My life up on the silver screen
But then the credits roll
Suddenly I realize
This is not all I imagined it to be

But I did have some good times-
That first kiss
And dancing by the ocean
All those innocent days I miss

What about all those old friends?
I always meant to talk to them again
Those enemies
I always meant to say, I am sorry

Some scenes were missing
I could have sworn I did more
What about that one dream?
How could I forget all those things?

Everyone exits through the door
But I just stand there
Staring at the screen
Is it really over?

Can we redo this?
They left out some parts
But the credits keep rolling
A sinking feeling in my heart

Let me go back
Can we just hit rewind?
It all happened so fast
Take me back to that time

I return to my seat
I cannot change anything, sadly
But let me watch once more
Again, please…slowly