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I was sitting at home, watching TV and eating some breakfast in my most comfy pj's when the doorbell rang. I wasn't expecting anybody so I thought it would just be my Aunt delivering cookies or something so I didn't think to change out of my to small tank top and shorts (without a bra of course).

I went and opened the door expecting to see my Aunt's face but what I saw instead made my stomach do a flip and a blush to creep up my exposed chest to my cheeks.

There stood the object of my affections. Blake McIntyre. His dark blond hair was combed down over his for head and his deep sea blue eyes were staring with an intensity I had never seen before. His eyes swept down my body and he let out an almost pained groan.

That little noise shook me out of my shock. "Blake? What the heck are you doing here? On a Saturday morning at eleven o'clock the day after a dance?" I babbled trying to figure out why the hell he was standing on my doorstep... and how he knew how to get here for that matter.

He didn't answer me, just stood there gazing at me with the look he had gotten last night when we were dancing together. Okay, so yeah, maybe I did accidentally bump into him to see if he wanted to dance (and to see if he was drunk). Surprisingly he had grabbed me right away to start grinding and he wasn't the least bit drunk at all. We had a great time and at times I knew that he was getting pretty horny since I was pressed up against him so tightly. We had danced and talked during the slow dancing and we mercilessly teased each other during the faster songs. I sighed just thinking about it again, but then quickly came back to the present.

"Umm, Blake, are you going to stand there all day? You can come in if you want, I can just run up and change, or you can tell me what you are doing here?" I word vomited. God I need to stop talking when I'm nervous.

Instead of answering vocally, Blake walked me backwards until I was through my front door and pressed up against the wall of the entry way. He towerd over me and still without taking his eyes off mine or saying a word, he kicked the door closed behind him. At this point, I had no clue what to expect so you can guess I was pretty surprised when he bent down and softly kissed me on the lips.

Oh my God he tasted good. The kiss was long and lingering and left me begging for more, butterflies erupting in my stomach and my legs going weak. My hands came up to grab his biceps and I felt the muscles flex when I grabbed on. His hands then found there way to my hips, pushing me against the wall even more.

When that kiss was over, he nibbled my bottom lip until I opened my mouth giving him access. He slowly coaxed my tongue to dance with his own as he pressed himself up against me pinning me to the wall. He then pulled away but was quickly back, slanting his mouth over mine. I moaned softly at the sensations that were running through my veins.

When the lack of oxygen started to affect both of us, I ripped my mouth away from his and turned my head away, looking to the side. He lips never left my skin, traveling around my jaw to my ear and then down to my throat. I tilted my head to give him more access and then he found a certain spot that made me cry out softly. Blake laughed quietly against my skin and I was again brought to the question of why he was here.

"Blake? Why are you here, doing this, with me?" I asked hoarsely. His lips never left my skin as he answered. "Liz, after last night I could never get enough of you, you little tease. I couldn't stay away from you even if I tried. I had to come here, to see if you felt the same way I did." I nearly swooned.

I pulled him up from where he was still attacking my neck. I looked into those eyes I adored so much and quickly gave him a peck on the lips. I then took his hand and pulled him by the hand, deeper into my house towards my room.

I lead him in through the door and closed it behind us. I then turned towards him. "Uhh, do you want a drink or something?" I asked. He came closer and wrapped his arms around me. "No. All I want is you," and with that he pulled me into another heated kiss.

This time, I groaned loudly. Oh my God, I was kissing Blake, in my room, with no parents home. Holly shit. What am I going to do?

My thoughts got scrambled when Blake started to kiss his way down my cleavage. "Oh shit.." I said softly. He chuckled smugly, and then fastened his lips around my nipple through my shirt. He caught me as my knees gave way.

Now, I'm a big girl. I'm a plus size and proud of it because I have a lot of curves that can get me some attention (as is being displayed apparently). So I was surprised when he could lift me easily. He carried me over to my bed and lay me down climbing on top of me. He leaned his for head against mine and looked into my eyes. In his I could see a slight fear of being rejected. I smiled up at him softly and brought his lips to mine slowly. We kissed and it was the sweetest and most gentle kiss I had ever received. It was perfect.

I wound my hands into his hair as he slowly started to thrust against me. "Unnghh!" I groaned loudly the friction being delicious. He moaned too against my lips and then before I even knew what he was doing, he whipped my tang top up and over my head exposing my breasts.

