It was dark when I woke up for the first time, dark, but not cold. But having no words for things such as dark or light, or warm or cold, I just sat in confusion. The fragmented thoughts that spun through my mind were cut sort by my ignorance for language. Slowly, I sat up, pushing myself away from the hard bed that I had woken up on. A woman that I would later call Artemis walked in and muttered something that I did not understand then but later translated to the effect of: "Oh, you have reached the point where you will no longer age." It would take me twenty years to figure out what that meant. That is my earliest memory.

The earliest memory I have is waking up to a freezing darkness, unable to form thoughts. I jumped up off the stone hard floor and sat in a crouch , I couldn't see anything but I could hear movement below me. An unseen door opened and a tall, thin man with a gaunt face walked in, he just looked at me with contempt.

The first time I woke up, it was light and warm. A lovely breeze washed over me. I was curious about everything, the books, the bed, the curtains that were wide open, and even the lamp in the corner of my room. By the time somebody opened my door, I was leaning out of the wide open window, surveying the land far below. When the door did open I jumped away from the window and turned around. A man with bright blonde hair and even brighter golden eyes looked at me and smiled in a friendly way, "Hello Mia, I'm our father Apollo!" That's my first memory of this life.

My first year of living I spent in the forests of Greece. It was a lifestyle of adapt or die, the same one that my mother Artemis carried out. From that year I learned to exist in harmony with nature and everything around me. Artemis taught me to hunt with a bow and arrow and fight with knives. But I didn't care for fighting, for Artemis taught me that fighting disrupted the balance of life, but I became decent at it anyway because without the kills of a hunter, you were nothing more than delusional prey. I saw no other people during that time, so in order to learn some form of communication, Artemis taught me to talk to animals, that was a skill that I excelled in. With in the first six months of my life I could fluently speak to all animals, and most times they would speak back.

I learned that all animals had a universal language that could be translated to anything from the chirps of a bird, to the sniffing of a deer. I would sit for hours in a tree and talk to what ever walked by. The animals almost always had something to say or a message to relay. The only thing that bugged me was that the animals addressed me as 'princess' or 'ma'am'. On my last night with Artemis, I asked her why. And she told me…

"Child, you are not just my servant, or just my daughter, you were brought up for a higher purpose. It has been foreseen that you will help the Gods later in your lives, for now you must train with your other three parents. Good night and good bye."

"Wait Artemis, you said lives, as in plural. And three more parents? What do you mean?"

Artemis just smiled, "We will meet again my child, but for now good bye," Artemis waved her hand over Aquia's face, she slumped to the ground. A small cloud of dust kicked up in front of Artemis, the dirt lifted and spun around until a woman was formed from the dirt. The woman smelled of cut grass and strawberries. Clothed in layered fabrics of earthen tones, the woman bowed her head to Artemis.

"I've come to take the child. It's time for her to learn her next skill."

Demeter All the wild goddess said was, "Take care of her Demeter," then she turned and ran off into the night. Demeter smiled, picked up Aquia's sleeping form and disappeared into the night.