Everything was so peaceful to Riley as she laid deep in the woods, nestled in pine straw. Her eyes were barely open as she let touches of the sun kiss her body through the tree tops. This was her heaven, her escape of the real world. It was funny how it seemed so quiet, yet there was so much noise around her, the animals moving, the wind blowing, and the gentle sound of bugs. Riley found herself so comfortable she couldn't keep her eyes open. The soothing sun melted into her tawny skin, glistening over her petite frame, as she laid there perfectly still. Her kaki shorts rested mid-way up her thigh, a yellow sleeveless shirt reaching to meet the hem, but falling just short a few inches above. Her small pixie like nose inclined to the light pooling around her as her naturally pouting lips pulled into a small smile.

I could lay like this forever, she thought to herself. She heaved a sigh of relief, feeling more energized after lying in the thick of the woods all day. This was her weekly routine, to venture out into the forest the edged her home, away from the thick bustle of office life. She despised the office she worked at, but loved her jesting friends in the deli next door. She found herself drawn there, and though it was known for its outlandish patrons, she found it homey, though nothing compared to this small taste of heaven every Sunday.
Her skin twitched from a small tickle at her cheek, what was that? It must have been the pine straw that poked at me. No, this was too soft, almost like hands... Riley opened her eyes sharply to find herself seeing only a glimpse of a shadow. She stood, wildly looking from side to side, scanning everything recklessly. No matter how hard she had tried she saw nothing in the thick of the woods, nothing but trees.

She called it a day with that odd occurrence along with the fact she'd spent the day away in the wild. The sun was low in the twilight sky, beckoning her, but she knew it was time to head home. Little girls aren't supposed to be in the woods alone at night. Though Riley was far from childhood, she ignored her gut feeling to stay and stare at the sunset and started towards home. It was a long walk back to any type of civilization, and she had to work in the morning.

Her steps were slow and calm, as she enjoyed the night, that is, up until she heard a cracking sound beside her. She stopped dead in her tracks, hoping to see a deer, or something grazing in the night; she squinted her eyes, searching for any sign of movement. The soft echo of crickets sounded in the brush just beyond her gaze. She smiled listening to the soothing sounds as her eyes drifted shut, lulling her into comfort.
A louder crack sounded. She peered back into the darkness, her eyes straining because of the half moon now high in the sky. Then she saw it; something that made her shake in fear, two of the brightest silver eyes she'd ever seen staring right back at her. Riley backed away, finding herself up against a tree; she closed her gaping mouth and couldn't take her eyes from the gaze of the others. The shadows gave way to the light braking through as the creature stalked forward, never losing sight of Riley. Its fur was black, reflecting the light of the moon, with ears long and pointed, and teeth sharp and deadly.
Although, that was not what scared Riley, it was the fact that it was walking upright and was twice the size of her. Werewolf. She drew a sharp breath, leaning farther into the tree she was backed into. She couldn't move, nothing was responding in her mind. The creature stood towering over her. It bent its long neck towards her, and inhaled at the nape of her neck. It seemed to enjoy it because it looked towards the sky and howled. The sound vibrated her very bones with its shattering quake.
Then all she heard was the sound of bones breaking. The creature was shifting, changing into something more human, until it looked just like a normal person. His hair was black, with grey eyes and tanned skin, he was beautiful. Riley's mouth was open wide again, staring in complete awe. Werewolf! Her mind was screaming at her. Run! Fight! Do Something!


