"You guys have returned your permission slips; we are going on the trip tomorrow. We need to talk safety." Mrs. White exclaimed to us as I shifted in my seat. I sat, isolated at the back of the class as Mrs. White continued on and on about safety,

"Always stay with the group, if you don't you will get lost." She said, "And keep your clothes on, it's winter time." She continued, directing her eyes to Trent Ballard, the guy in the class that whips his dick out at every carbon based life form with a vaginal cavity. He sort of smiled as he directed his gaze to Lisa White, Mrs. White's daughter.

"Mrs. White, where exactly are we going?" Amber Brenner asked, raising her hand of course.

"We are going into Lexington National Park, deep into the woods." Mrs. White replied, I cleared my throat loudly.

"Anything you want to add James?" Mrs. White asked, everyone turned to me. I shook my head, not breathing a word. I never speak; or when I do, it's in short bursts and quietly. Everyone turned back around except for Amber, who took a little longer. I watched her as she turned around; she did so fluidly and cracked her neck loudly.

"Alright, time to pick Tent buddies." Mrs. White said, shaking a hat she pulled from her desk.

"James is first." She said, shaking up the hat and drawing a slip of paper from it, "Amber Brenner" she said, my breath started to shorten as my face flushed up. She sat motionless as the words exited Mrs. White's lips. There was a brief cackle throughout the class as Mrs. White continued to choose names. I mouthed "Fuck!" as I buried my head in my book.

"Hey James, can I talk to you?" Amber said, motioning me over from across the crowded hallway. I nodded as I strolled across the hall, only to be clobbered over by someone. I hit the ground and felt the pain seep through my body.

"Yo, sorry." The kid said as he helped me up. I nodded as he continued walking, finally reaching Amber's locker.

"Do you have a problem with me being your tent buddy?" she asked, raising one eyebrow inquisitively. I shook my head, she smiled,

"You don't speak much, do you?" she continued with questions, I shook my head again in the same fashion. She smiled again,

"Walk me to class?" she asked, I shrugged and walked along with her.