BB: Hi, everyone! ...okay, this story is VERY SAD. And it's also somewhat scary...and it's definitely going to make you feel sick. And, I must add this in, otherwise it would not be fair: This is a series of posts that I (along with my Fanfiction friend, L'adore [go check out her stuff, it's very well-written]) wrote in a website (http: // wammyshouselawliet . proboards. com / index. cgi). They had to be taken out because they were too "explicit," so we've been posting them here. L'adore owns Azael, I own Sa and Julie! DO NOT TAKE OUR CHARACTERS.


Summary: Sa is a little seven year old orphan who lives in an orphanage/school. He's a singer, who is afraid of the Choir teacher, Azael. Azael happens to like Sa, and when he finds the little boy under his desk...let the practice begin.

Warnings for: Shota-con; RAPE; molestation of a minor; (probably mild) language; obsessive fixation on a child; Azael being a perverted old man who doesn't seem to understand what "NO!" means.

Hope you enjoy.

Sa was so happy. He raced down the hallway, a big smile on his face, hurrying away from the cihldren who might be chasing him.

'I've got to hide, got to hide!' He let his eyes glance around and he saw an open door, something that made him smile wider as he ducked inside.

"They'll never find me now!" He whispered quietly before looking around the room he was in, paling when he realized that he was in the Choir teacher's office. Azael was a teacher who Rick (the orphanage director) had introduced Sa to on his very first day, and even a mention of the man made him tremble with fear.

However, Azael wasn't here right now.

'Oh, man, I've got to get out of here!' The brunette boy started toward the door, but he heard footsteps outside it, something that drove him back from it and under the desk, hoping that no one would see him, and doubly hoping it wasn't Azael who was coming inside. 'Please don't let it be him!'

Oblivious to the fact that a child had hurried into his room, Azael entered his office whilst his low voice softly sang the melody of one of the children's chorus songs in perfect pitch, one of his fingers lifting to conduct an imaginary orchestra. He smiled to himself and took a seat at his desk, remaining unaware of the child who had opted to hiding beneath the area of his workspace.

One of his hands reached for an ink pen, a small sigh ceasing the tune that had flowed from his lips as he turned his attention to a very much more important matter at hand -- the list of his students. The smile on his lips widened and became crooked as he scanned the various names, paying attention to only the list of young boys that had became his students.

There were so many potential targets, but his heart had focused on one in particular, one by the name of Sa. His pen tapped at the blank space beside the name and he allowed himself to grin, his head tilting to a side barely as his mind became lost in explicit daydreams.

Sa gulped silently as he heard the sound of the teacher's voice, feeling his body starting to shiver.

'I just had to hide in his office, didn't I?' The boy berated himself, as he tried not to get too close to the man in front of him. For some reason, Azael always looked at him as though he was something to eat, even while they were in classes. It was something that frightened him, almost as much as...

"Mmh!" The teacher's foot had come out and kicked him in the knee, making him let out a small sound of pain, one he tried to muffle by covering his lips with his hands. Hopefully the elder male hadn't heard them, and would only think that it was some strange sound.

'Please, don't let him look under here, please don't let him.' Sa begged to whoever might be listening, if anyone. He'd never been particularly religious, but right now he could only do such a thing.

Azael remained oblivious and rolled to a side in his office chair, tending to one of the various file cabinets in his office. He thumbed through the various papers until he located a few in particular, the papers that held information about his students that was confidential to virtually anyone who wasn't a part of administration. But, the papers did not only possess words and numbers.

There were pictures.

He found Sa's file and rolled his office chair back to his workspace, setting his feet beneath his desk whilst he sat the files atop the surface. He smiled almost dreamily and leaned back with a small sigh, biting down on his lower lip. The entire time, he kept his eyes focused on the picture of Sa, his mind never ceasing its imagining of explicit occurrences that could not be openly mentioned.

Yet, he could imagine harmlessly. He could pretend while he was alone in the space of his office, left undisturbed and free to explore the most twisted parts of his imagination. His hand moved over his crotch and he made a small sound, leaning his head back slightly. "...Tenshi," he almost moaned.

Sa watched with wide eyes as the teacher didn't seem to notice him. He was grateful for that, but what came next was a big surprise to him. The teacher had rolled away from the desk, leaving him a perfect opening to get out, but also a perfect opening to be discovered in.

'Great, I'm stuck no matter what I do!' He lamented to himself before he saw the teacher rolling back, pressing himself as far as he could against the back of the desk. He heard the rustling of paper, maybe the teacher was looking through his files, and he bit his lip, hoping the man wasn't going through his.

'Maybe he'll be called away soon?' Sa hoped this was true, hoped that the man would be forced out of his office so Sa could escape. He was already formulating his escape route when something strange happened. He watched as his teacher took one of his own hands and moved it to the space between his legs, something that made the young boy gasp just as the elder male moaned out the word "Tenshi."

'What is he doing!?!?!'

Already aroused by the picture of the boy on his file and by the images running rampant through his mind, Azael walked his fingers to the button of his pants, effortlessly undoing the small fastener before he worked at his zipper. He wanted to move his hands into his underwear in order to make the pictures in his head a reality, though his eyes soon flicked down at the space beneath his desk, his radiant blue orbs locking on an utterly innocent pair of eyes.

It was Sa, the boy in the picture on his desk.

To his own surprise, he did not blush and instead he acted calmly, fixing his pants calmly. Inwardly, he made a thankful prayer that he had not become visibly aroused. Azael smiled at the young child and scooted to the edge of his seat, clasping his kneecaps as he leaned forward.

"...Sa-kun? What a surprise," he grinned. "I'm going to assume you and the other boys were busy playing a game of hide and seek. Or, was it tag this time?"

Sa pushed himself back against the desk again, trying to look at anything but the teacher in front of him, but that was impossible. It was utterly impossible to look away from the man who, just a moment ago, had been starting to undo the fastener on his pants, who had been about to do something...

"H-Hide and seek..." The words were whispered quietly, filled with the fear of the man the boy had, and he gulped in order to try and say them louder. "W-We...we were playing Hide and Seek, Mr. Azael."

He never just said the teacher's alias when he was speaking to him directly or to the admins, because it just wasn't what a student did to a teacher. He would have to be as polite as he could to this man, and hope that he would let him get out.

"I...I'm sorry I got into here without your permission." He said, keeping himself pressed against the desk again, hoping against all hope that the elder male didn't reach in under and try to get him out. "I was just in a hurry, and I saw the open door...I didn't think to look about whose room it was. Sorry, Mr. Azael."

He couldn't scold such an innocent creature, at least not right away.

With a delicate chuckle, he scooted to the very edge of his seat before he arose, lowering slowly into a crouch in front of the space beneath his desk. One of his hands reached forth and wrapped its fingers around one of the child's without the boy's consent, his radiant pair of eyes seeming to glint with something consoling and something quite the opposite.

He nevertheless kept his teeth revealed in one of the most dazzling smiles he could muster, whilst he started to pull the young boy from beneath his desk. As much as he hated perceiving that fear in his innocent eyes, he also loved it. It made something shoot hotly through his blood, and it made him want to return to what he had been doing before he had discovered the child here.

Yet, now he had the real thing, the actual boy here in front of him.

"...Don't be sorry," he murmured, pulling Sa out towards the light. "I understand. After all, had I been playing a game of Hide and Seek, I would have done the same, Sa-kun. It's tactically brilliant." He let out another laugh. "But, I'm glad you're here. I needed to speak with you, and if you're good, I will show you a game we can play."

Sa whimpered a bit in fear as he felt himself being dragged out from under the desk, the place of safety, even if it had been right in the lion's den.

"A g-game?" The tremor in his voice, the same one that always came whenever he was talking to the elder man, made him wince a bit. He was showing weakness in front of the teacher, something a kid should never do. "Wh-what kind of game?"

'Oh, no, please don't let him want to play a bad game, please, no!' Sa had been told that, if he was ever locked in a room alone with Mr. Azael, he should get as far away as possible. The boy had never been in this situation before, so he didn't know why he should, but...well, right now, he was pretty sure the need to flee was evident. "I-I can't play...I've got to go..."

