Is this your first time to our Planetarium?
What does the sky mean to you?
If you have a moment, then I'll tell you a secret.
A secret told by the first cloud of stardust,
to the first star born light,
passed on to the first planet,
and then to the first plants and animals woken by dawn.

On a clear night, warm or cold,
when the sun is asleep
and the moon is feeling shy,
if you listen very carefully with your eyes,
you can hear the stars calling you!

They may be whispering in awe,
or chatting in delight.
They could be clapping with joy,
or shouting heartfelt thanks.
Every night the sky is full of gossip,
about you, their newest friend.

Did you know?
The stars are trying as hard as they can
to twinkle for you.
In a night filled with so many,
each one wants a little attention,
their tiny bodies glowing, as if to say
Please look at me.
So when you look into the darkness,
and find it not so dark,
take a handful,
and twinkle back for them!

Vita, Chiron Planetarium