Halting memories played out

On tarnished movie screens

As her battered fingers danced deftly over the keys,

Eliciting a bittersweet melody

The ivory as worn as the heart that played it

And with one strangled note

And sharpened string

The chords collapsed, and echoed with a ring

And in the deafening silence, a smile graced her lips

Like malice

Spread across a child's lips

And her image in the mirror was distorted

She saw the monster

Reflected in her tears

That rotting form – the culmination of her fears

Bound and trapped by rusty chains

Of thirsty infestation, and what it claimed

And with her parting breath, she said goodbye

And dropped herself, one final, faithless dive

And there she was,

Hung prettily by the window
Fresh white curtains
Swaying by her side

Bathed in the red of the setting sun

Bathed in the blood of her transgressions

But death forgets

And time forgives all sins