Here in the darkness

Something moves

Here in the limelight

Something dares

Never seen all this evil before

Never seen this big a fort

Don't go out after dark

The shadows will claim your heart

Here in the gloom

Something in the corner

Here in the wreckage

Something tries to remove

Never seen you before

Never seen you deep in thought

Don't go out after them

The shadows will never befriend

Here in the bottom

Something Calls

Here in the chasm

Something Talks

Never seen bad before

Never seen a beaten claw

Don't go out there tonight

The shadows will give you a fright

Never seen you so drawn

Never seen a better pawn

Don't go out after dark

The shadows will impart

New day. The sun shines bright. The radio blares in the corner telling me o get up out of bed and to stop being a lazy slob. Walk to the corner of the room and picking up clothes through the rubbish on the floor. And now trudge down the stairs. Pick up lunch that Robyn made and grab some money and then trainers. Out the door now and it's a bright day. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. No there's silence. What on earths going on?

Movement in the bushes. Black cloaked figure appeared from the undergrowth with some magical staff. What the heck?! Don't freeze just run and don't look back. Don't Look Back. Don't Look. She's coming I can here the steps. Faster. Move Faster Ben. Come on. Don't look just Move. Looking Now. Mistake.

And the staff comes towards me and something makes me explode backwards. What the hell is happening? And it moves closer towards me with a hand appearing beneath the cloak and extracting a Crystal Ball. And then I hear the words. And now all I can see is Black. Dark Black. I'm falling Deeper. Deeeeperrrrrrrrrr.