The drug was wearing off, I could start to think straighter, I could connect my thoughts to create ideas. Oh yea, and I could remember how pissed off I was. But why? I wondered. But thinking hard made me nauseas. I switched to trying to move, I could wiggle my toes, ankles, feet, legs and neck, but my arms were crossed in front of me in a rather uncomfortable fashion. Ugh, I want to punch the people who put me in this thing. What was it called? Crap I don't know. Then it hit me, I was in a fight. Yeah, that's it! Now why was I in a fight? It had to be something really important, I'm sure it will come to me.

I spent an immeasurable amount of time sitting in a semi-conscious state. Finally, I felt the last of the drugs wear off, I sat up. Not so nauseas anymore. I folded my legs under me and pushed up in to a standing position. A wave of dizziness washed over, forcing me to lean against the heavily padded wall for support. Through my half closed lids I could see a nervous but curious face peak through my window, the face, a girl I supposed, smiled at me. She opened the door slowly and poked her head in, waiting to see if I reacted. When I didn't she came all the way in and let the door close behind her, no lock clicked I noticed, I could escape if I wanted. The girl advanced toward me with a nervous smile and held up a key.

"Hi Stephanie, I'm Leila," Leila said a little too slowly, like I was still on Versed, "I'm your friend here."

I snorted and rolled my eyes, "I don't have any friends."

"Well we kind of look alike, do you have any siblings, because we could be sisters."

"I had a twin, she's dead," I said with a dead straight face and tone that told Leila to not pursue the subject. I kept my deadly eye contact until she looked down and said, "Oh". But then there was an immediate change in mood as she looked back up at me with that too cheerful face.

"Well can I at least take off your jacket?"

Looking down at the stiff white cloth that secured my arms in front of me, "You people have the nerve to call this a jacket?" But I turned around so the girl could undo the coat. About three lock turns and a final resounding a click later, I was sliding off the straight jacket and stretching my exceedingly stiff shoulders.

"How do you feel?"

I didn't answer, only smiled then with out a word I threw myself in to a back hand spring, landing lightly on the fluffy floor. When I looked up, Leila had herself pressed up against the wall, her eyes wide with fear. I straightened and looked at her uncertainly.

"What, did I do something wrong?"

"Oh, wha-? No!"

"Oh, I see, you thought I was going to go crazy on you."

"Well, yeah."

"I may be in the psychiatric hospital but I'm not insane," I paused and then laughed at my sick little joke.

"Well, it's about seven o'clock, I have your dinner outside. Tomorrow you'll be able to go out and start your, um 'treatment' for lack of a better word."

"Whatever," I said, my nausea had returned and the room was starting to spin again. I was ready for the girl Leila to be gone. I believed she got the message because she flounced toward the door. "Hey wait, skip dinner. If I eat, I'll probably puke my guts out." She just smiled and nodded.

'Wait, one more thing!" I cried out. Leila turned around, "Where's the damn light switch in this place?"

Leila just smiled as she walked out the door, a second later the lights flicked out and I was alone in the darkness. I sunk to the floor, resting my head against the wall. Within five minutes I was asleep in the far right corner of my pillow land.

The next day at some totally unreasonable time, lights and my consciousness flicked on simultaneously. I rose unsteadily to my feet, rubbing my neck which was stiff from sleeping in the corner. Note to self: Don't do that anymore. You know when people wake up and they're not real sure where they are? Yeah, that was not a problem for me. I looked around my little pillow room when my eyes caught sight of a tray covered in food, lying on the floor. Only then did I realize how ravenous I was