This is part 2 the newer version. Thank you for reading.

-Witch of the Darkness

Grass is dull and boring. It is more of a weed than anything else and grows where it isn't wanted. And, yet, everyone keeps it. They grow it in their yards so they don't see the ugly brown dirt.

I wish my life was exciting. That there was, somewhere, a grand adventure waiting for me. But in my heart I know that will never be. My life is as dull as the grass only there to hide the ugly brown dirt of human existence. It is unimportant, unneeded in the grand scheme of life. After all who needs words? For they, too, are like the grass. They sit dully on the page. They do not breathe, they have no life in them. Only ink on a paper that is sometimes bound in a book.

And does a book have life? No, it does not; it is merely a binding of papers with ink on them. And since it does not have life does that not mean it cannot give praise to God? But yet the Bible was penned by man and it is just ink on bound paper. So what makes these ink stained papers different from the pages of the Bible? Were not the ideas and words given by the same person? Why, then, is one scorned in church and the other held high?

My life does have a grand adventure and my words do have life. In these words my grand adventure lurks. My heart gives life to my words and to the ink. Even the paper is given life with the ink its blood. The words have lifeblood; have emotion because they are God given. No one should scorn these words nor are they open to scorn. Do not curse what God has given for it is not yours to curse.

My gift is words, not the words that are spoken strongly and eloquently but that sit quietly on the page waiting for someone to understand them. To hear their own voices and to feel their emotions. That is me in those words and in ink the can never be erased and in my heart they can never be destroyed.

Thank you again for reading. And criticism is welcome but only on the writing style you can tell my paragraphs are to short or whatever but I am a very spiritual person and I except other religions. This topic is important to me so I'm asking nicely, as a fellow author please do not criticize the topic.

As promised it was longer and again I apologize, it looked longer on the paper.

-Witch of the Darkness