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Jessica's POV

I took a deep breath and walked in the front doors of my new school. I looked around. Kids were rushing around, at their lockers, and talking to their friends. Friends. That was

something or someone, I guess that I didn't have yet. I looked down at the slip of paper that was in my hands. Locker 203 on the left wall of the second hallway on my right. Ok, I'm

officially confused. I started walking and looked at all the lockers. I must of looked confused because a girl with long, wavy blonde hair came up to me. "Hi. Need help?"

"I guess. I can't find my locker." I said tucking my long dark brown hair behind my ear.

"What number are you?" the girl asked.

"203, it says its supposed to be on the left."

"Oh, then I guess we're neighbors because here it is." She said stopping next to my locker.

"Oh, cool. Thanks." I said entering my combination.

"I'm Hanna, by the way."

"Oh, I'm Jessica. Nice to meet you." I said putting some of my books away.

"Who do you have for homeroom?" Hanna asked as we walked down the hall together.

"Um….Ms. Finemen?" I said looking at my paper.

"Oh, cool so we're in the same homeroom too!"

"Yeah, awesome." I said smiling.

When we walked into the room everyone was talking to their best friend, I assumed so, no one was in their actual seat. "Take your seats, class!" I heard a voice yell. I turned. It was

Ms. Finemen, I assumed. She wore a lot of bright colors. Hanna and I took our seats. "Alright, everyone, good morning. Today, we have a new student with us, Ms. Jessica…" "Martin.

Jessica Martin." I spoke up. "Ah, yes. Jessica Martin. I hope you all make her feel welcome." Ms. Finemen began to take care of daily business such as attendance and homework we

must have had for her. "Jessica, did you get a worksheet from me when you enrolled?" Ms. Finemen asked. "Uh, no, sorry I didn't." "Very well. It won't count for you." "Super lucky."

Hanna whispered. I glanced over my shoulder. "I guess." I whispered back. I looked around the room. Ms. Finemen decorated it with bright posters and bulletin boards had a million

flyers all over. Just then the bell rang. "Off to your next class." Ms. Finemen said over the bell.

"What do you have next?" Hanna asked as soon as I walked out of homeroom.

"Uhh…English. You?"

"Same…I hate English. It's so boring."

"Yeah, I do too." As I walked into English I had a thought.

This school might not be so bad after all.

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