I woke up to find myself no longer in the pale blue pajamas I had put on the night before. Seeing myself in the mirror I was shirtless and more built. My shoulders had broadened overnight and my muscles seemed much more defined, not to mention the facial hair. It was evident there had been a major change during the night.

My once smooth legs were a jungle of dark hair, and all I could think about was how long it would take to shave them again in this state. All I had on was a pair of boxers, which I never even knew I owned. How had any of this happened?

Hauling myself out of bed, I noticed that my room as was very different. How had I not notice that where my pink bulletin board once hung was a poster of some chick on a car? Frighteningly enough I had no problem with it, she was hot and felt as though she belonged there staring back at me without any expression. I decided immediately it was best not to scrutinize all the differences in my room, I had school in a couple of hours and I had to wake up.

Looking closer at my face, I could only really recognize my eyes. I realized I would have to shave my face if I wanted to look anywhere near presentable. I used to shave my legs all the time, how much harder could shaving my face be? It's less area after all.

Looking for a razor to shave with and that stuff I'd seen my dad put on his face before, I prayed that I wouldn't slit my throat by accident. Finding the shaving cream I had seen my dad use, I began my little adventure. It seemed easy enough at first, just have to put on the shaving cream, but I quickly learned that it wasn't as easy as I had thought. After applying the shaving cream on my cheeks and chin, I moved on to my upper lip. I learned quickly that it was best to not have too much under your nose because it really isn't very pleasant having shaving cream up your nose. The smell will probably be trapped in there all day now.

Thirty minutes later I left the bathroom with only two bandages on my face and all changed in my clothes for the day, ready for school.

AN: I have returned to my past writing to discover I was really good at this in high school when it came to ideas. I hit my creative prime it seems haha. So I re-copied all the documents and now I'm going back, re-writing and fixing things. Get myself out there and see if people will read my stuff this time ;)