If you plugged your nose and your mouth while you sneezed, would it come out of your ears or would your head explode?

My name is Draven Heller. I'm 17, I have coal black hair that falls in ringlets down to my mid-back, I have Navy blue eyes and I'm about 5'6.

And my life is becoming a living hell today. My Mom thinks she needs to start over in a small town. So we are moving to Flowing River, Tennessee. Yah-not the sarcasm. My mom thinks it will be good for both of us, I got into fights at my old school but that sure as hell doesn't mean she can pick us up and move. Explain that to her. "Dra. we're almost to our new house!"My mom squealed. Her black hair was pulled up in a pony tail and her black eyes watched the road for our new address. "Yippee!"I said dryly.

"Draven Harley Heller stop being so negative."She said frowning. My name sounded like a stripper name or a biker's kid. Apparently, my Daddy dearest was the school bad boy and when my mom got knocked up he took off and my mom decided to punish me with this uh, unique name. "We're here!"My mom cried. She stopped at a white two story yard with a clichéd white picket fence and a porch swing. It was surprisingly pretty. "Well Draven do you like it?"My mom said excitedly. "Yea."I said smiling at her. She was a screw up but I love her. I grabbed some of my stuff out of the car and followed my mom to the door. She unlocked it, and I walked upstairs to were a paper sign said DRAVEN'S ROOM. All of my furniture was already in the room; my bed, stereo, desk, T.V., book shelf, desk, drum set, guitar, and microphone. I used to be in a band and I loved playing these instruments. I pulled out my new bed set. It consisted of a:

*Black comforter

*Scarlet bed cover

*Black skirt

*And black and scarlet pillow cases

I put on the skirt, then the bed cover, then my comforter, next I shoved my pillows into their new cases and threw my other ones onto the bed. I sighed and walked into the bathroom with my multi-colored towels; I shoved them into the towel closet and stopped by the mirror. My white shirt was crumpled, my short-shorts were riding and my leather jacket looked like it could have been new. Pretty good since I normal tear my clothes but I love my leather jacket it's my baby. I ran a hand threw my hair and went back to unpacking. I was about done with my last boxes when my mom burst through the door. "We're going to meet the neighbors!"She said smiling. "You can."I said. "Draven please!"She whined. "I thought I was the kid."I said narrowing my eyes at her. She pouted and I caved. "Fine."I growled following her down stairs and out the door. I continued to follow her to the nice house next door. Mom knocked; there were some shouts and a couple of minutes later the door opened revealing a petite women with dark chestnut brown hair and matching doe brown eyes. "I'm sorry my son wouldn't get off his lazy butt."She said smiling. "Oh it's fine my daughter Draven acts the same way, we just moved in next door and I wanted to meet the neighbors."Mom said smiling back. "Oh really come in1"The lady said smiling. Followed my mom in, her and the lady kept going on and on. "My sons in the living room go mingle."The lady said smiling kindly. I shrugged and walked into where she pointed me. There were about four guys in the living room, great. I cleared my throat and they all looked at me, I got a good look of what they looked like and how they dressed. They looked like my crowd to, so score for me. "Who are you?"A guy with brown hair and cute brown puppy dog eyes asked. "Draven Heller, who are you?"I shot back smirking. These guys were hot! "I'm Raiden Muller."He replied smirking. I looked at the rest of them exscpectantly. "I'm Cannon Mill."A guy with blonde hair and jade green eyes said. "I'm Gunner Anderson."A guy with brown hair and blue eyes continued.

"I'm the one and only Ryker Wilder."A super hot guy with black hair and cold jade green eye said. "This is awkward."I muttered. They had the game on. "So who's winning?"I asked randomly. "Bulldogs."Raiden said. "They have a good Quarter back."I said shrugging. "Who are they playing against?"I asked. "Dolphins."He replied. "They suck."I said shaking my head. "Do you like to play video games?"Gunner asked randomly. "Yea."I said shrugging.

"Can you cook?"He asked again. "Yea."I said. "Marry me!"He said grinning. "I'm good."I said smirking. "Mind if I sit down?"I asked. They shrugged and I sat down on the couch. "So what grade are you in?"Gunner asked. "Is this 20 questions?"I asked dryly. He grinned. "12."I said shrugging. "All of us are to, what high school you going to?"He asked. "Um Riverton High."I said after thinking for a minute. "Well welcome to our school newbie."Ryker said smirking. He gave me a once over. He was looking at my boobs. "My face is up here."I said dryly. "I know."He said smirking. "You think your all that and a bag of fucking cheetos don't you?"I said glaring at him. He laughed, this asshole laughed. I could hear my mom's high heels clicking on the floor. "Deuces."I said flipping them the peace sign before meeting my mom at the door.

OoOoORyker's P.O.

"She was fine as hell."Gunner said grinning. "Hell yea, and she doesn't act like a whiny bitch."Raiden said. "And her name is sexy."Gunner said. "She looks smart and nice."Cannon said.

"She has nice assets."I said smirking. "She has attitude."Gunner said. "Dibs!"They all said at once. My mom walked in. "Oh my that woman and her daughter were just sweet, Ryker your giving her daughter a ride tomorrow."My mom said disappearing. "Fuck I don't Want to give that bitch A ride."I said sneering. "Dude your taking the sexy new girl to school suck it the fuck up!"Gunner said grinning. Shit tomorrow was going to be a long day. "She looks like bad ass material."Gunner said. "Yea those preppy bitches want know what hit em'!"Raiden said laughing.

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