Repeating his torture from before, he took a nipple into his mouth, rolling it with is tongue and biting it softly. "Shit!" I cried out, my back arching off the bed pressing his mouth onto me even further. He switched nipples and followed the same pattern and then started to suck his way down my stomach. Suddenly, I wanted skin on skin now and I pulled Blake up, yanking his shirt over his head and tossing it to the side.

I took a moment to look at his body. He was skinny but muscular at the same time producing a fabulous set of abs and making his strong arms a standout feature. There was a sparse line of dark blond hair disappearing below the waistband of his jeans, and I wanted to see where it ended.

He put his mouth in between my breasts and started to suck and kiss his way down. When he reached the top of my shorts, he slowly stroked up my legs and slipped his fingers inside the material then past the cotton of my panties. I gasped as he slipped his fingers between my folds and played with my clit. I started to squirm against him and his lips returned to mine, capturing them in a heated kiss.

He slowly sank a long finger into me. "Ohhhhh..." I ripped my mouth away from his and moaned at the feeling. This is the farthest I have ever gotten with a guy, and man was I happy it was with Blake. He slowly started to pump his finger in and out and then added a second finger while he sucked on my earlobe. I was starting to get close and I started to grind down onto his fingers. He worked his fingers faster, seeing how desperate I was.

My inside muscles started to clench around his fingers and he started to roughly rub my clit. With both of the sensations I went over the edge and Blake pressed his lips to mine, swallowing my cry. As I let the sensations flow through me, I could feel him pull his fingers out of my heat. I opened my eyes slowly, and I could see Blake looking from me to his hand and then back again. His two fingers were soaked with my essence. Slowly and surely, looking right into my eyes the whole time, he put his fingers in his mouth and sucked every last drop.

The sight was so erotic, I was dripping again. When he took his fingers out of his mouth, he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. I could taste myself on his tongue and I was so hot again that I started to rub my legs together.

We had just broke apart again when the doorbell rang and a voice started to call out "Hello! Monkey, Kathy you here?" Between me and Blake looking at each other with our eyes wide I called "Yeah I'm here Kate! I'll be down in a sec!" I looked at Blake. "Put your clothes on in case you need to make a run out the back door. It's my Aunt. She might not stay long but I have to go see her," I whispered. He nodded and I quickly shed my bottoms and undies and turned my back on Blake, putting on a pair of jeans, underwear and a random shirt I grabbed out of the closet. Blake groaned still looking at me hungrily.

I walked over to him. "How about this," I whispered quickly. "You stay here and I'll get rid of Kate as fast as I can and then I'll help with this..." I stroked my hand over the obvious tent in his jeans and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. I smiled evilly and gave him a kiss on the mouth before running out of my room and down the stairs to see Kate.

"Hey Chicky! What's going on? And why does your hair look like you just had sex?" she laughed. I laughed with her. Thank God I could act. I had completely forgot about my hair! "You know my hair always looks like this in the morning until I wash it!" I giggled. She smiled. "I would love to see what some of your guy friends would say if they saw you now!" I smiled and rolled my eyes. "What do you want so I can go and get rid of this horrible hair?" I asked playfully. She smiled back at me. "I want you to give these letters to your mom for me." She hit me on the head with them. "And don't be saucy with your Aunt! Now go get into the shower!" She gave me a kiss on each cheek and then put the letters on the table before walking out the door.

I fell back onto the counter with a sigh of relief. I then turned to look out the window at my sunny backyard gathering myself before I went upstairs. Just as I was about to head up, I pair of arms wrapped around me, rubbing my stomach and a warm mouth placed soft kisses underneath my ear. "I personally like your hair like this. It's even curlier than usual and wilder too. It's sexy." Blake said in a gravely voice into my ear.

I giggled and turned around and wrapped my arms around his bare shoulders. I kissed him softly while I ran a hand down his stomach to the trail of hair. He gasped as I lightly ran a finger on the skin under his belly button. I then turned us around so that he was the one with his back pressed against the counter.

I slowly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants and boxers until his shaft sprang free. I looked up at him and circled my hand around it. It was a good size and width, but it wasn't to big. It was the perfect size. I leaned up and pressed my mouth to his as I stared to pump his dick. He moaned deeply into my mouth and he brought his hands up to cup my face as he plunged his tongue into my mouth.

