How was I to know that being a guy would make me dumber? It seems my IQ had become lower than my shoe size, which had grown ridiculously. I could hardly stay awake listening to the monotonous voice of my French teacher trying to teach us how to use some tense of some verb. I couldn't be damned to follow, I had given up on listening ten minutes into class, it was just too boring. When would I ever need to know how to use the plus-que-parfait tense on any of these obscure verbs? Unless my secret dream is to become some French novelist, this all feels useless. She could have been teaching anything up there and I still wouldn't really be paying any attention.

Instead, I was focusing my attention on some of the girls in my class.

You never really notice how hot some of these girls really are until you've been on both sides. Knowing how much effort they put into their look, it's weird that I'd never really noticed them. Rachel looked really good in some of the tops I used to think were skanky, and Emilie actually did look smarter with her glasses on. As I stared at the girls, I realized that maybe it wasn't the time to be thinking about them at all. I didn't want to pitch my first tent in French class.

With some of the other thoughts passing through my mind, I figured I must have become a guy inside and out. There was no other reason for thinking, "that's what she said," whenever presented with the chance, or suddenly wanting to impress girls. Never mind wanting to get back to being a girl, being a guy so far was pretty awesome. The bell rang to startle me out of my thoughts as I got up to leave the room. Finally free from that stupidly small desk and chair.

"Hey there, have I seen you before?" It was Rachel walking up to me and stopping me before exiting the classroom. On second thought, her top was skanky, I could see down it into her cleavage practically down to her bellybutton. It was both revolting and inviting at the same time. The guy in me just wanted to take it off her but the girl in me just disapproved in her choice in wardrobe.

"Hey, uh, no I suppose you haven't seen me here before. I'm… Allen?" The name just came to me out of nowhere. There was no going back; this was going to have to become my identity.

"Well Allen, since you seem to be new, how about I be your welcoming committee? I can take you around the school and introduce you to all the right people." She was really trying too hard to get me. She was licking her lips after practically every sentence and winked after her little spiel. Her shirt slipped slightly to reveal her red lace bra under her loose and low cut shirt. Suddenly I was much less interested in her, is this how all girls looked when they went after guys?

"No thanks, I'm good. The administration already showed me where all of my classes are and I think I can handle meeting some of the people myself, but thanks for the offer." I smiled but her face fell a little as she realized I wasn't interested in her, even if I was only the new kid. I wasn't as desperate as she was. I walked away from her leaving her to wallow in her failure. I did have to get on with my day.

AN: As part of my re-write I split up the story into parts to make it more appealing to read in small sittings. Also I figured there needed to be a bit more story since a lot of it was rushed to the end to experience a full day. This time I'm going to slow it down and add some drama and such to it.

Tell me what you think :) I'm also open for suggestions of how you want the story to go. It's all sort of open at the moment.