Never: The Birth

Chapter 19

Danny Dodger

Morning light splayed over Riley's naked body, the sheets in tatters at the foot of the bed. She could feel herself waking slowly, her nose pushing deeper into the pillows to shield her eyes from the light. She let lose a long breath, feeling the sore muscles beneath her flesh. She couldn't help the small smile that slipped onto her lips as she thought of the reasons why her muscles ached so perfectly. She rolled onto her back, eyes still shut as she stretched out, easing into awareness. She noted in her stretch Cole wasn't in the bed, and for some reason this disappointed her. She opened her eyes, giving herself a reassuring nod, Here goes nothing.

She rested on the side of the bed, her legs dangling over the side as she splayed her toes against the hard wood floor. Her arms raised high above her head as bones shifted back into place after her long sleep. She gave a satisfied groan as the tension fled away from her body. She dropped her arms to her side, glancing for something to wear. She pulled one of her many borrowed shirts that Leann had given her over her shoulders. The crisp cool feeling soothed her as she rummaged for a pair of Cole's boxers. She really needed to get clothes of her own some day.

She glanced in the mirror on her way out, straightening her hair as she ran her fingers threw the silky strands. She caught her eyes in the reflection and stood for a long moment. Her finger tips raised to brush across her swollen lips then raise to her blushing cheeks. If her appearance was an indicator of how last night went, she was sure she hadn't made a mistake. Her feet made soft patting sounds as she traced the way to the kitchen, in search of Cole. She found him cradling Mika in one arm, while spinning around the kitchen placing things on the table. His eyes locked on her the moment he faced her. He paused, waiting for something.

She knew what he was waiting for, either a burst of anger, or sign of acceptance. She sat herself at the kitchen table, tucking hair behind her ears as her wide eyes looked up to him. He went back into motion, setting a glass in front of her, before placing Mika in her arms. Her eyes caught the nervous sway of his body, needlessly making chores for himself. She could tell he'd been at it a while, the prior night this kitchen had been destroyed. Though this morning it was crisp and clean, breakfast awaiting her.

He crossed the kitchen to a pitcher of orange juice sitting on the counter, "Are you mad?"

Well he certainly wasn't wasting words on this. She watched him fill her glass, shaking her head slowly. If he was going to be blunt about this, so would she. She bounced Mika in her arms gently, "About last night? No I'm not mad at you for breaking down my walls and finally getting to me. Seeing you in pain like that… knowing I caused it, you can't image how much I realized in just those few moments".

He sat down on the opposite side of the table, passing out food onto their plates, "Are you in love with me?"

Riley paused, blinking a few times at the words. Did she? She wasn't sure to be honest. Though what mattered now was that she thought it was at least possible now. That was a huge improvement, "I don't regret anything we did last night. It opened my eyes to the possibilities, one of them being that I could very well, let myself love you".

He seemed pleased with the answer, as he nodded, chewing thoughtfully on his food. He sipped at his own glass of juice. He let the subject die, his eyes tracing over Mika's features, "Yolanda, came this morning. She left a few things for you as well as an interesting bit of information". He paused, taking another bite and chewing, "Mika is growing very fast, much like Werewolf children. She said to enjoy her size while we can because in a matter of weeks she'll be progressing tenfold".

Riley let her eyes peer down at Mika, she was in fact much larger then a normal newborn, and she looked to be about six months. She gently slides her finger down the side of Mika's cheek, cooing softly, "Sound like we're in for a crazy year".

A knock at the door pulled their attention as Cole held his hand up, motioning that he'd answer. He came back with a younger Werewolf in tow, Adam. He pulled a chair out for him, before sitting himself back down, "Plenty to eat if you want", Cole offered.

Adam slides his chair in, adjusting as he wriggled in his chair. He took a small amount of food onto his plate, picking at it as he spoke, "Yolanda asked me to be a stand-in nanny of sorts. So I'm here to help you both in whatever you need".

Riley narrowed her eyes playfully at the shy wolf, "In other words, she asked you to baby sit so me and Cole have more time to catch up".

He winced, running his hand nervously through his hair, "I'm suppose to deny any questions like that".

Cole gave a curt nod to the younger werewolf before turning his attention back to Riley, "Adam can watch Mika while we had a few pack issues this morning. There's word of a huge paranormal shift disrupting a few weeks ago. Sounds messy".

Riley finished the rest of her breakfast off, wrapping her lips with the napkin she'd placed in her lap, "I'll need to get dressed, please invite Ma, Jericho, and Leann while I get ready".

He left the dishes for Adam as he rose, turning his head to the side in question, "What for?"

Riley shrugged leaving her own plate as well as she began tracing into the living room, "Because there just as much a part of this pack as I am now. Their the closest thing I have to family and I want them included in everything, just like a normal member of the pack. Do you have a problem with that?"

He followed her back threw the living room, and down the hall into the bedroom, concern written on his features, "Well you are inviting hunters to a werewolf meeting, it seems a little anti-productive on my end"

She pulled at the loose clothing, stripping it off with absent regard as she turned to him, "I believe Ma and Jericho saved your ass, as well as gave up their homes. So I suggest you spread the word that they are official members now".

His tongue darted out over his lips at the sight of her, but forced himself to pay attention, surging with pride over Riley very Alpha like attitude during their conversation, "I guess you're taking that little speech I gave you last week to heart, mind you we're a team in this".

She faltered a step, pausing before climbing into the spray of the shower, "I didn't mean it like that, but you know as much as I do we owe our lives to them. It's only right we trust them completely and make them feel welcomed, just like they did. This is probably one of the very few decisions I'll make as an Alpha without you".

