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After what seemed like an eternity, spring finally arrived. With it came a renewed sense of energy and life as the cattle started to give birth, along with very other animal Ben's family owned. James and his mother seemed to be getting closer, which resulted in more than a few awkward nights for Ben, and Ben's work got even more hectic as he had to help his mother with the animals that were giving birth, make sure there was enough game for a few days, and teaching James the basics of not getting lost in the woods. All of this motion and fast sequence of events allowed him to stop thinking about and forget, for the time being, about the odd things that happened that winter, and about the white wolf. It was not until he finally got an afternoon to himself and was lazing on his bed that he started to wonder once again about the white wolf and whether or not it was still alive in the woods. 'Might as well go take a look and see if there is anything useful out there yet,' Ben decided as he rose from his bed and put on his shoes.

"Mom, James, I'm going out for a walk in the woods," he called out before heading for the front door. "That's fine dear. Make sure to take a basket and pick whatever herbs you can find,' Ben's mother called out as Ben quickly back tracked and picked up a basket and a small shovel to take along.

Ben's P.O.V.

'Finally! Finally I had a break from the craziness of spring and life', I thought as I walked out of the house, though the swinging basket on my arms reminded me otherwise. Even though I technically had nothing more to do, I still had to pick some herbs for my mother's garden and hopefully whatever I would be having for dinner tonight. To my right, I spot the shoots of young chive and hurry over to dig up the roots and place them in the basket. Close by the chives, I spot some dandelion sprouts and go over to pick the fresh tender leaves. No need to bring the whole plant back, since it is a given that some will grow in front of the cottage every year. I spot various herbs and head deeper and deeper into the woods, following some unknown trail that only the plants themselves seem to know.

Soon, I arrive in an area that is completely unfamiliar to me. I look around helplessly, realizing I had lost myself somewhere along the way of my crazy herb picking spree. I knew I should not have gone as far as I did without any sort of a marker, yet I could not help it as I kept seeing various herbs that normally do not appear until later pop up around my path. Listening carefully, I hear the sound of running water nearby. Immediately, my mood improves from despair to something more akin to slight hope. Along side the village, there is a river which is joined upstream by a stream close to the cottage, so that meant that if I could find the water source, then I could possibly follow it and get back home. Although in the back of my head I knew the chances of my being correct was close to nothing, I decided to take the chance of being wrong and started to follow the sound of the running water.

Imagine my surprise when instead of seeing a small stream of some sort, I come across a hot spring. Not only was it unusual that there is a hot spring this far in the middle of the woods, but also because there appeared to be someone bathing in it. The person appeared to be not bulky with muscle and had long hair of some color I could not figure out. I sent a silent prayer up to whatever gods still listened to me and my ranting that this was not some important noble's daughter who would accuse me of rape and such or any woman for that matter, since no matter what, after seeing a few naked girls in the village, I did not need to see any more.

I hid behind one of the rocks in that surrounded the hot spring in a protective ring. This person had not noticed me at all and I intended to keep it that way. I looked across the spring and, to my relief, saw clear evidence that this person was not female in the least. To my horror and fascination though, the person appeared to be sporting a grand erection and was on his way to get rid of it. I watch as the man played with his nipples, pinching the nubs, while alternating between stroking his erection and fondling his balls and moaning the most seductive sounds. These sounds sent jolts straight to my groin and sooner than I would have thought, I was also sporting a major boner. I discreetly dropped my pants and started to massage at my crotch while watching this stranger.

I watched his actions closely and copied the movements on myself, imagining that it was his hand playing with my nipples, balls, and dick. I saw him wet his hands and stroke his dick all while gasping and moaning in pleasure. Looking around, and seeing no one watching me, I quickly stuck my hand in the water, surprised by the warmth of it, and stroked my dick in the same rhythm as this stranger. Needless to say, the feeling was much better with wet hands as opposed to dry ones. I watched in curiosity as he inserted some of his pinky finger into his pee slit, which only caused him to groan and writhe around with more intensity. Deciding that it looked pleasurable enough, I also gave it a try. To say I was shocked by the amazing, but odd feeling would be more than just an understatement, it completely caught me off guard that an area that I pee out of would be so sensitive when I was erect.

I couldn't help but groan at the pleasant feeling coursing through me. This person seemed to not notice the small noise at all, so I felt as though I no longer needed to be as careful, and started to get louder as I kept imitating this stranger. His one hand was stroking faster along his dick while his other left the slit, only to wet itself in the water and start to creep towards his ass hole. The fingers seemed to be teasing something as they probed around. Much to my shock, he actually entered himself with his own finger. I was too scared to imitate at first, but watching his facial expressions –bliss, slight pain, and then just utter bliss- the temptation to copy was too great and my own hand started to so the same. At first, all I felt was a burning pain as my finger entered, no matter how much water was on my finger, the pain was still there, a burn that seemed to rip through me. I stopped and just observed this man, his fingers seemed to be digging around for something, and as soon as his hand's angle was right, he was once again moaning as one hand pumped four fingers in and out of his hole while the other stroked his dick faster and faster. I shut my eyes and drew up the courage to try again, this time making sure to go slow and try to have my hand imitate his angle.

Once my first finger was all the way in, I started to feel around the walls, until something weird bumped my fingers. It felt hard against the smoother inner walls, and when I added a small amount of pressure, I suddenly felt pleasure shoot through my body. This made the pain turn into something more akin to a dull ache in the back of my mind, and the rest of my fingers were more than ready to join my first. I opened my eyes just in time to see the stranger cum and watch the white ropes of his essence shoot through the air and hit the water, while his eyes were shut, mouth open, and head tossed back in complete ecstasy. This image stayed with me as my own fingers pumped faster in and out of me, hitting that weird area almost every time, causing continuous pleasure to assault my senses, while my other hand continued to vary the pressure on my dick, bring me closer and closer to the edge. Going over that edge, I let out a long and loud moan.

By this time, I totally forgot the stranger was so close to me, until I felt the sun light blocked out of my face by an unknown shadow. Nervously, I opened my eyes, and right in front of me was the stranger. He didn't say anything, but rather just let out a loud growl and glared at me. Now, fear had kicked in, and I was nervously backing away with my pants still around my ankles.

The strangest event happened, one moment the handsome stranger was in front of me, the next, his body was blurring up and then there was a white wolf there instead. Its eyes started at me, and that finally snapped me out of my stupor. Hurriedly, I pulled up my pants, turned around and started to run as fast as I can. The snap of a twig behind me let me know that the wolf was giving chase.