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Spoiler Chapter

What may have happened after the last chapter

Ok I didn't really plan ahead for this story and what I intended was this to be last for about less than 10 chapters. So seeing that I didn't plan what may have happened in the middle I may as spoil some of the plot.

After Chapter 1: Being run over by a truck, coincidently died on the same day the most beautiful girl at Clover's school died (hinted at the start of the story), a mad scientist sees the opportunity to try out his latest experiment.

Transferring Clover's brain into that girl's body thus making Clover having another chance at life, she is then told she must use this as an opportunity to live her life less miserable. Of course we don't know what happened to Clover's body, must have been mangled between the trucks tires or something.

So Clover takes this opportunity to take vengeance onto that boy who broke her heart because she wasn't good enough for her. Thus a lot of planning with her male friend soon flourishes into a wonderful vengeance: Make the boy jealous.

An opportunity appears when it is revealed that the school dance (God it's so stupid and predictable) is this week. Clover asks the most handsome guy at school (oh dear god I hate this already) out, he agrees and so the vengeance plan goes ahead with that boy yet to be named as I can't be bothered being oh so jealous, but he's not the only one…

Anyway, summary aside here's where the main plot comes:

Clover is soon consumed by the will and personality that once belonged to the girl that once resided in that body. She becomes a bitchy weirdo and soon becomes quite insane.

At the dance she unleashes her insanity, proclaiming she is the fairest of them all and rigs many, many contests at the dance causing her to win. Her male friend then confesses that he loves her, not as a friend, but as actually deep feelings for her. Being the insane bitch she is she rejects him and pushes him aside as she heads towards that boy that stood her down (alas she ignored her date throughout the night).

She flirts with him only to be rejected and shamed upon in front of the whole school. She then flips and goes batshit crazy all over the place and how did this end…? Well…

Ending: Her male friend, in tears, aims a gun towards her. He states that being in that body has corrupted her and that he wants to remember Clover as what she was before. It ends with him shooting her dead and her realizing her mistake (actually it was the mad scientist's mistake). Of course he has a criminal record and is guilty of manslaughter/homicide, not sure which ones which.

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