"Night Adventure"

My awakening was announced by an alarming noise,
That disrupted the lingering silence of the night.
Despite my lack of sleep to a quarter 'til three,
My body willingly helped itself to the windows.

The vast darkness greeted me with a welcoming whimper;
I heaved my eyes to scan the immense skies in return.
I find a field of white clouds hovering a height;
The dim source of light was no where in sight.

I rushed to another window and held my breath,
To my disappointment, it was still enshrouded away.
Then I furtively crept out my front door,
Where a cold environment awaited in embrace.

With no luck at all observing the heavens,
I returned to my bed with wavering spirits.
I twisted and turned until finally making up my mind,
And once again I got on my feet and ventured.

I stood defiantly high above the ground by my side door.
With difficulty I located the red tint in the night sky.
For a second it seemed to flicker along with the stars,
And I was suddenly reminded of a special prescence.

I hurry inside to retrieve my camera.
I hoped to take a snapshot of this moment in life.
However, the dancing clouds deterred my intentions.
I guess there was no imprint better than the one in my mind.

I shivered to realize the second's importance,
Or rather I was finally welcoming the lonely coldness.
Curiosity and determination had been my coat;
I hang them back inside my soul as I step into rest.

Tomorrow I plan to wear them another time.
The Lunar Eclipse was undoubtedly a great experience,
But it was only the start of newborn Winter.
Much more waited in patience to be discovered.