The sound of the director's voice was still echoing through the room when Vince started moving towards me. Except he wasn't Vince anymore, he had dived right back into the persona of his character, Maximilian. He was holding himself differently, looking at me differently, fidgeting more obsessively. He was portraying exactly what the writers had included in the notes, this is the reason he was sought after by so many casting directors, the writers loved watching him.

I hesitated longer than he had and was still getting focused when he finally reached his mark a couple of feet from me, facing away.

"I can't believe we are going to have this conversation again Olivia." He said it with sadness leaving a short pause leading up to the next line, "you bring it up, then I bring it up and every time we have this conversation someone leaves hurt." He turned around with his eyes watering slightly, real pain in his eyes since he was likely stabbing himself with a pin in his pocket.

I started a countdown from 5 in my head. Five, I would soon have to deliver my own line which now sounded more ridiculous than it had on the page. Four, I was going to act like somewhat of a bitch in order to get this line out right. Three, I could feel that with every line I was getting closer to going home. Two, mentally I'm bracing myself and just need to get through this. One.

"Maybe we wouldn't have to have this conversation all the time if you could just make up your mind Max!" I yelled at him with all the anger I have held inside me. I had to keep getting angrier using memories of being wronged. Damn my mother for not having bought me the teddy I wanted!

"Look, Olivia, I'm just a stupid teenager, how am I supposed to make up my mind like you have?"

"Max, are you kidding? Just a teenager? How old do you think I am? Last I checked we have been in class together since the fifth grade and friends since before that!"

"Yeah, true." On cue he and I both turned around. I was looking into the blackness of the side of the set while he stared into the back of my head. I crossed my arms to portray how angry I was so that I wouldn't have to look into any of the cameras. A small smile was creeping onto my face ad I didn't want to be the one to break.

"Look Max," I started, "this is going to have to be the last time we talk about this. You are going to have to make the choice here and now. Are we together, or are you going to keep acting like an idiot?"

" 'Liv I have no idea what you want me to do…"

"It's not about what I want," I turned around to face him with determination, my face unmoving, "it's about what YOU want."

Vince made his advances to me they warned me about. I saw it coming in how he took his hands out of his pocket and seemed to take hesitant steps in my direction. This was textbook lead up to a crazy make-up make-out session but I was told I would have to shy away. My heart said stay but my ever so rational brain said flee.

"No Max, this isn't how it's going to work." I took a step back as I uttered the line. He continued to move forward, arms relaxed at his sides as his eyes looked at me playfully. "I'm going to stand here and you are going to make your damn choice."

"Well then…" He looked into two of the cameras, the at an awkward angle and the one to capture his face. He seemed to almost wink into the camera as he said, "I choose you" and too me into his arms.

This was not a conversation between Olivia and Maximilian any more; this was a conversation between myself and Vince. The shock on my face was real, and as Vince squeezed me in his arms I heard the director yell cut, and the crew begin clapping.

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