As I watch the world around go by,
something within me starts to die,

As if from a knife my mental shield breaks,

And Misery's dark wings with me I take,

The things which no longer can be held pour out,

Into a world of hate and doubt,

In the dark, I look for light,

My search continues night by night,

Darker feelings, on top of each other, fold,

Until a depression the ocean's size, they can not hold,

I walk day by day through these halls,

But I hide from people within these walls,

What would they say if they knew the real me,

What would they do if they really could see,

Who am I? Even I do not know,

My moods change and layer like new falling snow,

But I know his as sure as I live,

In this life people would do anything but give,

I ask God to give me grace because I'm tired of tripping,

But the World's fabric just keeps ripping,

I guess the road of life is like walking a tightrope in the sky,

And below is an abyss that looks at you up high,

There are winds that swirl and buffet you,

Threatening to knock you out of the sky so blue,

But having faith is being in the storm's eye,

Suddenly the tightrope isn't up so high.