The man felt another delicate chuckle escape his lips. He was not blind to the tremor that had hiccupped its way out of the child's throat, nor was he blind to the evident expression of fear that had painted itself in those innocent features. His head shook slightly and he leaned forward even more whilst he pulled the child from beneath his workspace, the smile on his lips widening subtly.

"But, you're curious," he murmured. "...It won't take long, but first I need to speak to you about the piece we are singing in your chorus class. If you haven't noticed already, I am deeply considering making you the soloist. Mh?" He tilted his head to a side in attempt to make some of the fear in the boy's face disappear. "It would be a bit of a challenge, but I am confident that someone like you would be able to sing it perfectly. You have a beautiful voice, one of an angel..."

Absentminded, his fingertips traced the shape of the child's mouth, daring to prod carefully past his lips and against his lower row of teeth. "...And a beautiful mouth."

At hearing that the man had thought about making him the soloist for the piece they were doing, Sa's eyes lost some of their fear, only to have it replaced by awe. He had never thought about taking the solo piece, because it would be terrifying to get up in front of everyone...

"Mmfh?" The boy blinked and finally noticed that the teacher in front of him had stuck his finger into his mouth, and what happened next was a reflex. He opened his mouth and backed away, ducking his head in order to hide his face. What had Azael been doing? Why did he touch his lips, force his finger inside?

"...I...I didn't know you were considering me, sir." He stated sincerely, keeping his head turned down and to the left, grateful that he saw the door was still slightly ajar. Perhaps that would mean that he could escape, even if it meant being caught by another student. "'s an honor...b-but I don't think I could do it..."

Slowly, Sa started to walk away from the teacher, not enough to be noticed, just enough to look like he was trying to get comfortable in the position he was in now. "...I'd be too scared..."

Azael was no stranger to the child's answer. He had heard it from several other students throughout his teaching career, and every single time he had managed to convince a student otherwise through words of persuasion, through his naturally consoling demeanor, through more sensual mechanisms that he could not disclose.

He shifted to sit in front of the child on the floor, seating himself crisscrossed atop the carpeted flooring before he reached forward and took both of the young boy's hands in his own. "Scared? You shouldn't be, Sa-kun. Believe when we I say that you have the voice of an angel. With our upcoming rehearsals, you'll be prepared for the concert, I promise you."

He smiled a little more and arose from his place on the floor, stepping over to his file cabinet to thumb through another collection of papers. "I have a few exercises that will only improve and better your already-beautiful singing. Let's try one, dear."


Sa quickly moved back away from the teacher and started toward the door, looking down at the toes of his velcro-sneakers.

"I'd like to, Mr. Azael, I really would, but I've got to get going. Julie might be coming around to get me, and she may look in here." He reached for the door knob and twisted it, unlocking it first before starting to pull it open. And, who else would be on the other side, but a certain girl with honey blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes.

"Got you, Sa!" Julie said as she leaned forward to press a kiss to the boy's cheek. "You're it!"

She then flounced away, leaving a slightly dazed Sa staring after her, blushing softly with an open mouth and big wide eyes.

The man blinked his brilliant blue eyes thrice before he turned around in expectance to meet an utterly innocent pair of orbs, though he found himself peering down in the now-empty space beneath his desk.

His gaze flicked a bit frantically from his abandonned workspace to the door of his office, his head lifting just enough to peer into hallway; surely, he spotted the child with the light-brown hair, but there was another child flouncing towards the opposite end of the hall, a young female with blonde hair. Azael arched an inquisitive eyebrow and stepped towards the threshold, leaning himself against the door frame.

"...Sa-kun?" he murmured. "Are you ready? Time is short, you know."

Sa had to shake his head and blink before the teacher's words made sense, and even then he was confused. He was still seeing the image of Julie walking off, something that made his heart beat faster and his face flush red.

"Wh-what?" He asked, confused as he looked up into the teacher's scary blue eyes. "S-sorry...I...I just got tagged, so I'm it now..."

The boy couldn't stop himself from giving a sweet smile as he thought about that, already knowing who he wanted to get. "I'd better go...I don't want to be the loser."

Before the boy could flounce after the young female, the man stepped into the hall and set a hand on the child's shoulder, turning and guiding him back towards his office. His fingers walked down his shoulder blade until his palm could comfortably press against the small of his back, giving him a small push beyond the threshold.

To him, the two of them had much more important matters to partake in, matters that were far more significant and relevat than a mere game of tag. He closed the door of his office behind the child and motioned towards one of the chairs in his room.

"Have a seat, Sa-kun," he ordered quietly, thumbing through the files in his hand. His other hand lifted to loosen the tie around his neck, a small sigh leaving him. "This won't take long."

Sa really wanted to go after Julie, to catch her, but the teacher didn't seem to want to let that happen just yet. He sighed and took a seat in one of the chairs, swinging his feet so that the toes of his shoes just barely brushed the floor.

"What are we going to be singing, Mr. Azael?" Lately, Azael hadn't told the students what they would be singing for the big choir practice, and Sa wanted to know. "Will it be a Christmas song? Or is it going to be another of those operas?"

He really hoped it wouldn't be an opera, because operas were his worst songs. He had never enjoyed them, because they were way too high. Another reason he didn't like them is because, when he sang them, Azael stared right at his throat, and he would touch him too much in order to help him with them.

'Please don't let it be an opera, please don't let it be an opera!' Sa begged in his mind, trying to think the words to the teacher.

Azael turned his eyes from the papers in his hands to the pair of innocent orbs that peered up at him as he took a seat in front of the child, a smile widening his lips before he rotated the files in his hands in order for the young boy to see them. It just so happened that the files in his hands were truly pages of sheet music, the repertoire for their performance.

It was an assortment of classic Christmas songs, everything ranging from Joy to the World to Angels We Have Heard on High. "...There is a solo part for nearly every one of these songs, Sa-kun," he murmured, thumbing slowly through the pages and indicating the respective lines of music with his forefinger.

"A couple of them have operatic influences, but none of them are solely based on opera. You'll be able to sing them perfectly within two weeks, at the most."

His brilliant eyes lifted. "This is why you're here with me, to practice."

When he heard that there wasn't going to be one solely operatic song in the choir choice, Sa let out a silent sigh of relief.

'Christmas songs.' He told himself. 'We're doing Christmas songs.'

Ever since he could remember, Sa had always loved Christmas more than any other day of the year. It wasn't because of religious feelings, or because of presents, or anything else. He just loved the warmth and joy of Christmas, the comfort and family feeling he got from it.

Not even Azael could force those feelings away from him.

"I can't wait for the Christmas Masquerade Ball." Sa smiled at the thought, already imagining what would happen. Everything would be decorated in lights, with giant trees around, beautiful presents and tables laden with food. "It's going to be the best ever! And tonight's ball...I can't wait for that, either..."

The innocent boy blushed as he thought about who he'd asked to the ball. Julie was four years older than him, but he had a huge crush on her, even though he knew she only saw him as a little brother. Still, he could hope, right?

Azael, too, adored the mere thought of the Christmas Masquerade Ball and the Halloween Ball, but for reasons different than those of the innocent child who sat in front of him. The man adored being a chaperone for the childrens' social events, standing amidst the crowds of young residents that would seemingly pour relentlessly into the hall, a crowd of pure innocence fleeting about him.

A smile curved his lips even wider than before as he reminisced on the very first time he was given the task of a chaperone, as his brilliant eyes had fixed upon young boys in dashing costumes that always perfectly fit the theme of the night's ball, their faces lighting up before they would call out "Hi, Azael-san!" and throw him a wave. He had nearly lost his control on several instances, had nearly succumbed to the desires running rampant in his veins, yet he had managed to find a bathroom in time.

Azael blinked from his daze and leaned forward in his seat. "...I cannot wait either," he murmured. "I will be at the ball this evening. Did you know that?"

He smiled wider. "I look forward to seeing you there."

Fear tried to make its way into Sa's body, but he couldn't let that happen. He looked up at Azel and tilted his head.

