Orange Light

I sit here waiting, on the bench of miracles.

An orange light radiates the pink fae.

A love so divine enters the new year.

You found me at last, my soulmate.

This feeling so new, so pure.

I am at peace, at home with you.

Included in a wonderful place.

I never want to leave this heaven.

I belong with you, my orange angel.

A new era of bliss and harmony.

Everyday I cherish the moments with you.

Laughing, loving, snuggling together.

My snortie tortie makes me smile.

A special bear I give to you on sweet days.

This joy, I see in your eyes.

This tingle, I feel in your touch.

Making love with my sexy boy.

You take my breath away, as we become one.

When our body, mind and heart collide.

This connection, deep in our hearts.

The stars align, with Virgo lovers.

I'll never let you go, my Meta.

I love you, always and forever.