"You're the one," he said, then his grip became more sensual as his hands moved lower to embrace her.
Riley finally realized what he was doing and pushed against him, "Let me go!" She stumbled to the side, crashing to the ground. She skittered back, putting a small amount of space between herself and the…Werewolf.
His gaze bore into her very soul. She could almost feel him inside, shattering her to pieces. His brows drew together, his features contorted in pain, "You don't accept me?"
Riley was just scared and confused now, "Accept? Accept what? That there are freaky things in the woods?" Werewolves?, she couldn't help but think.
His face scrunched up in confusion, "Do you know nothing?"
Riley glared, heat forming in her chest as rage tore through her chest. She hated her intelligence being questioned. She stood from the ground, rising fiercely as she pointed a tiny finger at the man, "I'll have you know evil creature of the darkness I am working on my doctrine!" in psychology, "And I happen to know a lot". She blinked threw her words, realizing moments too late that she wasn't in the position to be barking at a seemingly evil Werewolf. She turned on her heels, flying towards home, hoping she could outrun him.
He called after her, "Wait! Hold on! Will you just stop for a second?" He latched on to her arm halting her immediately, "You don't sense it?" His grip was an iron grip on her arm, and she silently cursed from the pain shooting threw her muscles underneath.
Riley pulled at her arm, to no avail, "Sense what?"Another pull, nothing, he didn't even flex to hold her still.
His expression conveyed Confusion. He tilted his head to the side, breathing deep again as he leaned into her, "You are a wolf, right?"
She almost laughed, but instead raised an eyebrow, "No?" Then all went black.
Cole paced, trying to think but nothing was coming to him. There was a human girl, who smelled like wolf and not just any wolf, but his wolf, knocked out in the next room. He grimaced; this could get him in trouble, big trouble. As a male still in his pack, he feared the alpha, and if the alpha found out he'd be turned out, a loner. He breathed deep, maybe they would understand, if they would just sense her.
He had to be mistaken. There was no way she could smell like that, and not be his. Her scent still pleasantly burned his nose from the long run he'd taken to bring her back to his cabin, nestled in a small town of wolves deep in the forest. He pinched the bridge of his nose, lips tight with worry, what was he going to do? Derick, he had to tell Derick. The pack Alpha would know what to do, how to fix this. Maybe he would even tell Cole he was crazy for thinking her human.
He locked the door to the room the girl was sleeping in and raced out. He found himself pacing again, but this time in front of alpha wolf, Derick, "You have to come, there is something I need to show you."
Derick looked at him awkwardly, "Why can't you just tell me what it is Cole?"
He sighed, "You won't understand unless you see, just come on!"

Derick followed Cole back to his home, not far from Cole's own. He sensed a new wolf almost in seconds, "Who is that?"

Cole took a breath and unlocked the door, "A human."

Derick laughed whole heartedly, "Oh come on Cole, she's as wolf as you or me."

Cole shook his head, "She had no clue what I was. I found her wandering in the woods alone tonight. She smells like mine, but she's not."

Derick's smile faded quickly from his face, "This is not funny Cole." Not funny at all.

He nodded, "I know, but I had no idea, you didn't even know she was human, and she was in the woods!"

Derick stepped to look over the girl, "No pack marks, nothing." His hand came to wash over his features, worry seeping into him.

Cole nodded, "I know, I looked everywhere." Almost.

As if having the same thoughts as Cole, Derick's perverted smile crept back for a moment, "Everywhere?"

Cole couldn't help but roll his eyes, "Well not everywhere…"

Riley heard them before she saw them, and her head was pounding so hard she couldn't understand, "Advil." She was so out of it she couldn't even sense something was different.

Cole rushed back to her side wielding two pain pills and a glass of water, "Here". His voice was so gentle, it soothed Riley.

Derick smirked, "Aww."

Cole glared back, "Stop."

Riley sat up quickly, becoming more aware. She choked on the pain pill; trying to heave them back up with no success, "What did you just drug me with!"

Cole's gentle caring look faded into a frown, "It's just a mild pain reliever." He had a feeling his action back in the forest wouldn't win him any trust with the female.

Derick sighed from behind them, "Well, we can't send her home; she knows about us now."

Riley's eyes grew wide with fear, "Sitting here, Sitting exactly right here you know." She paused to erase the annoyance from her voice, "I bet a pinky swear isn't much good here…"

Derick's lips twitched, "Sorry girl, I can't let you go back, knowing what you do." He turned his attention to Cole, "Your fuck up, deal with it. I'll trust you to make a choice on her life."

