and a giant window that literally was a wall. Most days he could look out the window and see the class room across from theirs. Mrs. Olton's English Lit class that contains Willow Ulley.

The girl who caught one of his best friend's eye back in their sophomore year. Ryan wouldn't shut up about her, he would talk about how 'her hair was so silky smooth, shiny and the colorfullest black he's ever seen' and then he'd debate with himself about how it wasn't really black but an extremely dark brown. It got a little creepy though when Ryan took a French class over the summer so he could switch to Willow's French 2 class.

At their high school you had a take a language if you wanted advanced diploma, either three years of one language or two of two different ones. At first Ryan was going to take three years of Spanish with Cody but he decided to take the stalker route.

Cody stared at Willow through the window, fully realizing how creepy that sounded. He had to admit that she really is pretty. She has this really cute thing about her face, Cody wouldn't have minded kissing her lips, and her nose was average with nicely shaped eyes, high cheek bones and this really pretty hazel eye color. Then there was this thing that she had going on with her hair, often times it was styled differently-pretty no matter what and it really did look soft. One of the best things about Willow's face was her eyelashes, Cody loves them but he wouldn't openly admit it.

And sure she was skinny-perfectly so- and she wasn't exactly chest-y but she had a cute ass.

But then once you got to know Willow you'd fall in love with her personality and she suddenly got way more attractive, dare he say it, hot.

But even if Ryan wasn't in love with Willow, Cody wouldn't go after her. As he saw it, Willow what a free spirit type of person and Cody didn't mix well with free spirits. At least romantically. Mostly he wanted a girl who knew what she wanted and Willow wasn't that type.

You know, even though it was cheesy Cody wanted that picture perfect family. He preferably wanted a blonde, blue eyed tall girl who was smart and had her life planned out. From the time Cody knew Willow, she wasn't any of those things.

Which was a bad thing for Cody, he knew Ryan almost better than Ryan knew himself. Even though Cody knew that Ryan would follow Willow to the ends of the earth and back, but only to get hurt. Willow wouldn't care if she broke Ryan's heart; she never cared about those things.

Willow Ulley always put her heart first. At least that was the common opinion among the male student population of Fairfax high. But not in that 'she's selfish' kind of way but in that 'don't get romantically involved with her' kind of way. Because as you know guys don't like being rejected, they dislike being heartbroken just as much as girls, the just don't whine about it. Wouldn't want to be considered a pussy right?

"Hey do you think he's cute?" Willow asks in a dreamlike state. She doesn't really care about if anyone else thinks he's cute, but she feels compelled to voice her opinion out loud.

"Will, I'm not going to answer that." Jaxon rolls his eyes. Jaxon loves her but his best friend really needs to find a best friend who doesn't get sick as often. Penelope Wilder is a bacteria magnet.

"Oh come one Jax, for me?"

"Fine," He sighs. He looks at the guy; long enough to see what he looks like but not enough for him to feel uncomfortable about looking at a guy.

"He's okay, dresses kind of weird though. Weird mouth." Jaxon shrugs, petting his best friend.

Willow purses her lips and holds Jaxon's hand. She likes that style- the unknown boy is sporting those cut off skinny jeans that reach the knees, a plaid shirt and an ugly orange beanie with a pair of Vans. Minus the beanie, he was dressed pretty damn hot in Willow's eyes. And she likes his girly lips except he had ugly eyebrows more acne than she liked.

"I like his mouth. And his clothes." She pouts.

"How about I set you up with a guy? What do you say girlie?"

"Ugh! Jaxon you always say how I have bad taste in guys and yet you want to set me up with guys I don't have any interest in. And I thought you were my best friend!" She says with false hurt.

"You are my best friend," Jaxon lightly kisses Willow's hand, "I just think that you need to be more open. Maybe you can't the right guy because all you want is artsy guys who have commitment issues."

"Normal guys have commitment issues too." She retorts.

"That's true. But I mean really try someone else. Like a boy name Orton Raleigh."

"Jaxon!" Willow cries, "Come on I won't go out with him. Come one, what kind of name is Orton?!"

"There's more to a person than their name Willlow."

"Okay sure, but you know what, it's also how you say their name. Orton, ugh. He sounds like he's dying when he says his name."