Blake got more and more turned on and he started to thrust into my hand. I circled the head of it and spread around the pre-cum that had gathered there. He ripped his mouth away from mine, throwing his head back and groaning. It wasn't until I started to play with his balls though, that he really got going. His hands gripped the counter so hard that his knuckled turned white. I could tell he was about to cum because his whole body went rigid. Then, creamy white liquid shot out of the head onto my hands.

Blake sighed contentedly and then laid his head on my shoulder and tucked his nose in behind my ear. Even though I was still pretty hot, I didn't want to bother Blake since he seemed so content. He was still lying on my shoulder so I took the opportunity to wipe my hands on my pants and then straightened Blake up.

When I had gotten his pants done up, he kissed me just underneath my ear then pulled me back towards my bedroom. "Are your parents going to be home anytime soon?" he asked lazily flopping down on my bed. I shook my head. "No, not for at least another two hours," I said. He smiled softly at me and then pulled me down onto the bed with him and took off my shirt and pants leaving me in only in my underwear. He then took of his jeans and pulled me down to lay on his chest.

"If you ever tell anyone this I will deny it... but I love to cuddle!" he said sheepishly pulling me closer to him. I laughed out loud and kissed his neck. "Believe me darlin' , I don't mind at all."

And with that we just lay there quietly.

I walked into my room drying my hair and sat on the bed. Blake was sleeping soundly, and I didn't want to wake him up since he looked so content. He was really cute when he slept.

"Blake... Blake... darlin' you have to wake up." I kissed him on the lips softly, keeping my eyes open looking for some kind of reaction. He smiled, keeping his eyes closed and and responded to my kiss. I closed my eyes as he wrapped his arms around me.

After kissing for a few minutes, I sat up a bit and looked at Blake. "Look, as much as I want you to stay, I think you should get dressed and we should go sit outside like you arrived recently, okay?" He nodded sleepily and we both got up. I grabbed my brush and ran it through my hair as I watched him get dressed. When he was done, he pulled me up from the chair and kept my hand as we went outside and sat on the front steps. It was cool even though it was such a nice day, so he pulled me against him and put his arm around my shoulder still holding my hand.

"So Liz. I should have probably asked you this before everything happened, but will you go steady with me?" he asked quietly. "God, your so old fashioned Blake!" I laughed. "Yes, of course I will 'go steady' with you," I said, smiling. "Good," he said happily. "And I like that you call me 'Liz'.You can keep calling me that," I said. "Sweet! That was my next question. I think it suits you," he said and kissed me on the head. I leaned my head on his shoulder.

"Soo... what are we going to tell your parents when they get here?" asked Blake. I thought for a minute. "I think we should tell them that were dating, and you should ask their permission even thought I'm going to say that we already are." I could feel Blake nod.

At that moment, my parents turned in the driveway. Me and Blake let go of each other and then we stood up. Mom and Dad got out of the car and faltered for a second when they saw Blake. "Umm... Mom, Dad, this is my boyfriend Blake." They both looked a bit surprised and they looked him up and down. My parents are really over-protective because my Dad is a judge and my Mom is a social worker. They know what kind of shit happens and they want to protect me from it.

Blake walked forward nervously. "Well, I would actually like to ask your permission to date your daughter," he said while reaching forward to shake their hands. "Aren't you one of Eric's friends?" asked my Dad, shaking his hand. "Yeah, I am," said Blake. "I guess you already know that our families are close," said my father. "I've herd Amy talk about you and she says that your a good guy. Alright you can date her as long as you don't hurt her and I don't see you in court. Sound good?" he continued.

"Dad! Honestly!" I huffed good naturedly. They all laughed at me. "Yes, sir!"said Blake. "Alright," said Dad. "This is my wife Kathy, and I'm Bryan. Nice to meet you Blake," he said. "Nice to meet you too," said Blake shaking Mom's hand.

"Alright, I'm going over to Blake's house now, so I'll see you guys later okay? And yes Dad before you ask his parents will be home!" And with that I pulled Blake towards his car that was parked in the driveway.

We got in and I looked over at him. "Are your parents actually going to be home?" I asked. He smirked at me. "Nope! And they won't be for a good six hours so we have all that time to ourselves. " I giggled happily and with that we drove out of the driveway.

