Shooting Stars

If wishing hard

On shooting stars

Could take the pain away

I'd raise my voice

And make some noise

In hopes of a better day

Because all these scars

Remind me

Of who I really am

And days have passed

But you find me

Hiding what I can


Is my signal fire

Telling me I'm wrong

To want to forget

My lifetime debt

That I've owed all along

You were my savior

From the dangerous behavior

That tore my life apart

And I often fought

The very thought

Because it broke my heart

But now you're gone

And the time is withdrawn

To tell you how I feel

I loved you then

I love you still

But reality is so unreal

Although I can't believe my eyes

And this is the truth that I despise

Because life is not ideal

You are gone

And I am here

But I'll never let you go

Although it seems I've moved on

I'll never fail to remember

And I want you to know…

That I love you