"That's not true," He chuckles and pauses for a moment, "Okay maybe it's true. He's not the best name sayer buttttt, he's a nice guy who likes you. Plus he doesn't wear any orange beanies."

Willow thinks it over as she notices Jaxon's attire. Plain white t-shirt and slim, fitting jeans and a black rope bracelet Willow made for him. Jaxon bites on one of the strings of his bracelet. He always had a simple idea on love. It'll happen you'll find the right person and you'll feel it. When Jaxon feels it he'll go after her and won't give up. Until then though, he's going to help Willow with her love life.

"I guess that's true but you know I was so in love with that beanie."

"Oh I bet." He rolls his eyes.

"Hey, if I stop by Home Depot and bring you some hot chocolate will you go shopping with me after you're done working?" Willow suggests hopefully.

"I can't wait until Penelope gets better."

"Mean!" Willow pushes her best friend and he laughs.

"Sorry, but I do really want her to get better. You know I'm not the best female substitute."Jaxon shrugs truthfully.

"Yeahhh but you're all I got. Besides Thierry, he's a better substitute but you know he's busy being suspended. Jerk." She grumbles.

"Oh how inconsiderate of him!" He feigns.

"Yes it was! He was my French partner! And since he's suspended for pissing his name on the front sidewalk I have to be Ryan Lancaster's partner. And he's so unhelpful it's like mind numbing. I want to kick him. I mean he's great in helping me with French homework but he's a terrible partner. He just tries to talk to me but seriously we need to get shit done!"

"Simmer Will, simmer. You'll be fine. If it's not done by the due date just bring your project over to Thierry and you guys can finish whatever's left."

"Yeah I guess." Willow grumbles, unhappy that her best friend is right and constantly all knowing.

Jaxon messes up Willow's hair so it's a mess, a pretty mess and Cody walks over.

"Hey you two."

"Hey." They say simultaneously.

"Where's Rhys?" He asks as he sits down. Unfortunately they have C lunch- the second to last lunch block which contains very few people they actually like. Cody isn't really good friends with Jaxon and Willow but Rhys and the other missing member, Alex were best friends with him.

Despite that Cody and Willow spend lunches together every other day, they don't really talk much.

"Haven't seen him," Willow shrugs.

"He'll be late he's trying to ask out Olivia Goldstein." Jaxon answers.

"Doesn't she have a boyfriend?" Cody laughs.

"Two," Willow and Jaxon answer.

"But he's hoping he'll be the third." Jax finishes.

"Whatta hoe."

"Agreed." Willow chimes in, "She's not even pretty."

"You're just jealous because you can't get one good boyfriend."

Cody perks up a bit thinking that he should mention Ryan.

"You should try Ryan." Cody adds.

"Lancaster? No way. Not unless he helps me get an A on my French project."

Jaxon nudges Willow giving her a look. She catches and realizes that she forgot an important notion- Ryan is Cody's best friend.

Oh well, she never was good at keeping her mouth shut, plus she's famous for doing things like that.

"I could help." Cody suggests, "French is easy."

"Don't you take Spanish though?" Willow asks confused.

"Yeah but it's easy, I just look at it and I'm like woah man, woah I could've taken this and Spanish."

"Woah man, slow yourself man." Jaxon laughs.

"Ugh I'm so jealous of you. I wish I could actually find a language easy. I'm great in English but nooo I can't learn any other languages."

"Yeah but at least you have artistic talent. I've seen some of your paintings and stuff around school and shit you're talented."

"Pish posh, everyone says that." Willow shrugs off, "People only think I'm good because they can't draw a circle."

"Well you're just your own worst critic. I'm that way with baseball."

"Ew baseball." Willow wrinkles her nose. Of course though she knows that Cody is the best baseball player in the state-debatably. Everyone knows that Cody is bound for the major leagues.

Cody sticks his tongue out at her. Willow thinks about how he'd look good with a tongue piercing. His hair looks like Logan Lerman's in the Percy Jackson movie- she loves Logan. Now that she thinks about it, Cody looks a lot like Logan except he has brown eyes and he's a tall guy with the baseball physique- meaning those toned baseball arms.

Definitely not her type, except maybe if he was artsy and actually had something in common with her.

Cody and Willow were pretty different.

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