Brain Dead: A somewhat short story involving a mythical blind cat, a truck carrying 25 tons of fudge, an average girl sent out for vendetta and an insane brain surgeon.

Act 1

Just like any other shoujo story, this one starts off with a girl. She was the prettiest girl in middle school. Athletic, perfect, charismatic and all that until one day she tragically died from something unknown. Of course rumors spread about how she died, some were logical and others were just based on popular movie scenes. Some say it was the 'beast that killed the beauty' where a ravage dog bit her face off, while some say it was because of a bad hair day that killed her.

Either way she died and in the end her devastated rich parents held a funeral and everyone who was anyone was invited… but this story isn't about a deceased girl who may come back as a zombie to eat your brains. No, this is a story about the one person who wasn't invited to her funeral and to be frank this one person was a 'nobody'. Nobody knew much about her until one special spring filled day where love and cherry blossoms were in the air… which is ironic that they are the potential threat to triggering this girl's allergies to cherry blossoms and love…

~Scene One~

"It's all coming to plan. The perfect setting, the perfect boy standing in front of me and the perfect weather. All I need to do now is to make my move…"

"So what did you bring me here for?" The brunette asks as he crossed his arms.

"Um… j-just give me a minute…" Our main heroine says as she twirls a strand of her green hair.

The pretty boy whom that she was talking to seemed a little annoyed. Of course, he did have something better to do like going to school. See, our heroine more of went to all this effort and waited for the pretty boy to walk in her… let's say 'trap' to tell him how she really feels. But the sad thing is that he didn't even knew that she existed until now, how tragic for our heroine…

"I… I wanted t-to t-tell you…" She starts as she tried her best to look at him.

"Just spill it out already." He says as he grunts, "I'm going to end up late to school because of a nobody like you…"

Despite all of the insults she still had enough courage to say a stammering of words that she thought she would never be able to say.

"I-I… really, really l-li… like you…" She says as a blush came over her cheeks. But alas, this blush is not caused by embarrassment but it's one of the signs that come on before she starts breaking out in hives. Yes, she's about to have an allergic reaction.

"I don't understand what you're saying, but it's already useless…" He says as he passed by her without a care, "I'm not interested in people like you… go get a life."

As useless as she was at the time, she could only stare at him as he left. A cherry blossom petal flew behind her as the wind picked up. Another cherry blossom decided to land on the tip of her nose just to make matters worse.

"Eh…" She says as she felt the hives about to come as well as tears.

So, she spent the lonely walk to school sneezing, scratching and red swollen eyes from crying. Being heartbroken is one thing but having an allergic reaction of the worst kind is just a run of bad luck. Due to all the false starts to this story I shall introduce our heroine properly before anything worse happens to her. Yotsuba, Clover a 3rd year middle school student, admired 'the pretty boy', whom name shall not be told, since the start of middle school. Attempt on confessing her love: Rejected and unsuccessful… and now she seeks vengeance.

~Scene Two~

"Man, I can't believe my luck today…" Clover sighs as she eats away at her lunch.

"What happened, exactly?" Her closest friend asks, apparently he's her only friend.

"I broke out in hives while telling him how I fell about him…" She says as sadness swept across her face, "No… I'm not going to cry this time…"

Her friend frowned while tears streamed down her face. He didn't like the idea of Clover taking such a foolish risk of telling pretty boy her feelings. To be perfectly honest he didn't like him at all and he hates to see his friend to be depressed because of how pretty boy treated her.

"I don't see the point in wasting your time on him…" He mutters.

"Eh?" She said as she tried her best to wipe away the tears from her eyes, "What do you mean, Haruki-chan?"

"… Nothing…" He says as he quickly looked away from his friend's suffering.

Clover sighed as she reclined backwards in her chair as she stared at the desk in front of her. The classroom they were in was isolated but if she concentrated hard enough she could hear everything around her, the soft breeze outside to the calm breathing coming from her friend.

"If only…" She starts as her eyes stayed on the desk, "If only I could wish to become popular… and to become beautiful so he would be interested in me…"

"Clover… that's stupid." Haruki says as he slightly raised his voice but then tried to compose himself, "You're fine the way you are, trust me Clover. But, if you really want to have your wish granted…"

Clover listened closely as Haruki leaned in closer and whispered, "I've heard that there's this legend and if you catch it, it may grant your wish. It's called the legendary gray and white blind cat."

"Legendary gray and white blind cat?" Clover says as she looks at her friend with disbelief.

"It's fat too." He pulled away and grinned back at Clover, "Once you catch it your wish will be granted."

Clover smiled back at Haruki and despite her slightly swollen eyes she was happy at the thought of getting her wish granted. Surprised to see her spring back to life, Haruki's grin grew wider knowing that the tale he made up made his friend happy again.