Cole looked down to the wooden floor, "Yes Sir." With that, Derick left the house.

Riley let tears escape her eyes, "Please don't kill me, I promise on everything I am if you just let me go I won't say a word about anything."

Cole's heart thudded deep in his chest, hard. He wanted, no needed to do as she said. He wanted to be at her very beckon. The deep thud shook him again, watching her wring the sheets between her small hands. She was so scared, her will power breaking right before his eyes. Realizations were hitting her like a Mack Truck. He gave a throaty whine, his head turned ever slightly in a quick jolt to the side, "I cannot return you, there are laws for my kind, and humans can never know of us, it brings chaos and death… You must understand why I can't risk my entire species for you?"

She heard him, but she wasn't listening to him. The words just sounded like a jab to her side, painful. "I promise you, I'll write a blood pact. Anything, don't kill me".

Cole's eyes were boring into her again, reaching down into the depths of her soul, "I won't ever hurt you, we could be happy… together." He winced at his own words, he wouldn't believe them if he were her either.

Riley readied herself to run; she ripped the sheets from her body, charging the door at full force. She didn't get far. A thick chain yanked her back with a hard thud on the floor. Her ass ached from the fall, the chain bruising her stomach as she yelped in pain. She clawed at the chains, almost growling, "Take this off me right now!" She seethed, her dark chocolate, nearly black, eyes throwing daggers at the Werewolf.

Cole went to her side, just out of her thrashing reach, "I'm really sorry, if you'll just calm down we can talk."

Riley huffed, her wild brown hair falling into her face, "Fine." She crossed her arms; she was not pleased with him, or her situation.

Cole sat down on the floor with her, still staying out of reach, "I had no idea you were human, you smell like us, like a wolf."

She leaned back against the bed arms around her as a subconscious defensive maneuver, "So? I spend a lot of time in the woods."

He took a breath seeming to search for an explanation, "Let me clarify. Wolf is a certain smell to us; it's like nothing else in this world. Now, normally we would pass each other without a second thought, but you also smell like mine."

Riley furrowed her eyebrows, "What?"

He leaned forward and sniffed, "It's unique, personal. It's how we find our mates for life."

Riley's eyes widened at this, "I'm not your mate, I'm not your anything." Nope no Stockholm syndrome for her, still her heart purring under her chest like an old muscle car coming back to life.

Again he gave her that look of un-measureable pain, "You don't feel anything special about me?"

Vroom. She stood, turning from him to cover the beading red pooling at her cheeks, "No, just get away from me. If you're going to make me stay, you could at least leave me alone." Cole stood too, but left silently.

Alone, Riley sat on the bed pulling at the chain around her stomach. This was a nightmare, but she couldn't deny anything he said, she'd seen it all with her own eyes. Saying that still didn't make it okay for him to keep her hostage, or claim to be her "mate". She gave up on the chain and stood looking around the room. She started to feel bad as she rummaged around, soon finding out it was his room. She stumbled upon his poetry; it screamed to her how desperate he was to find his love, his forever. It was sad; he was a softy underneath the pointed teeth and rippling muscles. Knowing this didn't change her mind that she wanted nothing to do with him, but that really wasn't up to glanced down at the journal again, re-reading one of the poems that caught her attention.

She calls to me, the maiden of my soul

Her voice beckons me to fill my role

I can feel her all around me

Charitable tastes of what would be

She lingers just out of reach

The traces of her steal my speech

I yearn to kneel at her side

To ask her… to be my bride

A shallow knock came at the door. Riley jumped at the sound, rushing to put the journal back in its place. She felt like a dirty little spy having read his inner most thoughts. He probably cherished those poems. Guilt hit her as she slipped it back into its place. She pushed the thought aside as she reached the bed, settling herself on it as if she'd never moved. She glared at the door, trying to remember why she'd been so angry to begin with, I'm a hostage. Ah yes, the anger was back. It felt much better than the guilt.

