This is what my heart says:

I have to impress God if I want him to love me.

I have to prove myself for God to love me as I am.

I have to be perfect and sinless, because Christ's death was not meant for me.

Every time I think I have to impress Him, I am placing limits and boundaries on God.

Every time I believe I have to prove myself, I am calling God a liar.

Every time I measure my worth by whether or not I am perfect, I am denying Christ's death entirely.

This is Truth:

I do not have to impress God to be loved by Him.

I do not have to prove myself; God loves me exactly as I am.

I do not have to be perfect because Christ died for my sins.

God IS love.

God IS truth.

God IS forgiveness.

This is what my head knows:

God is impressed by me being me: God loves ME.

God thinks I am awesome; He loves me as I am.

I am not perfect. It doesn't matter. I am forgiven because Christ died for MY SINS.

Head, meet heart.

Heart, meet head.

Head? Teach heart.

Heart? Shut up and listen.