Made: Monday, January 3, 2011

Time: 10:58p.m


I guess I shouldn't stare
I'm told it's kind of rude
But I can't help but watch
Everything you do

I just don't understand
How perfect you can be
To catch everyone's eyes
And take them all off me

Do I not try hard enough?
Is it something that I did?
Te pain grows every day
To see you live your life like this

My smile can't match yours
So much brighter than my own
Your skin and voice both
Seem to be the perfect tone

And when you walk in the room
His eyes dart right to you
This isn't what I wanted
It's not the life I choose

If I had just one chance
To walk in your shoes
I would do it all
Just to be like you

But I guess my feet don't fit
It's just the way things are
I'm some fish down in the sea
While you're a shining star

Maybe it's my eyes
You know, they used to be blue
One day they just turned green
With envy towards you