It is so sad, how you could just dismiss everything I have done, as meaningless dribble, deeming it worthless in value.
I held you up high but I was nothing to you but the slaughtered Sacrificial Lamb that lay in front of the petal stool you stand on.
At one point I wanted to be you, just like you, but why would I want to be a raven? Why would I wish to Scavenger on other's human emotion, just so I can feel my own?
Everything that I have been though, all the pain and suffering in the last few years, has all been because of you.
During that time you have abused me, mentally and physically, in the worst ways you could imagine.
Through the years, I have been in my own personal hell.
Your words and actions, the flames that burned me slowly.
The scorching fires, burning my flesh, I begged for you to stop.
Though you never would stop, would you?
You loved to watch me burn.
My pain was your pleasure.
Your joy was my tears.
Still, even though the pain, I stayed next to you, but why?
I though you needed someone, that I could help you.
I thought I could change a Raven into a Dove, but I was wrong… so wrong.
So why did I stay, even after I had given up hope?
Why did I allow you to hurt me?
Why did I let the raven feast on my flesh?
The same reason any creature would… I was dead.