He killed her, plain as that

Took her life into his hands

smothered it, then burned the rest

well almost it didn't really work as planned

She was found in pieces

rolled in a burnt section of carpet

Gunshot wounds and worse than that

How terrible a person do you have to be

To be so brutal to someone like she was

She worked, she played, she loved, she lost

Did the right thing more often than not

What was going through his mind I wonder

Did he enjoy it? He must have

Sadistic doesn't quite explain this deed

The devil himself turned his head that day

The Ruby we knew has lost her shine

she doesn't come out anymore in the daylight

Her ghost is said to haunt that place

Where the death occurred that afternoon

I believe it too, for I have seen her

Solemn is she silent to all

All except for me

I have seen her pacing the floors

Heard her cries for the breath she lost

She rants about something

I don't ever really get all she says

She isn't really all together these days

But I listen all the same

In life she was my friend

In death why should that change?