Okay, so yeah we kind of crashed into everything on our way to his room since we were making out so much. When we finally got to his bedroom door, he pushed me up against it and hitched one of my legs up on his hip, grinding our bodies together. "Oh God..." I moaned as Blake kissed my neck. I couldn't take it anymore so I opened the door and we stumbled through since Blake still had my leg around his hip.

Seeming not to think about it, he picked me up and closed the door then pushed me up against it again. He started to push against my heat and it felt so good I purred. Blake stopped and looked at me. "Did you just... purr?" he asked. I blushed scarlet. "Umm... yes but I don't really know where it came from," I said squirming against him.

He grabbed my chin so he forced me to look at him. "Damn. You are amazing!" he said before sealing our lips together again with a sizzling kiss. He took us over to his bed and laid me down, and taking of his shirt before crawling on top of me. He helped me quickly shed my shirt and bra and then he gave me a slow, lazy kiss before kissing down to my chest.

He licked and sucked at my nipples and he lapped at the sensitive underside of my breasts. I was moaning loudly and without thought as he made circles around my belly button with his tongue before slowly dipping in. I sighed as he tugged off my jeans and panties before stroking my thighs with his big hands. He was so close to where I wanted him but it still felt like miles.

He grinned up at me and then slipped a finger inside of me. I put my head back and moaned, not seeing what he did next. He had leaned down and slowly licked at my clit while still pumping his finger and then added a second one in. God I was glad that I had randomly decided to get a brazilian just to try it. I was so close and I was jerking violently. What did it was when he pushed his fingers in as far as they would go and hummed around my clit.

"Blake!" I cried out as the pleasure washed over me. My nails digging into his shoulders, I tossed my head back and just let it consume me. I floated around for a while as he licked up everything I gave him. He then crawled up me and kissed me with hunger. "Look, if we keep going, I might not be able to stop because I want you so bad. I completely understand if you want to stop now since it's our first day together," said Blake. I looked into his blue eyes and said "Blake, that's very sweet and gentlemanly of you, but at the moment, I just want you inside of me." He groaned and leaned down to kiss me. He murmured against my lips "You don't now how long I've waited for this." I smiled and kissed him before responding "Oh, I think I do!"

We kissed hungrily, our tongues battling each other while I unbuckled his belt and pants and pushed them off his hips while he wiggled to get them off. I rolled us over and tugged his bottoms of and tossing them off the bed. I then grasped his shaft and pumped a few times before leaning down to lick from the bottom to the tip as Blake practically nearly fell off the bed he jerked so badly.

I paused to laugh at him and when he started to blush and hide his face in the pillow I leaned down and kissed his thigh lovingly. He sighed and put his fingers in my hair. I then took the tip of him into my mouth before slowly going down to take in all that I could. After about two minutes of me blowing him, he wrenched me back up to his mouth. "I'm not going to last much longer if you keep doing that," he said against my neck. And with that, he got out from under me to go into the drawer of the bedside table.

He took out a condom and a bottle of lube and put both on. He then crawled back over to me and gently lay me down. He kissed me slow and deep as he used the tip of his member to tease my clit before placing himself at my entrance.

Blake looked at me. "Are you a virgin?" I nodded. "Are you?" I asked He shook his head. "No wonder you so good at this!" I said while rolling my eyes. He laughed and then became serious. "This might hurt a bit," he said before leaning down to kiss me and pushing all the way in.

I was tensed for some huge pain but it wasn't bad at all except being stretched. I kissed him back and urged him to move. As he pulled out and started to thrust back in I ripped my mouth away from his and gasped at the pleasure running through my body. Wanting more, I wrapped my legs around his hips and dug my heels into his ass urging him to go faster and harder. He complied.

I was getting really close as I cried out gibberish. I fell over the edge as he started to rub my clit and claimed my mouth. I saw stars and all my senses were overwhelmed with Blake. He swallowed my long moan and he gave a a combination of a grunt and moan as he came right after me. I milked him for all he was worth and he collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his sweaty for head.

"Oh my God Liz, I love you!" We both froze as the words left his lips. He looked up at me and I could see that he meant it, and the fear at being rejected. I smiled softly at him. "I love you too, Blake." He smiled at me then pecked me on the lips before pulling out and discarding the condom.

He came to me then and we wrapped ourselves around each other. He laughed. "Now you have real sex hair!" I giggled. We kissed and just as I was falling asleep because he was rubbing my back, I said "I'm very glad that you couldn't stay away."

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