Another knock.

She sighed, washing her hand down her face. A grim line forming at her lips before she muttered, "Come in".

Cole brought with him a plate stacked with raw meat along with a pitcher of bright pink liquid, which Riley assumed was cherry lemonade, in the other hand. Riley scrunched her nose, "What is that for?"

Cole let the bag of chips fall from his mouth, "Thought you might be hungry?"

Riley stood up, "You didn't cook it?" Her almond eyes were wide with surprise as her stomach churned at the thought of eating raw meat. Gross.

Cole made an 'o' shape with his lips, "You humans cook it, that's right."

He handed Riley the pitcher, "I'll find something else."

Riley almost smiled, "Thank you." Manners were still called for, even when abducted by creatures of the night.

Cole came back minutes later with a loaf of bread and lunch meat, along with a stack of cheese, "This is good, right?"

Riley laughed she couldn't help it. The hopeful look on his face, was like a little puppy trying to please its master, priceless. "Please tell me that is not all for me?"

Cole seemed somewhat relieved. He gave a low satisfied growl hearing her laugh. It was as soft at song birds. Beautiful. "Too much?"

Riley gave an amused nodded, "Way to much, I guess you wolves eat a lot." Riley made herself a snack with what he gave her, "That's all I need."

Cole gave her another confused look. It played across his brows, and down to his lips, "No wonder you're so small." He left with what was left over; Riley didn't see him again for the rest of the night.

She scorned herself for being so nice to him, but eventually got over it and stared at the four walls around her till morning hit. She found the window did open, but it did her little good with the chain around her. She's tried numerous times to pick the lock, having no success each time. This just fueled anger. One of Riley top ten things that peeved her to no end… being pinned.

By sunrise, she had gained back her hate for Cole, and he found that out first hand as he opened the door. Riley slammed a book over his head, "That, was for kidnapping me."

Cole rubbed his head, "I said I was sorry."

Riley rolled her eyes, she felt confident knowing he wanted her alive, "I hate you."

A whimper erupted from his throat, "Please don't."

Riley pushed at him with no luck, "Get out. Don't you get it you stupid dog, I don't like you. I'm not your mate. And I will never, ever be happy with you". She swung the book at his again, his hand easily catching hers before it could even touch him.

Cole stood strong with now hardened eyes, "I suggest you remember who is in control, or you will soon regret it." His voice was so different, hard, it scared Riley.

She stopped pushing at him, "What are you going to do? You're a sissy, can't even kill me." Genius Riley, tell the big bad wolf he's a pussy and dare him to kill you, wonderful idea. She shook her head, trying to regain her glare.

Cole's animal side began to flourish in his anger and hurt, along with sexual impulses he was receiving from being around her. He pulled her up, making her eyes to eye to him, "I never said that I couldn't." She wriggled in his grasp, trying to free herself, "And there is so much I could do to you without hurting, or killing you".

He dropped her onto the bed, letting his weight rest on top of her as he held her down, "But I bet you would like that wouldn't you?"

Vroom… Riley's breath was rapid, and her heart was beating so fast she couldn't think straight. Everything was such as blur, so shaky. Her legs locked around his hips and pulled him down to meet her. Her mind screamed out No stop! But her body followed with no action, as if it was turned off from sensible reactions.

Cole couldn't quite think either as the smell of his mate pulsed his senses. Her sweet smell of arousal made him completely forget everything prior to this moment. His eyes flashed their dangerous shade of silver. His beast was in control. His groin slide between her legs as carnal sensations ruled his thoughts.

Vroom VROOM…She was revving. She couldn't stop the beading wetness forming between her legs as she nuzzled her nose into his neck, a thick smell of fur and the earth filled her senses. A blurry film slide over her eyes and everything became very static. Her nails ripped at his shirted back as her knuckles cracked, her teeth bared as if a ravage animal. No stop this, she wanted to scream to him. Nothing came but a rasp of breath.