"You are?" He asked, the tremor not making its way into his voice this time, since his mind was still on having Julie as his date for the evening. "That's nice for you. Julie, my friend, and I are going as a devil and an angel. She's making me wear the angel costume, though."

Sa pouted a bit at the thought of that. He didn't want to be the angel on their little fun day. It wasn't exactly a thing a boy should do. He should be the devil.

"I didn't want to be the angel, though. She should be. She's really pretty..." Sa felt his face flush at the thought of calling Julie pretty. She had only been his friend for a little while, but still, he had the hugest crush ever on her, and he hated that she only saw him as her little brother. "...I'm glad she's going with me, though...I promised her I'd sing just for her tonight."

The man chuckled politely and turned his eyes back down to the music in his hands, his smile widening to the point where the majority of his teeth were flashed in a grin. He would not allow the thought of the child becoming romantically involved with that female bother him, because he knew it would be nearly impossible for the young boy to maintain a relationship willingly with an adult, let alone a male adult.

"In my opinion, the costume of an angel suits you perfectly," he whispered to the boy in a voice that was almost a purr, his brilliant eyes lifting to meet the utter innocence of the pair that stared back at him. He could not look past the faint flush that had splayed itself on the boy's cheeks, nor could he ignore how beautiful the blush contrasted with the child's milky-white skin. His urges returned to him at once.

"An angel dressed like an angel." He looked back down to the music and scooted himself closer. "Now, let us work on this piece, shall we? Joy to the World."

He met innocent orbs. "Sing the first passage for me."

Sa smiled brightly, glad to be able to do something he liked, even if it was in front of a person he disliked. He stood up from the chair and took a deep breath, then began to sing.

"Joy to the World , the Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And Heaven and nature sing,
And Heaven and nature sing,
And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing

His voice was soft and sweet, but loud enough for the solo. He kept his breathing even, made sure he didn't go too overboard and lose it all, then stopped when he finished the first part, even though he could have gone on if he wanted to. That familiar Christmas-warmth feeling was going through him again and he closed his eyes, breathing in deeply. He could almost smell fresh gingerbread cookies, could practically taste the hot chocolate, and could see the wonderful colors of Christmas swirling all around.

'Christmas. The time of purity, innocence, and laughter. Our time.'

Even when the child ceased his singing, the man kept his brilliant eyes focused on his innocent face. A part of him could not believe that such a sweet sound had flowed from the young boy's lips, the sound of an angel. "...Marvelous," he could barely whisper, his mind falling into a tangent as he imagined what other beautiful sounds such an innocent voice could create, as he wondered how beautiful that voice would sound once he overwhelmed him sensually.

With a soft smile flashed at the child, his explicit thoughts making no visible appearance on his face, he gave a satisfied nod of his head and stood up to stand in front of the young boy, his hand lowering the sheet music to the chair before he tucked a strand of his pale-lavender hair behind his ear. "Now, I have an exercise for you to practice your diction, and to improve your annunciation."

His hand lifted to the child's jaw and his fingers clasped at his skin carefully, his brilliant eyes meeting innocent orbs. "Open your mouth, nice and wide."

Sa was about to do what the elder male asked before he noticed the time on the clock: 2:30.

"I've got to go! I'm going to be late for a nap." The brunette moved back away from the teacher in front of him, starting toward the door. All children under the age of ten were supposed to take a nap at about two in the afternoon. If they didn't, they got into trouble. "G'bye, Azael-san!"

He rushed off out of the man's room and down the hallway, heading for his own room, hoping that Azael wouldn't follow him, or wouldn't try to beat him to his room.

Somehow, he knew that the man might do something like that. And he also knew that, if he did, it wouldn't be pretty. It would never be pretty.

'Glad I won't have to worry about him until tomorrow's chorus class!' Sa thought as he ran faster, heading down the stairs and to the second floor, where his bedroom was. Room 254.

Azael blinked his brilliant eyes twice before flicking them to the clock, his head tilting slightly to a side. Murmuring under his breath, he lifted his wrist towards his face and narrowed his gaze slightly in question, looking from the watch at his wrist to the clock in his office and back again.

The clock on his office wall had struck two-thirty in the afternoon, whereas the watch on his wrist had only struck one in the afternoon. The clock on his wall had always been off by an hour in a half, in spite of how many times he had opted to changing the batteries. Instead of widening his eyes in alarm, he let out an almost bitter chuckle and started for the door of his office, moving past the threshold before shutting and locking his door behind him.

The key moved into the pocket of his pants as he turned in the direction of the child's dormitory - he had long ago memorized the number of his bedroom, having read and re-read the boy's profile nearly one hundred times. He knew the quickest route to Room 254, and Sa had taken the lengthier way. The man did not have to worry about quickening his stride.

He would be there before Sa-kun. He was sure of it.

Sa raced as fast as he could, but it was a good fifteen minutes before he managed to get to the second floor and his room number.

'At least I made it.' He thought as he panted heavily, walking to his bedroom and opening up the door. He never really cared if people walked past his room and saw him undressing, because everyone on this floor was a boy. It alternated, boy/girl, boy/girl with every dormitory floor.

"Phew! Running made me tired." Sa said aloud as he kicked off his velcro'ed shoes, toeing off his socks and then reaching up to unbutton his shirt. When it was completely unbuttoned, he let it drop down the floor, then started to unfasten his jeans, ready to get them off so he could get in his pajamas.

"Why do the teachers offices have to be so far away from the rooms?" He whispered as he let the denim pants fall to the ground, leaving him in only a pair of white boxers. "If Azael's office was closer, I would've be so dang tired..."

The man had been waiting to strike for at least seven minutes, his frame hidden behind the door of the child's bedroom. His lips curved into a smile as he listened intently to the young boy's labored breathing, as his mind could vividly picture an image of the child with the lightly flushed cheeks contrasting beautifully with his milky-white skin.

Azael leaned his head back against the wall and tilted it slightly to peer into the main part of the bedroom, his brilliant eyes fixing on the sight of the young boy's frame. He watched in what appeared to be utter awe as he witnessed the revelation of pure flesh, garments slipping effortlessly off of his shoulders to pool at his ankles, his pants falling from his slender legs.

Already, he wanted to ravish him.

With a low chuckle, Azael closed the door and locked it as he emerged from his hiding place, hunger flicking through his blue eyes as he met a pair of innocent orbs. "...It's only one in the afternoon," he murmured, motioning to a clock in the boy's room. "My office clock is always incorrect. Perhaps I need to replace it." He grinned and approached him slowly, with a hand reaching for the boy's.

"But, now that I am here, we can continue our ... private lesson."

Sa jumped in surprise as he saw the teacher he was most afraid of close his bedroom door and start to approach him, noting the correct time on the clock in his room. All the boy could think of right then was that the man was looking at him that way again.

'He's looking at me like he wants to eat me, like he wants to tear me apart and eat me the big bad wolf...' Sa started to move back until his knees bumped into his bed and he fell backwards, his upper body on the bed, the parts of his legs below his knees still hanging off of it. "Oof!"

'Dang it, dang it, dang it!' He thought as he stared up at the ceiling, his mind dizzy as could be right now since his little fall had happened. "Nnh..."

Azael continued to approach the child with a ravenous look in his eyes, a fragment of the child's imagination more than likely giving him an entire set of ferocious teeth and a dribble of drool trickling from a corner of his mouth. He strode up to him as though he was a lion stalking prey, his tongue even flicking over his lips as he sought to take advantage of the beautiful position the child had accidentally fallen into.

The man knelt in front of the boy and pressed his hands against either one of his hips, ensuring that his smaller, more slender frame remained still against the bed as he brought his lips over the area of the child's crotch. He bit down on his lower lip and groaned, tilting his head to a side whilst his eyelids fell halfway.

"...Sa-kun," he barely breathed and lifted a lust-drunken gaze to the boy's face. He lifted himself slightly and brought his face close to the child's, his hand cupping his cheek to keep his eyes forward.

"...Open wide," was the sultry command. "Let us practice."

