It's nine o'clock and I know you're home,

Too bad you're too busy to come to the phone.

It's 6 am, I know you're awake,

I'm still in bed trying to dream of the time,

The time we sometimes have together.

It's 8 am, your school just starts,

I text you good morning.

You're in class working hard for the future,

I'm dressing myself nicely in case I see you.

It's 9 am, I got to school fine,

My backpack heavy full of homework not done,

You were online and the choice was made.

I see your image in my locker and think,

Think about the time that stretches before me this day.

Clock strikes noon and I'm eating my lunch,

The one time of day we share every so often.

The distance is great, yet it's overcome,

We message back and forth until finally time is up.

My phone rings for the last time and I reply,

Farewell while wondering where that time had gone.

It's 3 pm, school ends quite soon,

You're on the train while I'm in math.

The bell rings to release me,

You're already halfway home.

I hop on the bus and I hope,

That you have time to talk tonight.

I get home around 5 some nights and it's too late.

You've left for work, and there'll be no more time.

There's school in the morning and you need to sleep,

But it's times like these I'm awake,

Awake because all I want is to see you and say Good Night.