Cole pushed himself up with one hand and used the other to pull the buttons of Riley's shirt apart. A predator-like sound escaped from his lips, airy and choppy, in reaction to her barred teeth, his body forcibly pressing down onto her delicate frame. Riley let go of her hold on his back as the tore at each other clothing, ripping and shredding it to pieces, along with the rest of Riley's inhibitions. She was utterly lost.

He paused above her, just moments from heaving himself into her. Something was wrong, he could feel it under his skin, crawling. His vision cleared as he looked down to the trapped girl. He could feel the chain around her stomach pinching against his own. He gripped two ends of the chair and ripped it in half. He growled with satisfaction as she gasped. This was…better. "Tell me you want me Riley."

She blinked up at him, trying to remember why on earth she would ever turn this down. She could feel something ebbing in the back of her mind but a power stronger than herself lulled her worry. "Take me."

Those words alone were all he needed to push his worry aside. He needed to claim his mate, it was the most demanding feeling he'd ever had.

He planted his arms on either side of her, as he gave a slow push against her entrance…

Finally. Was all he could think as he laid beside her, panting. He rolled to his side, watching he ease the air back into her lungs. She was the single most beautiful creature he'd ever laid eyes on. He kissed her forehead gently, "I knew you'd feel it." Riley heard nothing as she was already fast asleep curled up in his arms.

She felt so warm and safe as her mind began to wake. She stretched before opening her eyes then snuggled into whatever was next to her. She felt refreshed but she didn't want to open her eyes yet. Then she felt the breath on her hair. Riley opened her eyes to see the naked chest in front of her. Memories flooded back to her, along with sickened tears. She pulled herself from Cole's grasp and turned her back to him, waking him in the process. He leaned up on his arm and kissed along her shoulder, "Hey beautiful." Riley kept her back to him as she sniffed.

Cole turned her to see tears leaking from her eyes like an old sink, "What's wrong?"

Her mind panicked, a sickened feeling coursing through her as she remembered fuzzy like scenes from the previous night. She was lost, and confused, but mostly scared because she couldn't control any part of her last night. It was if she wasn't herself, but she was forced watch it like a bad movie, playing over and over. Pinned

Riley averted her eyes, "You tricked me, I don't know how you did it, and I don't even care. You ruined me."

Cole was just confused now, he thought they were past this, "I didn't do anything Riley, you started it."

She pulled herself further away from him, "You tricked me, I know it."

Cole knew already this was pointless; he'd have to prove to her animal instinct. He stood, pulling a sheet to cover his naked body. He left quickly and came back moments later, "Read this, I think you'll be more accepting afterward". He handed her a thick book and gave her a kiss which she'd tried to pull away from, "Everything you need to know is highlighted, I did it last night, hopping to slowly explain everything to you." He left her again, closing the door behind him.

She looked for her clothes, finding them useless now. She gave up and wrapped another sheet around herself and sat in a leather chair in the room. She skimmed through the pages, reading everything he'd highlighted for her. It took her a good while to finish. She had another headache by the end of it. She didn't want to believe anything she read, because that would mean that the kidnapper, this thing, was her true love. She didn't want her true love to be laid before her, she wanted to find him, and fall in love unknowingly. She needed a cigarette. She stood up slowly, feeling the ache from the morning activities.

Her feet pulled her toward the door and she opened it, "Cole?" He was in front of her in seconds. She smiled slightly, "Do you have cigarettes?"

He nodded, "Yeah, do you want one or something?"

Riley nodded back, "It'd be nice about now."

Cole came back with a fresh pack and a lighter and handed them to Riley, "Do you want to go outside with me, it's a full moon tonight."

They walked in silence for a while through the woods, enjoying the night and smoking to relax. Riley was the first to break the silence, "So has anything like me ever happened before?"

They stopped in a clearing and sat down. Cole kept a soothing hand on her thigh, "No, never. You're one of a kind Riley."

She sighed, "So what happens now? I mean, I have a life, a job, a house."

Cole closed his eyes for a moment, "You have to let that all go, everything changes."