The young brunette flushed heavily as he looked up into the teacher's frightening blue eyes, his mouth opening into a wide "o" of surprise, going as far as it could go.

'Wh-what the heck is he trying to do!?!?' Fear ran through Sa as he tried to look away from the teacher, fear going through him. He was panting and trying to cover up his eyes now, not wanting to see the man who looked like he wanted to eat him.

"A-Azael-san...wh-what....what are you doing?"

Another hungry smile appeared on the man's face at the sight of the child's compliance, yet he was not entirely satisifed -- at least, not yet. Lifting his hand to the side of the young boy's face, he slipped a couple of his fingers into the opening of the child's mouth and eased his fingertips against his lips, making an attempt to loosen the muscles.

His brilliant eyes focused only on the sight Sa's lips, his own mouth moving agape softly as he tried to display to the boy how he wished for him to open his mouth.

"...Like this, dear," he murmured and moved himself closer, allowing the corners of his mouth to widen in a smile. "Softer. Be gentle, but keep it wide."

With the elder male's fingers in his mouth, Sa couldn't do anything but what the teacher said. His mouth opened wide, still staying soft, and his eyes showed his fear.

"Wha au oo 'oin' 'is?" He tried to say around the fingers in his mouth. It translated into "Why are you doing this," but Sa couldn't completely say that. What he could do was stare up into the man's eyes, the ones that reflected a look that made him look like he was starving for something.

'He wants to eat me!' The words that normally came when Sa saw Azael came through, and this time he knew it was true. The man was looking at him with a bad kind of hunger, and he wanted to get away, to flee. "'Un oo et!"

With a small chuckle, Azael shifted the child flat on his back atop the bed, his own frame shifting onto the comforter before he leaned back against the head of the bed. He reached forward and pulled the young boy between his legs, pushing a set of fingers tenderly through his hair as though in attempt to calm and prepare him for the task ahead.

The smile on the man's lips was sultry, seductive and starved, a certain glint flickering through his eyes. Already, he could feel arousal coursing hotly through his veins, and he feared he would soon becme visibly stimulated should the child in front of him not easily comply.

"...Now, close your eyes, Sa-kun," he whispered. "I have something for you."

Sa's eyes screwed themselves shut as he felt himself being forced between the man's legs, not understanding what was happening.

'This is bad, very bad.' Something inside him was chanting those words over and over again, and Sa believed it. He believed that what Azael was trying to get him to do was bad, was going to make him feel bad. He was about to try and pull away when he heard something.


The sound of knuckles hitting a wooden door made the boy pull back and open his eyes, turning his attention to the door, and to the voice that came from behind it.

"Sa? C'mon, it's time to go to lunch!"

The voice belonged to none other than Julie, who always came around to remind Sa about lunchtime, since he was always forgetting.

"Come on, we'll be late!"

Immediately, the man clamped a hand over the child's mouth as he reached over to ensure that the door had been locked. There was no way in the world that he was having this boy taken from his sight, not after the arousal had accumluated within him to a nearly dangerous level.

He kept his palm secured over the boy's mouth, his brilliant eyes narrowed on the door and only the door. "...Remain silent, Sa-kun," the low tone of his voice was laced with a trace of threat, his fingers digging a bit into soft flesh. "Shh."

He would wait until the girl left before he resumed -- before they resumed.

A couple of tears leaked from Sa's eyes at the feeling of the man's hand over his mouth, since he was digging his fingers into his flesh. It hurt so much, and Sa was sure it would bleed later.

'Please, Julie, please don't leave!' He hoped and prayed she wouldn't leave him here, that she'd knock on the door again until the teacher let him answer it.


"Come on, Sa! I want to get to the lunch room before all of the ice cream is gone!" Julie whined a bit, jumping from one for to the other. She was waiting for her friend to open the door, hoping it would be soon. Today was an ice cream sundae day, and she was ready to get one. "If you're not out of there by the time I count to ten, I'm leaving without you!"

The man waited. He listened to the young female from behind the door as she started to count to ten, her numbers leaving her lips at a deliberately slow pace that made his jaw stiffen in frustration.

For a moment, he flicked his eyes from the door and spared a second to look into the young boy's widened eyes, innocent orbs shimmering with tears induced by the pain, the dread and the utter alarm he was causing to shoot through the child. As much as he knew the thought should disturb him, it only further excited him.

He could not wait for the two of them to be utterly alone.

"...Keep quiet, Sa-kun," he murmured.

"Eight, nine, ten! That's it, Sa, I'm going!" Julie started to stomp heavily as she walked a couple of steps down the hall, looking back to see if that had any effect on the boy who she knew was in there. When he didn't come out she sighed in frustration and blew her hair out of her eyes, knocking on the door again.

"Sa! Open up! Come on, I really want to grab an ice cream!" She tried to get the boy to open again, wondering how she could do it. "If you don't come out, I'm going to get Mr. Azael! I know you're scared of him, and I'm not afraid to get him!"

At the words Julie was saying, Sa wanted to bite his lip, but the man's hand was stopping him.

'Julie, he's already in here with me! Please, please!' He begged the girl in his mind. He wanted her to grab a nearby official, someone who could help. 'Please, help me!'

Azael could not afford another strike against him.

Already, his record held evidence of a couple of instances where students had reported him for his odd behavior, for how his eyes would linger on a particular young boy in the front row of a certain chorus class or how that ravenous expression in his brilliant eyes would shimmer whenever he spotted another student he favored.

He could not have that young girl -- Julie -- discover that he was here, and if anyone were to somehow burst into the room at this moment, he would undoubtedly face expulsion. Biting down on his lower lip, he moved the boy closer agianst his chest and held his breath, narrowing his eyes on the door frame.

Leave, he prayed. Just leave us alone.

When Julie didn't receive another answer, she started to get scared. Had she done something to make the younger boy upset?

"Sa? If you're in there, answer me!" She begged, hoping that the younger boy was in there. "Please? If I've done something to make you upset, I'm sorry!"

Before Julie could say anything else, she felt someone pull her hair and she turned around to look at who it was. It was one of the boys she and Sa had been playing with, and he was making a face at her.

"Betcha can't catch me!" He stated as he ran off toward the lunchroom. Almost automatically, Julie forgot about what she had been there for and ran after him, laughing. Sa whimpered at the sound of the girl's shoes clacking on the floor, getting farther and farther away.

'Julie, don't leave me here with him! Don't leave me!' Tears pooled into the innocent boy's eyes, falling slowly down his cheeks and over the man's hand, sobs starting to shake his shoulders.

The man waited until he could hear the footfalls no more. He waited until the childrens' laughter and jovial cries became out of earshot before he flicked his eyes from the door to the innocence splayed clearly in the boy's face, his light-colored orbs glinting with a mixture of his tears and dread.

Azael fed off of such fear, however, his fingers pushing away the strands of hair that fell over the young boy's forehead to expose a bit of pure flesh. He started to stroke at his scalp, a smile slowly curving his lips before his fingertips fell over the child's mouth, tracing over the shape of his lips, the softness of his skin, his chin and the bone at his jawline.

"...Now, open for me again," he whispered lowly, pushing Sa further between his legs until the boy was nearly face to face with a very private part of his body. "Open wide for Azael-san."

Sa couldn't believe what was happening. Julie had left him here with a monster, and he couldn't stop crying, and his eyes were screwed shut and the man was forcing him down, and his mouth was open and he was scared and he didn't know what was going on!

'Julie, help me!' He begged again in his mind, sniffling and sobbing as the teacher stroked through his hair, almost as if he was trying to comfort the crying boy, but Sa didn't believe it. Azael was a monster, a person who hurt everyone.

"D-don't....I don't....I'll tell!" The boy didn't know why he said that, but it seemed like the right thing to say. "I'll tell Rick!"

Already, arousal coursed steadily through him.

Already, he could feel himself become visibly stimulated, his fingers pressing against the area of his own crotch before his fingertips worked to effortlessly undo his button, to slide down the small zipper and touch against his underwear. "If you tell Rick, Sa-kun," he whispered barely, his smile vanishing. "I will punish you. I know you wouldn't want a week's worth of two-hour detenions, would you? Or, would you like a mark against your record as well? There are several ways in which I could punish you..."

