Chapter 1

"Lilly, get up or you'll be late for school!" Mom shouted near my bedroom door.

"As what you can see, I'm already up, mum. No need to shout."

I hurried down stairs to get my bag and took a piece of loaf into my mouth.

"But I prepared breakfast for you, honey!" Dad shouted.

"Not hungry dad. Just gonna eat that later when I get home. Bye!"

On the way to school, I noticed that there was this newly opened shop near a food court. It seemed that all they sell were dresses and accessories.


I stopped and got back to where that sound came from.

"Ow!" it said it again. "When the hell would you stop killing my foot?" A guy just beside me said, so I looked down to check and he was right.

"Oh… Oh, sorry. I thought it was just a cat so I went back to check. Didn't see you, I was looking at a shop."

"Does a cat even say 'ow'? Are you numb? Didn't you feel that you were stepping on something or SOMEONE, rather?"

"Yeah, yeah. Sorry already, alright?" Then I ran off to get into the school grounds.

"Lilly, Oh my God!" Jenna shouted as I came in our classroom door to give me a massive hug.

"Take it easy there tiger or you're gonna kill me." We both chuckled.

"How's vacation?" I asked. She just answered with her eyes simply rolling and her giggling. I bet this one's juicy.

"Ooh, tell me!"

"I'll tell you later, sweetheart." she said with a wink.

The bell rang and professor Ace came in smiling, babbling about things I wouldn't care to listen to. The what-would-my-life-be-like-this-year started popping in and out of my head. And hell, it was disturbing.

"Aw, no way!" My seatmate started moaning and poof! I was out of my fantasy land.

"What's happening?" I asked him.

"Another 'introduce-yourself' is coming up, sleepy head."

"Okay Lilly, would you mind starting?" Prof. Ace started pointing at me.

Oh God…


"Is there another Lilly here? You silly." He laughed and I guess he was expecting the others to laugh as well, but it must be real hard to have your expectations fall down so quickly.

I stood up and looked around. I cleared my throat just to make sure there are no mistakes to be done.

"Hi. I'm Lillian Harper. Currently single—" Then they all chuckled.

"Go on," Prof. Ace said with a fake smile.

"I like all shades of blue, and I eat almost anything edible but I don't get fat." I sat down afterwards.

"Okay, next?"

"He's such a psycho." Jenna muttered and we both giggled.

Would my life be like one of those novels authors write? I mean, hey. It could happen, right? Would I ever be in the state of happiness and-oh, don't forget about love. A life filled with romance and stuff, ooh, exciting! I chuckled at the thought and the next thing I knew, they were all staring at me.

"What? Can't a person laugh?" I asked defensively.

"You can't when there's nothing really funny, Lilly. Okay class, as I was saying. Now that we're—"

"Bell!" someone shouted in front and the bell did ring. I guess he was waiting for Prof. Ace to get it done with.

"Lillian, right?" A male voice asked. I was fixing my things so I didn't mind looking up.

"I'm not Lillian Right. I'm Lillian Harper."

"No." He chuckled. "I mean, you are Lillian?"

"Yah think?"

"You are so…kind." He said sarcastically. "You dropped your ID at my foot earlier."

Now I looked up. I saw the same black haired guy I stepped on this morning. "You again?"

"That's a Cole Blake for you." He said proudly.

"Wait. Is your name Cole or Blake? I'm confused."

He sarcastically laughed. "Real funny."

"Thank you." I smiled and I bet he was irritated. I'm so good with this, I thought.

"Lilly, come on or we'll be late!"

"Jenna, when will you stop shouting?" I laughed.

"Until my last breath." She chuckled. Warily, she looked at Cole. "Who's he?"

"Blake. The cat I stepped on earlier when I was on the way."

"A cat?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, kept on saying 'ow!' like a cat," I said convincingly but Jenna knew I was kidding so she couldn't help but smile.

"I'm not a cat. Cat say's "meow" not "ow!" The only reason why I said that was because you stepped on me. And it's Cole, not Blake."

"Yeah, I knew that. So, I'd be going now Blake—"

"Cole," He cut me short.

"I mean Cole." I defended. "Bye."

It feels so good teasing people. I laughed at the thought. But there was something in him that I knew was really different. Something I think I know.