Chapter 6

Cole Mason Blake

It's been a week since she started ignoring me and I don't blame her. I know that I did something wrong and I won't and can't deny that. To tell the truth, her company's a lot more than other girls. I miss her, I thought.

"Mr. Blake."

I want to apologize, but I don't know how I would approach her. I don't want to do the same apology over and over again. It would look like I'm not sincere.

"Mr. Blake,"

These past few days were okay between us. We're getting along just fine, but I ruined it. It's because I didn't want to phase things up between us so I'd rather make out with another girl than treat her the same as—

"Mr. Blake!"

"It's Cole!" I shot back unconsciously to Mr. Drake, our chemistry teacher.

"So you wouldn't answer even if I called you Blake—which is your last name—because you want me to call you Cole?" he asked furiously.

"I'm sorry, sir. I was thinking so I—"

"Here's a slip for shouting at me. Detention, now!"

I stood up and quietly walked out of his class and continued to think on how I should apologize to her.

"Lilly?" I called as she came out from the clinic. She turned with a smile but when she realized it was me, her smile quickly faded and walked away.

"W-wait!" I said as I grabbed her elbow. She struggled hard but I know I shouldn't just let her go.

"You're got what you wanted, let me go!" She shouted.

"Not yet. I want to explain, please." I begged.

She paused a while and stared at me. "Flies like garbage, so they talk like garbage. I don't like to hear any explanation from a person who would and could, just do it again and again."

She got me there. My grasp loosened and she continued to walk away. I ran after her even though I know nothing of what I would say.

I stood in front of her soon as I catch up and sighed. "I didn't want to treat you like a toy,"

"You already did." She protested.

"I wanted to treat you differently—"

"That's why you did that? Cole, that's insane! I can and want to change you but you won't let me! I know you can. With a little help, who knows?" her eyes was convincing me to do better.

I had nothing I can say. My mind went completely blank and I just stood there, not even stopping her from walking away. I wanted to move, to stop her. But my body won't let me. Her words sank deeper than I though it would.

"Why are you even this angry at me?" I shouted back at her while she was still in the corridors. She looked back at me with eyes as sharp as knives that looked at mine.

"Ha! You're actually asking me why I'm mad at you.", she laughed.

Shit. "Y-you are my girlfriend, but it's just for fun and games, r-right?"

"Oh really?" she raised an eyebrow. What the hell am I saying? "Well, your fun and games might as well end right here, right now."

"Wait! I-I mean, don't you think your reacting too much? Don't you think it's too soon for you to decide?" I said as I walked towards her.

"Maybe you're right. Maybe I am just exaggerating. But you know what? It's worth exaggerating for because you're never worth the pain, never worth anything. I actually thought you've change. Ha, wow. So overrated, don't you think? I've handed out – and I admit – a few chances because I trusted you. But all those chances were put to waste because you were there, so full of pride to not even mind that the people who care about you, the people who's around you, is getting hurt with the things you do."

I stood there in front of her totally speechless. God, why'd it have to be her that gets hurt? I'm an idiot! "Please, just one more chance."

"I've had enough of your lies and I'm tired of believing. I'm sorry, but this game's over."

She ran away before I could even tell her what's on my mind. She bumped into someone who followed her after looking at me. For crying out loud! All I did was to make it worse, to make her feel worse. This is such a mess, a mess I think I'm not able to walk out on.