You introduced me to somebody ….

Somebody I never knew.

She was happy, smiling and hopeful.

She was also scared and hurt,

She had no clue what to do.

She had never believed in love before thought it was just a word.

You taught me something………….

You taught me rumors are rumors.

Things that don't stand a chance.

You taught me how to be myself.

Something I was never able to do.

Something I tried to hide.

You taught me how to trust a task I never learned.

Most of all you taught me how to love.

Then I ruined it all……

I let people get to me.

I let you slip away.

I hurt you and wrecked you.

Something that will never heal and, that's a big deal!

I hurt the person I cared for most destroying us and hurting us both.

Crying for you still hasn't stopped.

Missing you will never end.

For I love you too much to lose…..

I just don't know what to do……

Do you love me too?