His words faded off into a small moan. Surely, a bulge had developed at his crotch, a bulge that would soon be further engorged and stimulated by the awaiting mouth agape before him. "...Are you ready, Sa-kun?" he could barely murmur without having his voice merge into a moan, his fingers continuing to stroke through the child's hair as though in attempt to soothe him.

Slowly, he eased down his underwear and slipped his member from its place in his pants, prodding the young boy's lips with the head of his building arousal. He did not tease him for long, soon easing his member atop the child's tongue and closer to his throat. The man gasped slightly and leaned his head back, his fingers clasping the boy's hair at the sensation of such moistness, heat and warmth invading his arousal.

The child was so pure, so incredibly untainted, and he wanted him to be hungry. "...Ah-Ahhh," he exhaled, pushing himself forward. "Ohh, Sa-kun."

"...Are you ready, Sa-kun?"

Sa wanted to say no, but he could only watch as the man undid the fasteners on his pants, pulling them down to reveal his underwear, as well as something else.

Something that looked like a hard lump.

'W-What is that?!' Was his only thought before he felt a hand starting to stroke through his hair again and Azael started to pull down his underwear, revealing something strange. That strange thing--whatever it was--started to prod at Sa's lips, something that made him scared. He didn't want that thing in his mouth...but he didn't have a say as Azael started to push it into him, the thing nearly choking him.

"Ugk!" He cried out against it, feeling tears well up faster in his eyes, trying to pull away from it, trying to move back. He didn't want that thing in his mouth, he didn't want it anywhere near him! Sa tried to pull back, tried to force the thing away from him, looking up into the teacher's blue eyes with his own innocent orbs, begging for some kind of mercy.

The innocence in the child's eyes made him grin.

Unfortunately for the young boy, the man was in no mood to pity him and he was in no mood to give mercy. His fingers continued to stroke through the child's silken tresses as though to convey that he was doing the right thing, that he was doing a good job by taking in the length of the man's arousal.

He was slow as he lifted his hips and thrusted into the child's mouth, easing more and more of his stiffened flesh past his lips with every careful push forward he made. The sensation was nearly indescribable, his fingers clasping the boy's tresses as he started to guide his mouth against his erection, watching in what appeared to be awe as the child's head bobbed up and down.

"...Nnnh," he practically whimpered. "Sa-kun...Sa-kun!"

What had he done to deserve this?

Sa felt tears sting his eyes as the teacher--the person who was supposed to keep him safe, who looked like he wanted to eat him--forced him to take whatever this thing was into his mouth. It tasted salty, and the man made strange noises, and it wasn't good, something inside him told him it wasn't good.

'Stop this, don't make me, I don't want it!' He begged with his eyes, knowing it wouldn't work, but still trying to do some good for himself. Maybe the teacher would stop, if he looked at him long enough--gods, that big thing was still going into his throat. Another choked sound made its way out of his mouth from around whatever was in it, and he made a whine, reaching up his hands to grab at the teacher, to make him see that he didn't want it.

The small hands that grasped at him conveyed to the man that the child wanted more. He knew that his mind was more than likely becoming overwhelmed by some sort of delusional phase to ever thoroughly believe such thoughts, but his lust-ridden mind could not help it.

The sensation of his length becoming practically devoured by the child's throat - by the moistness and the warmth of his mouth - was wholly stimulating, to the point where expressing his arousal in words could not be done. It was impossible, and he could only lean his head back against the headboard and gasp in pleasure, his eyelids fluttering whilst a hand guides the child's head against his length, the other hand moving forward to grope at the young boy's crotch.

His fingers hungrily pressed against the fabric and dared to slip past the waistband, seeking to touch at the flesh he so desperately wanted to stimulate. Azael's fingertips brushed against flesh and he let out a moan sharply, ravenously pushing his hand deeper.

"...Ah-Ahhn, yes," he panted. "Let me hear you, Sa-kun!"

A sound escaped Sa at the feeling of the man's hand going places it shouldn't. He was touching him, and for some reason it felt good, and the thing in his mouth was still there and it felt horrible, he didn't want it, he wanted it gone!

"Sop hi!" He ordered, trying to say stop it. He wanted the teacher to stop doing this, to stop touching him, to stop making him cry. Those tears were coming because of pain and of some strange feeling that ran into his stomach. It was like a hot feeling trying to bubble up inside him, something that made him thrust his hips up, something he hated himself for when a sound escaped him around that disgusting thing in his mouth. "I wah oo tuh sop hi!"

"Big boys don't whine," the man could barely say through his panting, his head remaining pressed against the headboard as he relied solely on his sense of touch, allowing his fingers to move themselves wherever they wished, to leave no space of flesh untouched. His fingers groped in time with the child's slightly thrusting hips, his head making a nod in attempt to encourage the young boy's actions.

He knew the child wanted to stop, but he wasn't about to be so foolish to listen to him. He wasn't about to give into a seven-year-old's commands, not with his brain being so starved of pleasure. Continuing to guide the young boy's lips along his length, he lifted his hips until the bulk of his arousal had been taken in, until he could feel the head of his erection easing into the precious boy's throat.

"...Don't whine," he growled and gasped. "Faster, Sa-kun. Faster."

Sounds continued to escape the small boy's lips, muffled by the thing in his mouth. He didn't know what the teacher was touching, but his body seemed to like it because his hips kept going up without him telling them to, and he didn't want it, because it felt wrong, but Azael wouldn't stop!

'Why is he doing this to me?' He thought as tears continued to leak from his closed eyes--he hadn't wanted to see what the man was going to make him do next. The thing in his mouth was already stretching it and making it hurt--his lips were swollen and his throat hurt badly--and it tasted horrible, like bitter salt. He didn't want to taste this anymore, and the tears feel harder, his sobs shaking his body and making the thing go deeper.

'Make him stop!'

Likewise, Azael felt his frame shuddering, but for a much different reason.

His bones quaked as he listened to the small noises escape the child between his legs, the sounds of slurping and suckling that were emitted by the young boy's taking in of his length. Each and every one of the noises made the man release a moan, his fingers twisting and curling through light-brown tresses. He wouldn't stop, because he was nearly one hundred percent positive that he was approaching his climax.

He would not stop until the child swallowed a load of his seed.

"...Nnh, nnnh," he continued to groan as he bit down on his lower lip, lifting and thrusting his hips upward at a quicker pace than before. His other hand had not ceased its groping of the boy's member, his fingers touching at the most sensitive places, fondling and caressing as he wished.

"...L-Look at me," he growled. "Ahhn, Sa-kun. Look at me."

It hurt. The thing was going into the back of his throat, and it was making him choke, and it hurt, it hurt so very much!

"Ahhn, Sa-kun. Look at me."

The boy opened his eyes and let the tears fall faster as he looked up to the man who was pushing his head up and down on this thing, who was touching him in places he didn't want, who was making his body act so strange and who was a monster, who was hurting him. He wanted to close his eyes again, if only so that he didn't have to think about what was happening in his body, didn't have to think about the thing in his stomach that seemed to be tightening, almost ready to burst.

'Please, make him stop! I don't want you to be near me anymore!!!' He cried heavily, his eyes wanting to close and doing so, hoping the teacher would get done with whatever he was doing.

It seemed that when the boy met his eyes, the images in his head intensified.

The already explicit images his mind was imagining became even naughtier, to the point where the coil that had been tightening itself in his stomach threatened to snap. His brilliant eyes seemed to cloud over with the lust running rampant through his veins, his lips moving agape as he wished to murmur something to the child.

Yet, he could only muster a cry of pleasure as he leaned his head back and pushed himself forward, forcing the child to take in the entirety of his length. He shuddered and cried out again upon feeling the head of his erection practically devoured by the boy's throat. His arousal, soaked in saliva and surrounded by the heat of the child's mouth, pulsated and throbbed in utter stimulation, the fingers at the child's member and in his hair clasping for what seemed to be dear life.

