Sex is like air; it's not important unless you aren't getting any.

Regina was wearing on my bloody nerves!!! Me and the guys we're currently chilling at the pool and that girl was everywhere on Ryker and I do mean everywere.

"Whore,"Gunner coughed.

She glared at him and he looked at her innocently.

"Bitch,"I said.

"Oh no she did'nt!"Blondie hissed.

"Oh my god did she *snicker* just *snicker* say that?"I asked. I dissolved into fits of laughter along with Gunner, and Cannon.

Ryker watched with a amusement in his eyes.

"I'm leaving,"She huffed stalking out.

"Good!"Cannon shouted.

I chuckled and she stormed off.

"Draven Essence Heller,"A deep voice hissed.

I looked inoccently at Ryker.

"Thats my name don't wear it out,"I said smoothly.

"Ryker we did you a favor,"Gunner said solemly.

"Gunner,"Ryker said in a dark voice.

"Ryker,"Gunner said mocking his voice.

"Stop mocking me!"Ryker hissed.

"Stop mocking me,"Gunner mocked.

"Are you High schoolers or third graders?"Me and Cannon asked.

"In the words of the blonde- Oh no she did'nt!"Gunner said.

"I believe she did,"I mocked.

Ryker and Gunner's eyes narrowed.

And before I knew it I was being lifted and thrown into the pool.

When I did'nt resurface they came to the side of the pool and I pulled them in with me.

I pulled myself out and laughed untill my sides were hurting.

"How rude,"Gunner said in a prim british accent.

This made me laugh harder.

"Lets go get some food!"Cannon moaned.

"Yea I'm hungry."Gunner agreed.

I was carried to the car still laughing my ass off.

"Damn boy you have bad taste in women,"I chuckled as we sat in the car on our way to walmart for something.

He glared as he pulled into Walmart.

Lets just say me and Gunner at Walmart was a bad idea.

"Their sorry they ran the eletric scooters through walmart,"Ryker said stonily.

The manager glared.

"No were not,"Me and Ryker stated in unison.

A glare from Ryker shut us up.

"They're also sorry for going in the lingerie section and putting the bra's on their head,"Ryker said blushing abit.

"God Draven That was Classic,"Gunner sang as we were escorted out of Walmart.

"I know,"I said doing this awsome handshake-fist-body bump thing with him.

".,"Ryker growled as we walked to the car.

Me and Gunner looked at each other.


"Pssht it's all good in the hood my brotha,"I said in a gangster immatation.

Ryker's eyes narrowed.

"Don't be a player hater,"Gunner said copying me accent.

Ryker stalked in the car and drove off. Without us.

"I don't wanna walk,"I whined.

Gunner Pouted and nodded in agreement.

"Revenge is the only thing that keeps me going,"He said darkly.

"Revenge?"I asked childishly.

"Yes, young one, revenge,"He said laughing evilly.

I smiled and joined in. "He's haveing a party tonight right?"I asked.

"Yep and this is what we do little sister,"Gunner leaned over and whispered the plan into my ear and I smiled evilly.


I pulled on extra short boody shorts, a black belly botton shirt, gold high heels. and I put the temporary blonde dye in my hair and blush and eyeliner.

I looked like a jeezebel, but I was rocking it!

I jogged downstairs to wear a excited Gunner stood.

"As an older brother I should'nt let you go out like that but, this is revenge,"He said thoughtfully as we jogged over.

He opened the door and the smell of alchohol, sweat and sex greeted us.

I strode knowing exactly were to find Ryker.

I slapped him in the face and burst into tears.

"Why have'nt you called me? Are cheating on me with that,"I cried looking at Regina with disgust and loathing.

"Who the fuck are you?"He replied angrily.

Everyone was watching us with interest I inwardly smirked.


I slapped Regina and strode out.

Gunner sent me a thumbs up and I grinned back.

Time to get this fucking dye out.

I happily ran into my house and to my shower.

The dye came out immediately and I smiled as I changed into Black sweatpants and a black tank top.

As I cuddled in my bed I thought to myself "Life is good, for now......"