A car drives slowly down a quiet street of houses. It's after 2am when the car pulls up across from old Tudor style house.

All the occupants peer at the old, run down place.

"Are you sure Sasha it's only an old lady living in there?" asks the driver.

"Shit yeh, I've been watching the place. She shuffles outside once a day. She is the only one that lives there, she's old and lame and has a limp. She's bound to have shit we can nick." Says Sasha confidently.

The driver looks at the other two girls in the car "well, what do you think, do we back her?"

The girls nod "yeh, come on, lets do it"

"Ok Sasha, consider this your initiation into the gang, don't let me down" says the driver in a gruff voice.

"I won't Macy" Sasha smiles

Macy hands over a small iron bar "Here take this just in case the old lady puts up a fight" she laughs.

Sasha takes it.


They creep up the side of the drive way, all peering through the window. There were no lights on, and no one moving around. Sasha jimmies the window open, then tries lift the old wooden window up as quietly as possible. It sticks so she tries it a little harder when it gives suddenly making a loud cracking noise.

"Fuck sake Sasha, easy" says one of the girls

One by one they all slowly climb inside walking carefully and quietly, but the floor boards creaking give away that notion slightly. They all stop holding their breaths, listening for any movements. Sasha had the bar ready.

"Alright, look around, grab anything that can fit into your pockets" she whispers

The woman in the bedroom opens her eyes and listens, she again hears the floor boards creaking, multiple times. She tries to gauge how many may be in her house and slowly gets out of bed. She moves to the door and peers around. She sees a small light being flashed around and low voices. The woman leans against her wall and takes a deep breath, swallows and twists her neck from side to side to loosen its stiffness.

Sasha made her way to the TV room as she had not been able to salvage any items from the other rooms. Even the TV was old and too big to steal. The woman didn't even have a stereo.

The other girls stood next to her "Well this just blows" says one "bitch has nothing"

"What do we do now?" asks the other girl quietly.

"Run" says a gruff voice behind them all.

All the intruders scream as they found themselves being thrown across the room. The front door opens and two girls were dragged out and thrown physically down the steps.

Sasha got to her feet and even the thought of lifting her bar and charging was too slow. The woman had her by the collar, throwing her against the wall hard. Sasha hit her head and slide down groaning. She felt this old woman grab her by the back of the shirt and drag her bodily across the floor, then picks her up. Sasha was facing her friends still on the lawn, when she was launched on top them.

They all look up at the woman in horror. She wasn't as old as Sasha had claimed, nor as small.

"Git outta here before I bash your skulls in you fucking, dumb ass punks." She steps down onto lower step, closer to the girls. She got her results as the girls pick themselves up and ran towards the car that was waiting, it then drove off quickly and loudly.

The woman closes the door and leans against it hunched over, her breathing laboured and sweating. "Oh god, Mitch what were you thinking" she hisses.

Mitch shuffles with a slight limp into the kitchen. She grabs some tablets from the cabinet and washes it down with bottle of beer. Her body was still shaking from the rush, her head pounding. She reaches into a draw and pulls out a blue box, but as the sleepiness starts to fill her body, she puts the box back and returns to her room.


The car races off with all 3 girls groaning in pain.

"What the fuck happened in there Sasha, you said she was old" screams Macy

"She is, I mean, she looked old when I saw her the other day."

"Bullshit, she physically fucked us up Sasha, god I think my hand is broken" whimpers one.

"Val, honest, she didn't look that big." Defends Sasha.

"How did she creep up on us?" says the other.

Sasha grabs her head as it ached from hitting the wall.

"Did any of you get to lay a hand on this supposably old woman" laughs Macy at the carnage in her car.

"Sasha might have raised her bar, but she was too busy shitting herself" now laughs Val.

"Fuck off. It wasn't your head smashing against the wall. She took the worst of it out on me."

"Well Sasha, you fucked up babe. You don't get to crash at our place until you can prove yourself to us....." Macy laughs "an old woman kicked your arse tonight"

Macy pulls car over "I don't need piss weak girls in my gang, so fuck off"

Sasha sadly climbs from the car.


A week from the incident Mitch was slowly dragging the rubbish bin out to the side of the road. It was only one of a few exertions she would do in a week. She ached all over, just like every other the day. Her mouth was dry and she just wanted to lie down although it was only 2pm. She really didn't do anything physical, and yet she was exhausted.

Mitch turns her back and walks up her empty driveway, she had no car. All of a sudden she senses something, turning around quickly to see a young girl in her driveway, standing not far from her. Mitch takes a breath as she eyes the revolver the girl was pointing at her. She had no clue who this girl was or what she wanted, but from the scared look on her face, she too didn't want to be there.

"You fucking humiliated me in front of my friends, all you had to do was stay in your room you fucking bitch" spat the girl with the gun, she moves closer to Mitch, but Mitch didn't move back. The girl wasn't sure if Mitch was trying to intimated her, or too scared to move.

Mitch didn't say anything at first. She tries to process every thought in her hazy head as to why this girl, who she didn't know, was aiming a gun at her. Then she recalls the other night .

"It's you. You dare to come back and now point a gun at me, who the fuck do you think you are?" challenges Mitch.

"You fucking better believe it" hisses back Sasha.

"Really, and where are your friends now? Why are they not here to see you save face, in such a cowardly manner?" Mitch growls back, her body shaking and fists clenched.

"Shut up, just shut the fuck up" she waves the gun around, indecisive of her actions, more confused why this woman wasn't scared or backing away. Sasha steps a little closer, the gun just above chest height, all she needed to do was pull the trigger.

Mitch takes a sudden breath and within a flinch grabs the revolver , disarming the girl in a instant. Sasha taken quickly by surprised was now the one paralysed.

Mitch feeling the weight of the revolver realises it was indeed loaded and lost her cool. She smacked the young girl in the face with gun, breaking her nose.

"You have a fucking nerve to come here, threaten me with this you piece of shit. Fuck off before I show you exactly how to use it. You ungrateful shit, you have no idea how lucky you are. How safe it is and you have the nerve to do this to me." Mitch lost her cool completely.

Sasha cowered away, she in shock and confused at this woman's ramblings. The blood was pouring from her nose. She ran off down the street.


Mitch went inside, putting the gun on the counter. Her hands shakily open it and remove the bullets, putting them and the gun in the draw. She grabs the sink, her head pounding to the point it wanted to explode. She heaves and threw up in the sink, her legs buckle from the stress and she rests against the corner of kitchen, sitting on the floor.

"Holy shit, hoooollllly fuck" in disbelief at what she was able to do. Mitch knew she had no intention of shooting this troubled girl and just hoped it scared her enough to stay away, permanently.


Sasha ran down the street and ducks in behind a laneway. She wipes the blood from her face, crying in frustration, stupidity and once again she had been humiliated by this seemingly old woman. Now she had to face Macy and tell her not only did this woman do her over again, but she also took the gun.

"FUUUUUUCK" screams Sasha