"...Ah-Ahhhn!" he almost screamed and shut his eyes, tensing as his semen surged from his erection. He kept a taut hold on the child's head, to ensure that every drop of his load was swallowed.

Something was in his mouth, something that was like a liquid, and it was choking him, choking him. Sa tried to cough it out, but Azael wouldn't let him, and he had to swallow it, shuddering in fear as he did so, and then the man touched him again and he screamed and felt something wet leaking from him, and he cried, because it felt so horrible, and the man let go of his hair and he pulled away and curled up at the end of the bed, crying as hard as he could.

"Wh-wh-why?" He sobbed out, trying to look anywhere but at the man who had put that stuff inside him. "Wh-why?"

Sa didn't really want to know why the man had done this, but he couldn't ask anything else. His mind wouldn't work anymore, all it was telling him was that he needed to get up, needed to wash off, needed to get himself clean. He needed to be clean again.

It took his body at least a few moments to grow lax, and when his muscles at last loosened, he let out a heavy exhale, his frame becoming almost limp on the bed sheets. Although he appeared to be in the glories of the afterglow, he continued to release his seed into the young boy's throat for the next minute or so, the squirts of semen occurring occasionally, periodically, as he forced himself to come.

Yet, at long last, he pulled out from the child's mouth and let out a groan upon feeling ribbons of saliva dangle from between the head of his erection and the boy's beautiful lips. The man leaned forward and pressed the smaller boy to the comforter, pinning him down beneath his weight as his mouth searched lazily for the child's stomach. He kissed and stroked at the soft flesh whilst his other hand traced over his throat, the shape of his mouth, his collar...

"Sa-kun. Sa-kun..." he was murmuring. "Nnh...we're one." He flicked his eyes upward and leaned forward even more, kissing softly at his cheekbones. "...I love you."

"...I love you."

Sa froze at the sound of those words. He had no idea what the elder man meant, because the only time he'd heard people say that they loved him was from his mother and father. Did he mean that he loved him like they did? But if he did, why did he hurt him? Parents weren't supposed to hurt their kids.

"You don't. No, you don't!" He cried out, trying to squirm away, to get as far from Azael as possible. "You don't! You don't!"

If the man really did love him, he wouldn't have done this, he would've stopped! Why was he saying that he loved him, why did he say that?

"You don't love me! You don't, you don't!!!" Sa cried as he tried to move, but every time he did it just reminded him that the man was pressing his lips to his stomach, and that sticky feeling that was down near where his boxers covered. "You don't love me! Let me up! Please, let me up!"

The man ignored virtually every word that the young boy exclaimed.

Instead, his brilliant, lust-clouded eyes watched as his own fingers pulled down on the child's waistband to fully reveal his underwear. He touched lightly at the wetted fabric, the place where the boy had released his own sweet, untainted seed, a substance that the man almost desperately wanted his tastebuds to savor. Leaning forward, he bit down on the child's underwear until the flesh of his member was exposed, and he allowed his tongue to flick forth over his bottom lip to lap against the soft skin, an exhale washing over the boy's lower.

He licked at the excess semen the child had ejaculated, slurping and swallowing the oddly pure-tasting substance without hesitation. "...Nnh, Sa-kun," he whispered through his cleaning and met innocent orbs. "I love you, tenshi. My tenshi..."

Sounds escaped Sa's lips as the man started to lick him down there. He closed his eyes and turned his head away, trying to bite down on his lip to get him to stop, to make the noises stop. He raised one of his feet--or tried to--and kicked out at Azael.

"Stop saying that! You don't love me, you don't!" He tried to push the man away from him, hoping to get some room so that he could escape. "You don't! You hurt me! You don't love me! Let me go, stop this, stop!"

Tears came back to the innocent boy's eyes and he felt them leak down his cheeks. He'd lost track of the times he'd cried in however long Azael had done this to him, but he knew that this was one of the last times he would be able to, because he was already so thirsty and in need of something to rehydrate himself with...

"Let me go! Stop touching me, stop it!"

Even as the child's foot impacted the side of his face, he did not stop until the boy was licked clean, until every ounce of his precious, untainted semen had been lapped and devoured by his hungry tongue. Yet, he soon narrowed his eyes at the child and leaned forward to straddle him, ensuring that the smaller frame beneath him remained pinned down to the bed.

His expression quickly became replaced with something that was almost chilling, his lips twisting in a scowl even as he pressed kissed over the boy's face, pausing at his ear to whisper lowly. "...You are and always have been my tenshi," his voice uttered, his lips against his earlobe. "Stop fighting the truth, Sa-kun. Surely, you wouldn't want detention, dearest. I would host each of those detentions."

He smiled against him and spoke even softer. "...Stop resisting."

More tears leaked from Sa's eyes when Azael didn't do what he said, but it was when the elder man sat himself atop his stomach, with his legs on either side of him, that was when Sa really started to get scared.

Azael's expression didn't do anything to calm him, it just made him more scared, and he couldn't keep himself from wanting to squirm away, but with the man's bad place pressed so close to his own, that wouldn't be good.

"...You are and always have been my tenshi."

Those words were whispered by his ear, something that made him feel terribly uncomfortable. He didn't want to be this man's tenshi, he didn't want to be whatever that word meant!

"Stop fighting the truth, Sa-kun. Surely, you wouldn't want detention, dearest. I would host each of those detentions."

He would get in trouble if he didn't do this? If he didn't say he would give in, he would be forced into this day after day, hurting worse and worse?

"...Stop resisting."

Sa stared up at the man who was touching him, who was doing bad things, who was making him feel so guilty...

"...Mr. Azael...I need to...wash off..." He whimpered, hoping the elder male would allow it. Sa desperately wanted to wash off, wanted to clean himself, wanted to be free from everything. He wanted to be free from the entire thing that had just happened. "Please...I need to...have a bath..."

"Mr. Azael, I need to wash off. I need to have a bath. I, I, I, I...!"

The man's eyes flickered with something dangerous and his hands clutched at the child's shoulders, nearly feeling as though they possessed the strength to crush the small bones that were beneath his clutches. He moved his face even closer until their foreheads almost pressed together, his glare perceiving every trace of fear, every slight shudder whilst he physically sensed the boy's fright in his thudding heart.

"...You're so conceited," he spat under his breath. "It's repulsive. It's all about you, all of the time, isn't it, Sa-kun. That is not how I wish for my tenshi to be known!" He lifted the boy from the bed and snarled, searching over his face from behind stray strands of pale-lavender hair.

His labored breathing fell to a hush, his chest heaving slightly in his frustration. "...I thought you knew better than to act so foolishly."

Sa couldn't keep himself from letting out a cry of fear when he was lifted off the bed, images of him being thrown to the floor or through the window coming through his mind. This teacher was nuts! He was insane!

But...maybe he was also right.

Maybe Sa had been conceited, maybe he was being horrible, maybe he was being bad. His mind started to blame him for everything that had just happened, to blame him for letting it happen.

"...y-y....y-you''re right..." The words were said with stutters, with fear lacing them. Sa couldn't help but think that what the teacher had said was right, that he was conceited and stupid, and it was all his fault for what had happened, that the man hadn't stopped because he was being bad. "...I'm sorry..."

The apology was sincere, even if he didn't know what he was apologizing for. He was clinging to the thin hope that the man would accept it, and wouldn't do anything else.

"You're right...I'm sorry, Azael-san..."

Azael loosened his hold on the child's shoulders ever so slightly, allowing his brilliant eyes to look over the fright painted clearly in the young boy's face, the slight tremor of his bottom lip coupled with that wide-eyed stare he was giving him.

Any other teacher would have felt remorseful for making such a precious creature upset, but he didn't. This boy had always been bad to him, disobedient, sharp-tongued and evasive. The punishment the child was receiving now was not only something the man had hungrily desired to induce, but it was something necessary.

He wanted the boy to know what kind of power he had over him and how easily it was for him to dominate. He wanted him to fear and to respect him, knowing that if he told anyone of their incident, he would only be punished more than this.

"...I am only raising my voice at you because I love you, tenshi," his words were much softer than the ones he had practically shouted before, his hand lifting to stroke through the child's soft hair. "I love you, Sa-kun. I love you."