Riley didn't want to accept that everything she knew was coming to an end, "But that's not fair, why can't we live a normal life, in the real world?"

Cole tried hard to explain, "We're not like them, they would figure it out, it's to dangerous."

Riley laid her head in his lap, "What if we never love each other."

Cole ran his fingers through her hair as he spoke, "I think we will, I've never met mates that didn't love each other."

There was that word again. Vroom. Riley closed her eyes, her heart racing, "I'm scared."

Cole didn't speak, just touched her soothingly while she rested. Riley turned on her back and looked up at him, "It's weird though, you kidnapped me and I'm suppose to just get over it all, and make "puppies" with you."

Cole laughed loudly falling back in the process. Riley climbed on top of him, "I'm serious, it's like 'pup this, pup that' in that stupid book you gave me".

Cole looked up at her as the moon light crowned her hair, "Werewolves are very sexual creatures, breeders. It's automatic for us. To answer your question from earlier, another reason we can't go out with the humans is that we need our pack. We're a bonding type, we need to socialize with our own kind."

Riley frowned, "What about me? I need my own kind too."

Cole shook his head, "You have the pack now."

Riley couldn't help but keep her frown, "Do you have to work?"

Cole shook his head, "Not like humans, our alpha deals with our human-like needs, the rest is just nature."

Riley nodded thinking, "Do we get married or anything?"

Cole's eye lit up and he smiled wide, "Something like that, it's much more than the human way."

Riley sat up a little to get a better view of Cole, "Can I see the other part of you again?"

Cole sat up with Riley tumbling back into his lap, "Any time you want."

Riley sat up and let Cole stand. Again the sound of bones breaking sounded in her ears. She watched his flesh change and fur grow. The creature of the night was once more staring into her eyes. She reached out and patted his fur, still a little afraid. He nuzzled her hand affectionately like a dog would. He pulled her up onto his back, her sheet falling in the process.

She squeaked, "My sheet!". And odd sound came from his throat, resembling a laugh.

He took off through the woods with Riley holding on for dear life. She wanted to scream, to beg him to stop, but that would ruin any chance she had for her new plan to work. The plan in which she would gain his trust, then ran for dear life.

They were back to his cabin in minutes; Riley jumped off and ran inside cursing Cole playfully all the way. Cole shifted and followed her back, "Oh come on, don't hide it!"

Riley rushed into the bedroom, seizing one of his shirts and pulling it over her bare body. The cool cotton left her shivering. She took the chance to dive onto the bed, scrambling for the comforter.

Cole laughed bounding around the corner into the room, having taken longer because he'd shifted back, "Would it help if I told you how beautiful you are?"

Riley's blushed in embarrassment; she didn't like how he gazed hungrily over her barely covered body. She pushed the thoughts from her mind, pulling a smile to her lips. "Hush, it's not funny."

Cole pulled his tight pants down leaving him in his boxers, "Is someone shy?" He circled her playfully, ready to pounce on her.

Riley smiled and sunk further into the blankets, "Maybe." Pinned, she didn't like where this was going.

Cole climbed up the bed laying on top the blankets, "How come?"

Riley turned even redder, but it gave her the chance to pull him deeper into her trap. "Last night was my first time."

Cole kissed her softly, growling tenderly against her neck as he whispered in her ear, "You're not alone in that."

She blinked a few times, finding it hard to believe. Her memories of the prior night were clear now, and there was no way that man was a virgin before her, "Not possible, no way".

Cole nodded, "Yeah, I was waiting on you."

She leaned up and kissed him deeply. Again that feeling of an old muscle car coming to life washed over her, "You're so sweet."

Cole pulled the covers over him as well and grinned, "And it's only just begun."

She felt sick pretending to be so happy like that, holding him like they were a new couple. "Fuck this is messed up, I got to get the hell out of here." Riley nearly let the tears slip away from her but caught them quickly. Hiding her moist eyes she buried her face into his side and let sleep overwhelm her over worked mind.