Breaking Love

I loved you

I never kissed you

I missed the warmth from your chest

I thought you were my quest

I had you as my treasure

I saw you and felt the pleasure

My heart was filled to the rim

I was showed the grim

The love poured away

But the pain was to stay

Thinking the feeling had returned

But the memories were burned

I hadn't stopped loving you, but just rembered you

My love didn't disappear, it only had faded

People told me take him his yours

People told me lies saying your mine

People told me you won't hurt me

People told me you won't make me cry

People told me I will make your rain

The people who told me had to lie

Deep down I knew my heart would be injured

I wanted you around

But you're far into the crowed

You told me I love you

You told me too many times

I never believed the first word

We became closer

We became one