I'm going to find you now no matter what it takes.

I'm tired of sitting around and watching my heart break!

I live every day for the dreams I see.

Something tells me you're not far from me.

You're the dream I see every night.

The ones which make me feel alright.

Like the dream is real and reality doesn't even exist.

Like you're the breath of air I longed for and missed!

I never ever want to wake up again!

But dreams end, and that's the start of my pain.

The darkness of my dream seems like a dark barrier.

Everything in my life just seems unfair!

But I know I'll break through somehow.

I want to get to you right now!

Take your hands and pull you from dreams to reality.

All I know is that I need you next to me!

Whenever life is rough and I'm breaking,

Tears are rolling down my cheeks and I'm shaking,

You are with me in my dreams and

I feel you holding my hand.

I know that we are in this together.

In an instant I start feeling better.

I'm getting tired of this wait,

Of depending solely on my fate.

You are the missing ending of my book.

Now I want to dash out and look

For you in every inch of space I see.

That's how strongly I feel this sense of urgency.

I need you now, right next to me!

I can feel it, you must be near.

I feel like I don't belong here.

I feel turmoil of restlessness in my heart

Every single minute that life keeps us apart.

I know you will come and end this misery.

Baby, can't you see?

I need you right now, right next to me!

A/N: from my real life. Yes I'm this twisted :P