Sa looked up at the teacher's face, wondering if he was telling the truth. Did this man who had just hurt him really love him? But...that was impossible. Boys couldn't love boys. They loved girls. At least, he thought so...

"You can't though. We're both boys." In Sa's mind, it was simple: boys loved girls. They didn't love each other. At least, he didn't think they did. He'd seen people who were the same gender kissing and laughing and getting married, but he didn't think he was like them. He liked Julie, so he liked girls. "And I don't like boys."

The boy was so confused about what was happening. A few seconds ago, the teacher had been evil, and before that he had hurt him, and now he was saying these things, and Sa didn't understand it!

"You can't love me, you're a teacher! And I don't like boys. I like Julie."

Somehow, the man resisted the urge to slam the boy against the wall.

His frustrations were only building with the child's stubbornness, and he was sure he wouldn't be able to contain himself if Sa continued to behave in the way he already was. He narrowed his eyes coldly and gave a slight shake of his head, carefully continuing to move his fingers through the young boy's hair, allowing his fingertips to stroke against his scalp, to twist through the silken tresses in a way that was meant to coax him, to soothe him.

To him, the child had everything wrong. "...Boys can love boys, Sa-kun," he whispered to him, almost smile at how naive and how innocent his precious tenshi appeared. "And since when can a teacher not fall in love with one of his students? You're asking me to do something impossible, to not fall in love with you, tenshi..."

He brought the child's hand against his heart. "I love you, Sa-kun."

Sa was so very confused right now. This man had him going around in circles, had his mind dizzy and not understanding. It was like spinning around and around in circles for hours and then stopping and the world spun around and you didn't know which way was up or down and you fell and landed on something soft and were confused for a bit.

"...I don't understand." He whispered quietly, trying not to anger the man anymore. He didn't want him to be mad, because when Azael got angry...Sa knew he was going to get hurt. But Sa didn't understand, he didn't know what was going on. All he knew was that he wanted to take a bath and to get as far away from the teacher as possible, because he was making Sa feel so confused. "...I'm sorry, Mr. Azael, but I...I just don't...get it..."

The boy closed his eyes and braced himself for anger, because he was sure that those words would get him thrown into the wall.

Again, he mustered to remain in control of his emotions, through the power of some deity. With a sigh of frustration leaving his lips, the man shifted his gaze from the entirety of the young boy's face and focused only on his lips, taking into account the succulent shape of his slightly moistened mouth, the hint of his tongue and teeth he could see through those partially agape lips.

The sight made Azael smile and he leaned forward, allowing his lips to hover a mere centimeter or two away from the child's as he wanted to make Sa shiver. He breathed against him and smiled, looking up into innocent orbs for only a second.

"...Then, kiss me," he murmured, bringing his hand to the back of Sa's head. He eased him closer. "Make it up to me with a kiss, my tenshi. Show Azael-san you're sorry."

Sa shivered as the man got too close to him, his breath coming out in fast exhales. He wanted a kiss? But Sa had never kissed anyone before. He didn't know what to do.

Suddenly, he remembered just a while ago, Julie kissing his cheek, saying "tag..."

Sa leaned up and pressed his lips to the man's cheek, giving him a kiss. Since this was the kind of kiss Julie gave him, it was the only kind of kissing he knew about. Well, there were kisses on the hand and forehead, and sometimes people kissed his hair, but he didn't think that would be right, since Azael had leaned his face down. He must've wanted the kiss to his cheek.

"...did...was that good?" Sa asked innocently, not knowing what he was really asking. "I did what you asked."

As much as he absolutely adored the chasteness behind the kiss to his cheek, it was not what he had truly asked for. With a delicate chuckle, one that was almost raspy and drunken with accumulating desire, the man lifted his fingers to his lips and tapped against his own mouth softly, revealing his teeth in a gentle smile.

"...Here," he murmured and moved his hand to the side of the child's face to cup his cheek, thumbing over the soft skin. "Kiss me here, tenshi."

Sa looked up at Azael, wondering why the teacher wanted him to kiss his lips. Sa had never seen a kiss on the lips, had no idea what it was like. The only kisses he knew of were on the cheek, forehead, hair, or sometimes on the hand.

"...okay..." The golden-eyed boy leaned up and pressed his closed lips to the teacher's, shivering in fear. This didn't feel right at all. It felt wrong to have the elder man's lips on his own, and he quickly pulled back, looking up with wide eyes.

"...was that...okay?"

When the boy pulled away, Azael's hand at the back of his head eased him forward. He made a soft grunt under his breath and closed his eyes halfway, allowing a bit of space beneath his eyelids for him to peer into those innocent, rounded orbs. Smiling softly against the young boy's lips, he tilted his head to a side and granted his tongue access to the child's mouth without his consent, pushing against the wetness and the softness of another tongue carefully at first.

But then, his hand returned to the space between the boy's legs -- slipping into his underwear -- and groped him, pressing his fingers against the smaller length beneath his touch as he started to grope at it, touching over the most sensitive parts.

Sure, the kiss Sa had given him was okay, but he wanted more.

Sa made a noise when he felt Azael's hand go down between his legs again, not liking that feeling. He hated how he was so weak and that he couldn't make the man stop, and that he was so confused about what was happening.

'Why does he make me do this? Why is he touching me, why is he kissing me, what does he want from me?' Those questions all ran through Sa's mind, and he wanted to know, he wanted to know but he also didn't want to know, and he knew that he also wanted to take a bath, but he couldn't say anything, and he wanted...


"Sa! If you're in the bath, you'd better hurry up! You know how Roger gets if we don't have lunch on time!" It was Julie, Julie, the girl who could save him! "Come on, come on! You've got to hurry and finish up! Otherwise I'll bring Roger up here!"

"...damnit!" the man cursed softly in their kiss and shot his eyes to the door, revealing his teeth as he snarled slightly. That persistent brat had returned for Sa, and now the young female was threatening to bring one of the most powerful administrative members to the room.

If he were to be caught with the young boy, with the evidence of semen on the bed sheets coupled with the aroma of sweat and seed in the air, his career would undoubtedly be jeopardized. Slipping his hand from the child's pants, he fixed up his own and narrows his eyes coldly at the boy, allowing something menacing to weave into his features.

"...Lie to her," he growled, threat more than evident in the tone of his voice. "Tell her something, but do not tell her I am here."

Sa wouldn't have told even if Azael hadn't told him to lie. He didn't want his crush to know what had happened to him, or that this man was in here.

"I'm sorry, Julie!" He called out, trying not to look at the man in front of him, instead imagining that he was talking to his friend. "I was taking a bath and I got distracted by the battleship! I guess I forgot to get out. Sorry!"

Julie listened to Sa's words and took them for truth. After all, she knew how much he loved his new battleship.

"It's okay, Sa! But you'd better hurry! We've got to get going right now, before we're late!" She knew she wouldn't leave the door this time, not until her friend came out so they could go to lunch. "I'll wait here for you to get out! Hurry up!"

The man scooted silently to the edge of the bed and narrowed his eyes in disgust, arising without sparing a glance to the young brunette. He did not open his mouth until he heard the female's footfalls become out of earshot, his brilliant eyes flicking with something utterly threatening as they met the innocence of the child's orbs.

He pulled his lips back into a snarl and lifted his hands to fix his hair in attempt to appear the least bit disheveled - he couldn't have anyone suspecting him. "...Hurry up," he ordered lowly, walking over to the bathroom to hold open the door for the child, a sort of dark smirk pulling at a corner of his mouth.

He beckoned with his other hand. "Go on, Sa-kun."

Sa jumped out of the bed and raced over to his bathroom, ready to get rid of that horrible feeling that the man had touched him. He wanted to clean himself off, to get rid of the feelings that had made him feel dirty.

The boy plugged up the bathtub and watched as the water started to fill the basin, then he looked at the man who was staring at him from the door.

"...could you...close the door, please?"

The laugh that escaped him was bitter. Oh, he would close the door alright, but he wouldn't shut himself away from such an opportunity. The man gave a shake of his head and stepped into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind him before he leaned his frame against it.