~Scene Three~

Once school was out the curious heroine went out of her way to find the legendary blind cat. She travelled down to the local crazy cat lady to see if she could help her with her quest to find it.

"Um, do you know of any blind fat cats around this area?" She asked as she watched the cat lady rock back and forth on her rocking chair.

"Bah, har har da heh!" She responded as she pointed at the nearest park.

"Uh… thank you?" Clover says as she walks off her porch.

"Bah da hah!"

And so she travelled, travelled to what seemed like the ends of the Earth… Well, that's a bit of an over-exaggerating over a park that's littered with garbage and homeless people. But when our heroine entered this park she knew that is was the place where she can find the gray and white blind cat.

"This place smells awful…" She says as she covered her nose with a handkerchief.

"Hey little missy, care to spare a dime?" A homeless person says as she walked pass him.

Of course, this was no place for a girl like herself to walk into but determined as she was she wanted to know if there really was such thing as a legendary wish granting cat. As she walked out of the park she noticed a familiar face walking down the street opposite to her.

"Ah it's the guy who I confessed my love to…" She says as she stood at the entrance of the park in a dazed expression.

As if he had a sixth sense, at the moment our heroine noticed him, turned around and stared at her making her heart fumble a beat. She realized she was being stared at and quickly camouflaged herself with a twig that only had one leaf still hanging from it.

'I hope he didn't see me, I hope he didn't notice me…'

He squinted at Clover as she stood still as she held the twig close to her hopping it would make her blend in with the hedges next to her. There was a moment of silence as they stared at each other until he gave up and continued to walk down the street. Clover sighed as she threw the twig down on the floor.

"Um, are you going to use that twig?" Another homeless person asks as he bends over to pick it up, "'Cause I need to use it to brush my teeth…"

"S-sure…" She says as she stepped away from the homeless man.

She stared off to where her love interest went and gave a slow sigh when she noticed a gray and white cat sitting in the middle of the road cleaning itself. She gasped in glee but before she could celebrate an ongoing truck came into view, making its way towards the blind cat.

"Maybe the truck will see the cat and stop…" Clover reassured herself only to see the truck hurdling towards the cat even faster.

At the time Clover didn't know that the man who was driving the truck was somewhat color-blind and didn't see the cat on the road and another thing is about this particular truck driver was that he didn't sleep for three nights and the caffeine from the coffee he drank was already flushed from his system. So in other words, the truck driver is asleep behind the wheel with his foot pressed on the accelerator speeding towards a blind cat which would grant Clover's wish and give her a happily ever after ending… By the way, did I mention it was a truck carrying tones of fudge?

"Kitty! Don't die!" Was all she said as she sprinted towards the cat to push it out of harm's way.

"That's it crazy girl! Run to your death!" The homeless man with the twig yelled.

In a split second Clover did the heroic thing and pushed the cat out of the way but the downside was… being hit by a huge truck carrying fudge. It was a horrible death, I know, being smash into the truck like a simply fly hitting the window of a car and soon enough the container holding the fudge cracked open when the driver woke up to press down on the break sending a slow wave of fudge down the road that is now called 'Fudge Road'… well, that's not true but I tried to convince them into renaming it yet failed…

As our heroine lay there on the street half dead and covered in fudge, a miracle happened. Her eyes slowly opened and she took her last few breaths to see if that cat was alright. And there it was, the cat that was presumably told to have magical powers to grant a single wish was looking down at Clover.

"Kitty… you're alright…" She says with a small smile.

A hiss came from the cat as it clawed at Clover's already battered up face and walked away. Tears formed in her eyes as the small smile lingered on her mouth, tears of a child born to be unlucky and maybe destined to die in a horrible, horrible accident. At that moment a small wish was formed in the girl's heart as she prepared to die.

Her wish was simple and by telling you it would mean the wish would not be granted, so let's keep it at that. Just when she was about to die she finally spoke her last few words.

"I don't want to die…"

And that's when I come in. I'm a doctor, per se. I grew up learning about the anatomy of the human body but what I was really interested in was the brain. I became a brain surgeon and I made it my life's research to find a way to transfer a perfectly working brain from a dormant body to an active and healthy body. You could call me mad or insane but after this girl's death I tried to test out my theories and experiments on her and what I got was nothing close to a Frankenstein…

I call it 'Brain dead'.

End Act 1

A/N: One last story before I go on my adventure. I slightly wanted to write this for a long time and it was based on belief that one day they would think about transferring healthy brains to healthy bodies so if one day I would accidently die I would have my brain transferred into a healthy body, so you could call it a way to cheat death, but it's impossible XD

Hope it's goooooood 8DDD