This is just something I wrote a little while ago in response to some comments someone one made about me writing at the wrong time. The first chapter is the older version the second will be longer and more detailed. I like them both but I'd have to say the second is my personal favorite. Thank you for reading.

-Witch of the Darkness

I was once told to praise the Lord with all you have. But what if all you have is words? Not always the pretty words or the strong words that change the world but the words meant to grace the paper and be read by all. What then? Are you unfit to praise the Lord? Should you not come to church paper and pen in hand prepared to serve the Lord? Why is it seen as wrong to write done what the Lord has given? My gift is words, not the pretty or the strong words meant to change the word but the words meant to grace the paper and be read by all, believer and non-believer alike.

Ok yes its short a lot shorter than I thought barely over a hundred words but it looks longer in the little journal I have. The next part is longer, swear.