25 Reasons

By Justine C.


"Give me twenty-five days," said Roy. His brown eyes looked almost pleading. "I just want to explain myself, Jaycee." For a moment he was a nervous but honest boy, but the next second he was a mere adult in a business suit.

She held her coffee cup and stared at him for the longest moment. Jaycee had a poker face on, but deep inside her emotions were caught in a blender. She wanted to kill him, to kiss him, to yell at him, to keep staring at him…

Why should I give you twenty-five days? Jaycee thought fiercely. She scowled at her coffee like it had done her all the wrong in the world. You left me crying in the rain on the last day of school.

I thought I loved you. Jaycee closed her eyes and smelled the aroma of her tall Americano, still frowning. You had my heart in your hand and being the ass you've become, you squished it and dropped it on the floor.

"Just give me a chance to at least say sorry." His words penetrate my thoughts and Jaycee felt irritated.

"Why the heck do you need twenty-five days to say sorry?" She demanded.

Roy smiled, but it was not fixed and phony. It was a quiet and tired smile, and it was something Jaycee didn't see in a very long time. Honestly, it was one of the things she missed.

One of the things she loved.

One of the 25 reasons why she loved him.

Jaycee looked at him and her look softened. Any passer by at that moment would just see a serious lady and a tired businessman sitting at a coffee table, but Jaycee somehow saw more than that.

She looked at the glass display of the store beside the coffee shop and saw their faint reflections. Instead of seeing two adults, she saw two children. It brought back floods of memories that she tried to suppress for so long.

"Alright, Roy, you get your twenty-five days."