Will & Haru One-Shot

Will looked at the time seeing it was 8:30 pm. Frowning he texted his lion mate, Haru. But before he pressed "Send", there was a knock at the door. "One minute please!" He yelled, tightening his blue silk bathrobe that covered his lean naked snow leopard body. Opening the door he was suddenly pulled into a deep and passionate kiss, with strong arms wrapping around his waist pulling him into a hard firm body. Will gasped struggling at first but soon his nose was filled with the scent of a lion male. 'My mate as returned, finally.' Haru chuckled from hearing Will's thoughts, pulling back and whispering softly into his ear he said, "Sorry my love, traffic was a bitch." Will giggled and blushed pulling his mate inside, closed the door and locked it. "I'm in heat." Haru purred at his leopard while running his nose along Will's neck, "Mmm, so you are my mate, so you are." Will's eyes became glazed from the lust and love he felt for the male in front of him, he could feel his own member slowly come out of its sheath. "Haru… How bout you tie me up and have your way with me… Please… I beg of you…," he breathlessly whispered into Haru's ear. Haru groaned from the idea, holding Will tightly to himself he whispered back, "Hell yes, lets."

Haru's paws slowly opened Will's bathrobe, revealing his white chest. He bent down and licked Will's right nipple. Hearing Will's moans, Haru shredded his own clothes and grabbed Will's arm bolting to their bedroom. Soon there, Will found that he was tied to the bed with his arms and legs spread wide apart. He also had a few pillows under his lower back to allow the world to see his boy pussy. His spotted grayish white cheeks began to turn a little pinkish as he saw his mate fully naked and with his member fully exposed at the foot of the bed. "H…Haru?" Will was slightly shaken from how fast it all happened, but his own body was burning with need from his own heat, he looked down at himself seeing his own member fully exposed and ready to be release. Will knew damn well he was going to seriously enjoy what his mate had planned for him. His cock proved so. Haru grinned while gagging his love, "Yes, you will enjoy every bit of what I have planned for you my snow leopard." Will shuddered from the excitement that raged through out his body.

Haru slowly began leaving a trail of kisses down Will's chest, as he did this Will arched up into his kissing groaning softly. Chuckling Haru pulled away all together getting a whine in return, "Hush now, I need my toys." Will's eyes widen at the box that came from under the bed. 'Holy shit, when did he get that!?!?' Once again Haru chuckled at his mate's reaction and thoughts, "Please, when you're away on business I have to do SOMETHING to by pass the time." Will just blushed looking away. Haru began to look through his box of toys, grinning he pulled out a cock ring. Before Will decided to look to see what he found, Haru slowly began to put the cock ring onto Will's cock. He watched as Will arched his back high off the bed, eyes widen from the sudden touch. Grinning evilly, Haru turned on the cock ring to fully vibration once at the base of his mate's cock. Will then started to scream in pleasure into the gag he was wearing from the in tense pleasure that over took his body.

Haru stepped back a bit to watch his mate squirm in pleasure, slowly he ran his paw down his own chest and stomach till it finally reached his hard member. He sighed in relief from the touch his throbbing member was demanding. Looking at Will he slowly began to stroke it, Will was moaning and struggling against the black silk ropes that bound him to the king sized bed. After a couple of minutes Haru stopped playing with himself and got out two dildos and began to lube them up, along with Will's boy pussy, he watched as Will's eyes got a bit panicky. "Calm down. Jeez, I know your limits," Haru said with a wink and a smirk. Will gulped then moaned as Haru slowly pushed the head of one of the dildos into his boy pussy, stretching his insides. Haru was grinning like The Cheshire Cat, he loved making his Will squirm and moan from whatever he did to him. Once the first dildo was deep inside Will, Haru then turned on the vibrator causing Will to once again arch his back off the bed with a moan of pleasure.

Haru was grinning from his work. Not allowing Will get used to being filled Haru once again began to push inside the head of the second dildo, Will screamed loudly from the stretching his boy pussy was going through. This time Haru waited…and waited…and waited for Will to get used to the feeling of being stretched three times of his normal diameter. He waited and waited some more before continuing inch by inch, finally the second dildo was also deep inside of Will. Will was panting and his fur was matted to his body from all the sweat, then he arched the highest he has ever arched off the bed and screamed louder around the gag. Haru had just turned on the second dildo which had little balls inside it that began to turn in a circular motion in all directions at once, Will was now screaming and his member begged to be released. But that damned cock ring stopped him from doing so, Will looked into the ocean blue eyes of his mate Haru, begging to cum. Haru just smiled lovingly and shook his head, Will groaned shutting his eyes tight.

Haru then got on the bed between Will's legs and slowly ran his cat tongue up Will's member moaning at all the pre-cum. Will's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he felt Haru's tongue move over his already abused member thanks to the job the cock ring is doing, moaning loudly Will started to rock his hips, trying to have movement within him that goes in and out. Haru just laughed before he devoured Will's member deep down into his throat, his ears twitched hearing his mate scream once again. He began to slowly bob his head up and down on Will's member, sucking and licking at it, moaning from the taste. Will on the other hand was screaming his moans, biting into the gag and struggling to get free. About 30 minutes of doing this Haru pulled both dildos out of Will and tossed them to the floor, Will was panting and whimpered as he suddenly felt empty, but moaned again feeling Haru sucking on his member again, then that feeling too was suddenly gone. Will looked at Haru with confused, but all he got in return was a smile as his arms and legs were set free.

Haru shook his head taking the gag from his mate's mouth and kissed him hard groaning at how soft they were. He also heard Will groan from the contact as well, slowly Haru began to make Will get on his hands and knees. Towering over him Haru slowly pushed his aching member deep inside his mate, lacing fingers with Will's and kissing his neck and shoulder. Will sighed in relief from finally being filled with not a toy but the male he loved with his entire being, moving back into Haru, both moaned from the feeling of Haru going deeper than any finger or toy could ever possibly go. "Oh fuck… Haru… More!" Will begged. Haru suddenly being to pound into Will like the animal he was causing them both to moan intensely, Will started to see white flash before his eyes. "Haru! Oh fuuuuck! Right there!" Haru chuckled pleased he found his mate's one spot no other male can find. He aimed himself perfectly and continued to pound into that one spot causing Will to scream and suddenly cum long and hard onto the bed, even with the cock ring which is to stop a male from cumming at all till removed. "HARU!!!" Will cried out, "WILL!!!" Haru cried back before cumming deep inside of his mate. Both collapsed onto the bed breathing hard and purring. Haru licked Will's cheek as he got them both under the covers, not once removing himself within Will. Holding him close, spooning the love of his life, Haru whispered loving and softly into Will's ear, "I love you. You are my sunshine that brightens my day and night. You are my life Will. I will protect you no matter what comes our way." Will had tears in his bluish green eyes, he has waited so long for someone to say the words he wished to hear most of all in is life. With a shaky breath he whispered, "I love you too Haru. I would not wish to be with anyone else but you. You are the warrior that keeps me safe from all danger. I could never thank you enough for that." Haru tightened his arms around Will bringing him closer is possible. "No need to thank me." Will smiled turned his head and kissed Haru softly, Haru kissed Will back before they both fell asleep in a loving embrace.