Someday, You Will Be Loved

"You look beautiful tonight," he whispered into my ear. I blushed as his cheek grazed my own and looked down at my feet, flustered. Right away I knew I had messed up again.

"CUT! What do you think you're doing?" The director yelled into a megaphone as if his voice alone couldn't travel the 10 feet between us without it. We had spent the entire day trying to get this scene right, but I kept messing it up. Failure was a first time for me in any scene. "Look sweetheart, if you're going to be in my movie you're going to act exactly how it's written in your script. It's been a long day spent on this one stupid scene and we're on a tight schedule. I'll give you the night to compose yourself and come back here at 5 am tomorrow and we take it again, alright?" He stared at me with a look of sympathy and anger. He knew that I was better than this but he'd have no choice but to find someone else.

I turned around and broke Vince's embrace, pushing him slightly. Without apology I walked away to go get changed in my trailer. I passed other cast and crew but didn't stop to talk or exchange pleasantries. At this point it was either get it together or lose the job and I couldn't afford to give up.

Acting had always come naturally for me, it was as simple as breathing. Stand in front of the camera and regurgitate some lines, easy. The hard part was always feeling exactly what they wanted me to feel. I learned quickly that you couldn't read a script for what it was since the characters lived between the lines. To create a character I would have to become someone else and I would have to feel what they felt. At this moment my character and I felt two different things. I wanted Vince with all my heart and I was having a hard time pretending I didn't.

How could I fall so hard for my co-worker?

AN: Just an idea that's been bouncing around in my head. Not sure whether I'll be going anywhere with this but might as well post it right?