His arms folded loosely against his chest whilst the smile on his face became ravenous like before, perverted and a bit devious as his eyes settled on the child's frame, looking from him to the water running out of the faucet and back again.

Already, he was imagining things he shouldn't have been. "...Continue, Sa-kun," he murmured calmly. "Pretend I'm not here."

Sa couldn't just pretend the man wasn't there, especially not with what he'd done to him just a few minutes ago.

'Pretend that he's not here? I can't! He's right there!' Sa felt himself starting to shiver in fear, but he made himself stop. He had to get clean, otherwise Julie would know. And he didn't want Julie to know what the man had done...

Without a word, the young boy pulled off his boxers, which were the only things keeping him from being completely naked, and let them pool onto the floor. Then he checked the water, adding in some of his favorite "Green Apple" bubble bath, and when the tub got full enough he turned off the water and got inside, grateful that the bubbles hid his lower form. He reached out and grabbed his wash rag, dipping it into the water and grabbing up the bottle of artic apple bath gel, pouring a bit into the rag when he got it out of the water. Slowly he started to watch himself off, trying to ignore the fact that a man was looking at him.

The man watched the child unblinkingly, his smile widening specifically when the young boy bent forward to check the temperature of the water. His tongue seemed to flick hungrily over his lips as his hand absentmindedly lifted to the waistband of his pants, his fingers undoing the button before he started at the zipper.

His hand walked itself into his pants before he leaned back further against the door, his frame growing lax as a small sigh left his lips. He couldn't merely stand there and not do anything. Already, his pants were slipping down his legs, his second hand pushing up his shirt.

"...Sa-kun," he exhaled and leaned away from the door, stepping out of his pants and lifting his shirt over his head. Visible evidence of his arousal had long before been made known, due to the erotic images flashing incessantly through his mind.

Sa tried his hardest to ignore the man as he washed his body off, starting on his chest and stomach, inhaling the scent of apples. They were taking him away from this place, from what this man was doing, they were making him feel better.

'That's better.' He thought as he started to go down a little lower, trying to get rid of the feelings that the teacher had made him feel. He felt his shoulders relax and sighed, somewhat half-closing his eyes. "...baths are always good to help people."

Stripping away his shirt, the man threw a dreamy smile in the young brunette's direction and moved even further away from the door, his stride shifting into a nonchalant amble as he approached the bathtub.

With a low and almost sultry chuckle, he knelt down in front of the child and moved his fingers through the water, purposefully seeking to disperse the bubbles that had clustered around his waistline. He revealed more of the boy's milky-white skin as he met his eyes, his other hand tugging down at his underwear.

"...Make room for me," he purred as his underwear started to slip away.

Sa moved over to the smooth end of the tub, drawing his knees up so that he was sitting Indian-style in the water. He closed his eyes and tried to ignore the man who was getting into the water with him, who was unclothed, who had touched him in such bad ways and would probably do even worse if he got the chance.

"C-can you...please...hand over the...shampoo?" Sa whispered quietly, keeping his face turned down with his eyes closed, grateful that he didn't have to see this. "Please?"

Azael reached out a hand to tilt the child's chin upward, his fingertips tracing over his fallen eyelids softly as his other hand reached out for the shampoo. Instead of handing it to the boy, he squirted a dollop of the substance into the palm of his hand and slipped into the warm waters of the bathtub, letting out another sultry chuckle.

He worked at carefully lathering the young brunette's hair with the shampoo, watching as his own fingers combed and pushed through his silken locks effortlessly. His radiant eyes looked over the boy's face, his smile widening.

"Relax, Sa-kun," the murmur as he leaned forward and met his lips lightly. "...Relax."

Sa couldn't relax, at least not mentally. His body relaxed at the scratching on his scalp, at the feeling of fingers running through his hair. However at the kiss to his lips his body tensed up, feeling like he was ready to spring out of the tub and race off.

'Why does he have to make me feel even more uncomfortable now?' Sa thought to himself as he tightened his eyes, pretending it was so he wouldn't get shampoo in them, but really because he didn't want to see the man who was washing his hair. 'Why does he have to do things like this? Why is he a bad man?'

Cupping a bit of the water in his palm, he allowed the water to trickle over the young brunette's hair, washing away the shampoo. He lifted the washcloth against his face in time to prevent any of the substance from flowing over his eyelids and stinging his eyes, his smile softening in an almost skeptical manner.

Easing his fingers through the child's tresses, he moved his lips from the boy's and presses a delicate kiss to his cheek, a gesture meant to calm and prepare him for the move he made next. His hand moved beneath the water and fluttered against the boy's thigh, his slender fingers reaching out to the place between his legs to cautiously fondle, to wrap themselves loosely around the tip.

He grinned against him and moaned, kissing his cheek deeper. "...Nnh, be calm," he purred. "Be calm, my tenshi."

Sa winced when he felt that man touching him between his legs again, a sound escaping him. He didn't want to be touched there, not by this man, not by anyone. He didn't want to touch there himself anymore.

"...Mr. Azael...we've got to get clean..." He whispered those words so that they were just barely audible, so that the man wouldn't say he was trying to be rude. "...please...stop..."

Little did the boy know that his begging coaxed him to continue. Whilst his hand continued to caress at the place between the child's legs, his other hand was clandestine as it slipped to the young brunette's backside, his fingers touching over the smoothness of milky-white, untainted flesh.

Another groan of pleasure escaped the man and he pressed his mouth hungrily against Sa's, his tongue granting itself entrance to the space between his lips without consent. His fingers at the boy's bottom pushed upward and started to prod at the opening, his lips curving into a smirk.

He started to stretch him, fondle him, easing his fingertips into a space that had never before been invaded. "...Nnh, shhh," he hushed. "Lean up for me, Sa-kun."

A sound of pain escaped Sa as he felt the teacher's fingers touching him on his bottom. He didn't want the man to make him lean up, he didn't want him to touch him at all.

"...I...I want to get out now..." He whimpered as he started to stand up, but stopped. If he stood up, he would be completely revealed to the man in front of him. Without a word he reached over and grabbed the towel he had been planning on using from the towel rack and stood up, quickly wrapping it around his body and getting out of the tub. "...I...I have to go to lunch...Julie'll bring Roger if I don't go soon."

Another swear broke from the man's lips.

He had nearly forgotten about that young female and her threat to bring Roger to the dormitory. By all means, Azael could not let such a thing happen, for the sake of his career and for the sake of his reputation as a teacher, as resident of Winchester, England and as a citizen.

With a growl emitted softly under his breath, he pulled away from the child and allowed him to arise, his own frame lifting shamelessly from the waters as he too reached over for a towel. He wrapped it around his waist and quickly dried himself off before he stepped into his pants, pulled his shirt over his head and smoothed away any wrinkles from his teaching attire, momentarily checking himself in the mirror.

"...Class is immediately after lunch," he uttered lowly and started to leave the bathroom, adjusting his dark necktie and collar. "Don't be late."

Sa didn't know why the teacher warned him not to be late. He had never been late to class before, and he wasn't going to start. would be nice to skip the Choir class, just once.

"Yes, Mr. Azael." He whispered as the man left the bathroom. When he heard the man go out his bedroom door, Sa breathed a sigh of relief and quickly dried himself off, keeping the towel wrapped around his body as he went to the main bedroom, carrying the soiled boxers in one hand. With a flick of his wrist, he threw them under his bed and rushed back to the bedroom, turning the water on in the sink and grabbing up his toothbrush, as well as the berry blast kids' toothpaste--he was out of his green apple flavor.

'I've got to get clean. I've got to get clean.' Sa thought as he brushed his teeth furiously, trying to get rid of anything that could be left from the man who had hurt him. 'Brush and get clean.'

He brushed several more times after that first one, spitting out everything into the sink, then rushed into his main bedroom and grabbed up his pajamas, as well as a new pair of boxers. He dressed up and dove himself into the bed, hiding his face into the pillow, whimpering when he remembered what had happened here.

Little did he know that, in just a few minutes, two people would be coming to help.

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