A/N: I know there are people waiting for Teal and the General to be updated, but I've had this story saved onto my computer for close to a year, so why not post it? Most of the chapters are already written, and a plot line is clearly documented, so anyways, enjoy the opening poem, and I promise the next chapter will begin the story. Until then, ciao!


In the moonlight shadows flicker,

dance as the wind blows through the trees.

Leaves rustle, dry and brittle

ready to fall

a flint of color

a flash of silver

something runs past

alive and ready

living their hidden life

before the sun rise.

Once again, silver light appears

trees slowly balding

leaves drifting, floating

throught the air

more silver light appears

a touch of cold

clouds cover the skies

cold breeze blows across

no rustles heard



waiting for their first coat of white softness

waiting for the land to sleep.

I hope it wasn't too bad of a poem, and anyways, I'll be seeing you all later :D