He watched as her body began to glow under the water, noticing it did that often when she came in contact with it. He leaned against the door frame, a smirk planted on his lips. His greedy eyes traced over her, proud of just how far she could push herself in such a short amount of time. She adapted remarkably faster to things now that she was immortal. He took a calming breath and leaned his head against the door jam, "Do you have any idea how remarkable you are Riley?"

She laughed under the spray of water, absorbing the gentle powers as she bathed, "No, but I figure after a few hundred years or so of you telling me it'll sink in." She couldn't help the goofy smile pulling at her lips as she finished her shower, Cole's gaze never leaving her. Before it would have set her wild with anger, but today she was happy to have him there. They'd broken past a barrier that she'd put up a very long time ago, and she was glad to watch it come tumbling down.

She turned the handles to stop the water and reached for the towel Cole offered. She smiled, patting herself dry before tracing into the bedroom to get dressed, "So this new supernatural, big good, or big bad?"

Cole gave a shrug as he watched her pull a black sweater over, and then tugged a tight fitting pair of black denims over her hips. She smiled as they easily buttoned around her waist. He could only assume she was glad the baby weight as dissipated, "No idea yet, Derrick said it spiked just before they left to help save you. Apparently there was some heavy magic's used though. They kind that only gods posses."

Riley lifted a brow as she slipped into a pair of boots she'd begged Leann to let her borrow, "Wait, we're sure that wasn't the Earth Mother laying down her mombo jumbo on me? That was at the same time wasn't it?"

Cole shook his head, a frown pulling to his face, "Not even close, whatever this was is strong enough to go off the charts. Your little trip with the Earth Mother didn't even make a blimp".

She wasn't sure why, but that made her jealous is a way, to her that entire experience had been a lot more than just a little blimp on the magical scanner. She huffed a breath, following Cole to the front deck, where he handed her a helmet to put on. She rolled her eyes, dropping it on the bench behind her, "Immortal now, and what do you mean I didn't even cause a blimp? I'm pretty bad-ass now!"

He flipped out his phone as he straddled onto the old Harley parked out front, "Consider it a good thing, because apparently everyone is looking for this new power now" He watched as Riley climb on the bike as the phone rang in his ear. A gruff Latin voice answered, "Hey, bring Jericho and Leann down to the main house", he said quickly then hung up. He revved the old bike to life, making sure Riley was holding on tight, as he zipped off down the dirt roads.

Riley climbed off first, noting most of the pack had already arrived. She waited as Cole put the kick stand down and traced to her side. She gave him a small nod before clearing her features of emotion. They walked up the stairs of a large cabin meeting hall, noise erupting as they opened the doors. The noised stopped the second they walked over the threshold. She locked eyes with a few of the wolves, nodding before continuing to the front of the meeting hall. She noted along the way her friends were sitting toward the front next to a pair of young boys who seemed nervous to be so close to them. She wanted to roll her eyes at the sight, but kept them straight forward.

Cole stood on the small raised stage next to her, eyes searching as he did a silent head count with everyone in check, minus Adam who was on babysitting duty. He cleared his throat, diving into the most controversial subject, "I'll open by saying thank you to everyone who rushed to support Riley and me in Langley. We are eternally grateful to all of you. As for the human who assisted, you've notice they took up home here in our town. It is both Riley and I's wish that they are treated as an equal member of the pact till the day they decide to leave."

He expected whispers, or maybe a few lose gasps to sound, but there was a round of clapping and he could clearly see the wolves around the humans smiling as patting them on the shoulder. He smiled as he glanced back at Riley. She gave a clean, professional smile back. She was defiantly taking this Alpha role seriously at the least. He looked back to the crowd, "Furthermore with the birth of our daughter Mika, I have resumed my station as Alpha, as well as Riley the role of female Alpha. Regardless of her species I expect each and every one of you t respect her as every female alpha prior to her. I'm sure this won't be a problem".

He paused to hear any objections, with none he continued, "Now for the pressing issue of the explosive supernatural spike. Has anyone collected any information about this?"

Derrick stood front the front row, a stack of paper in his hand, "There has been visual proof. It would seem this one comes close to home. Our maker has created a new god, to be completely clear, a Goddess"

Cole blinked a few times, trying to wrap his head around the news, "He… created a Goddess?"

Derrick nodded slowly, "Though it seems right after any trace of him disappeared completely. The woman is now being hidden by a pack of wolves in Iowa. Where they took her, no one knows. It also seems she was mortal beforehand."

Riley washed a hand down her face before stepping forward, "We need to determine is she's on our side or not. Then we need to decide to pledge an allegiance with her or not. It would seem, if what Cole told me was correct, she could be in a lot of danger. There are people searching to use her powers as we speak, right?"

Derrick gave a nod, his eyes bright with the aspect of an adventure, "That's right. She is apparently the first new God anyone's seen since the beginning. In fact, no one knew it was even possible. I agree with you, we should determine her status as an ally or enemy as soon as possible. I'll contact the Iowa pack; maybe they will answer the calls of fellow wolves."

Cole descended the stairs to shake hands with his brother, "Good work Derrick. Let us know the second you contact the Iowa pack. We need to move quickly with this one". With a few final words the meeting was over and Riley and Cole left back to the house.

Riley stood on the front porch, waiting for Cole to park his bike, "It seems we're to go on a whole new adventure together".

Cole gave a smile as he climbed the steps, his arm wrapping around her once she was in reach, "We'll have our adventure tomorrow. Tonight, I want you all to myself".

She gave a soft giggled as she locked her arms behind his neck, weaving her fingers into his hair, "I think I can deal with that Mister Alpha wolf".

He hoisted her up, reviling in her legs wrapping tightly around his waist, "Very good decision Mrs. Alpha wolf"