Sky Shadows

The sky darkens over home

The shadow looms once again

The past brought to full circle

Betrayal lingers through broken bonds

The rain pours in my heart

You brought the shadow back

As I run away in fear

Into the arms of my new light

You never truly loved me, lies and deceipt

You loved the shadows more then the pink flame

Now this is your burden

While I watch your home burn

My heart breaks as I see the cracks in your soul turn black

I knew your true colors this whole time

All the hurt and pain you caused me

Fades into the distant past of Triad

Now a new era of love begins

Enough is enough, I don't need you anymore

Take your shadow and fall into the abyss where you belong

No more will I play your game

It was all fake to you, when my feelings were real

You never respected my heart, now you lose me

This is my dream and your nightmare

A heartless old fool with many faces

A twisted mind who led me on

I deserved better, then your selfish ways

Now I live happy without you

While you rot in the shadow of the past!