'Be careful to whom you give your heart because when you give your heart to someone,
you're not only giving that person the right to love you back but also the power to hurt you.'

I raised myself on my toes and scanned the crowds of students, looking for Jess. Finally, I caught sight of her blonde locks, and I ran up to her.

"Hey, I've been looking for you everywhere!" I exclaimed as a smile forced it's way onto my face. It was a feeble attempt to ignore the annoyance I was succumbing to.

"Hey, Macy... oh, sorry, Kayla was crying in the girls' loos, I didn't want to leave her in that state." Jess sighed. I gasped slightly.

"Why would Kayla be crying? Unless I mean Jack broke u-..." I stopped talking when I saw her expression and my jaw dropped slightly, "that jerk!' I finished. I was nearly yelling by now.

"I know right? It's disgusting. Hey, have you seen Sophie?" she wondered.

"Well I saw her in the Music department earlier." I shrugged. Jess nodded and motioned for us to walk, so we did.

We headed down the corridors, chatting quietly. That was until someone crashed into my arm, knocking me off balance and making me drop my books. I groaned and bent down to pick up my stuff, I hadn't even seen who it was. I ran a hand through my hair, pushing it out of my eyes. Tyler Harris stood above me, his arms across his shoulder and his expression smug.

"You did that on purpose." I hissed, whacking him on the arm slightly, although he didn't really seem to be too affected by my outburst.

"Me? Never!" he mocked.

I raised my eyebrows, before muttering sarcastically, "Get a heart, Harris."

I started walking around him, but he was a few inches taller than me, so he had easily blocked my path with one swift movement. I sighed and looked up at him. I held back the thoughts that were running through my mind, not even sure why I was thinking them. I was thinking about the sparkle that played in Tyler Harris' dark eyes. His caramel coloured hair played around his eyes, and he grinned further when he saw that I was staring at him. I flashed out of my imagination and diverted my gaze to the floor.

"See ya' around, Samuels."

I hated Tyler Harris with a passion. He was so obnoxious that it made me sick. He thought he could breeze through school easily, and with a click of his fingers, he would have girls sprawled around his feet.
When it came to me though, I had never been a 'follower' of his. In fact, we were enemies. As much as I wanted to deny it though, one of the main things that I came to school for was insulting Tyler.

"What was that all about?" Jess asked me as soon as Tyler was out of hearing range.

"He's a stuck up guy." I replied bitterly. I stared at Jess for a moment and she raised her eyebrows. I sighed and turned to walk off in the other direction. I didn't look back.

As soon as I reached my next lesson, English, I immediately regretted acting like that towards her. Jess and I had been best friends since we were toddlers. Kayla Burns, Sophie Hayes and Jessica Bridges were my closest friends in this place I call a hell hole, otherwise known as school. I didn't usually have outbursts, but sometimes things just got too much for me... and the way Tyler acted didn't help the situation at all.

I sat down at my seat and started doodling in the back of my English book, resting my head on my left hand.

"Recovered yet?" A deep voice muttered, and I turned slowly to see Tyler sitting beside me. I smacked my head slightly and placed a mocking smile onto my face.

"Of course, I wouldn't want to linger over you for too long." I replied sarcastically, turning my smile into one of mockery. He laughed slightly and shook his head, eventually bringing his gaze back to mine.

"Samuels, I saw the way you looked at me." He stated, his voice surprisingly soft. I flinched at his words slightly, but told myself that I had to keep a strong face.

"Oh, that must have been when I was looking for something in you that was genuine, silly me!" I tried to sound like my usual self – sarcastic and cheery – but now I noticed the way he looked at me, and it did strange things to my self confidence. I had meant what I'd said... I just may have not mentioned that I was also admiring him a tad as well.

"Stop kidding yourself... Samuels." He said my surname with his voice sounding slightly different... something I didn't recognise.

"I wasn't... Harris." I replied, trying to replicate the way he had same my last name. Although I had no idea what the emotion behind his tone was, I was willing to chance it. I just had to prove to him that he had met his match, and I wasn't going to give in and let him win.

He opened his mouth to reply, but he was interrupted when the teacher walked in, so he sighed slightly and turned around to face the front of the classroom. I smirked, grateful for the curtain of hair that had fallen by my face and stopped Tyler from seeing my expression.

"Alright class, listen up!" Mrs. Gibbons yelled, her voice filling the room. Immediately, the room hushed up, and we all looked at her in bewilderment and waited for her to continue speaking. When she didn't say anything, I heard Tyler shuffled slightly beside me.

"Well?" He called nonchalantly.

"Oh, right... I was going to say that I'm giving you all a project to work on." I heard a few sniggers in the back of the room, but I just stared blankly at Mrs. Gibbons.

"Is that it?" I muttered, clearly not impressed.

"Well... yes." I couldn't help but stifle my laugh and I shook my head slightly.

"What's the project then?" I asked again. She smiled politely, but her smile seemed like it had hidden meanings, which made me feel uncomfortable.

"It's a surprise... I'm going to tell you next lesson!" She squealed and a huge grin fixed itself on her face. Tyler's laugh caught me off guard and I jumped slightly at the sound of it.

"Then this was pretty much pointless." He mumbled bluntly, although his voice still sounding humoured. He ran a hand through his hair and I gasped slightly at the strange sensation that overwhelmed me.
After a moment, my head was clear again and my eyebrows creased. This was not right. I had known Tyler Harris since I was five years old and he had pushed me over in the playground, and I had hated him ever since.

"Can you believe her?" He asked me, his eyebrows raised as he motioned to Mrs. Gibbons over by her desk.

I looked awkwardly over to where she was standing. A small smile crept its way onto my face as I saw the puzzled expression on her face as she tried to work the computer.

She was only in her early thirties, but her cluelessness didn't do her any favours, believe me. She had bleached blonde hair, with dark eyes. She was wearing a short black skirt with a white blouse tucked inside it, and a bright pink leather bag resting delicately on the overly sized chair, which she should be sitting on.

Just then, I remembered that Tyler had asked me a question, so I cleared my throat and replied, "I think she's completely lost it." I shook my head, fiddling with my dark brown hair.

A chuckle formed in Tyler's throat and he looked at me, an amused expression on his face. My mind wondered until his dark eyes met my own dark ones. I pulled my gaze away and furrowed my eyebrows, diverting my view to anywhere but back at him.

Out of nowhere, the bell rang. I looked around the room, confused, as everyone started gathering their things.
I looked up at the clock and saw that it was the end of the lesson; I wondered how it had gone by so quickly without me even noticing.
Not to mention that Mrs. Gibbons had been on the computer the whole lesson. She had told us to look through our books and make sure all our work had been completed. Pfft, yeah right... like anyone was actually going to do that.

I placed all my books into a pile and pulled them up into my arms, trying to balance them skilfully.

"Wanna' hand?" Tyler asked. I turned to look at him briefly. He was leaning against the wall watching me carefully, his eyebrows raised.

"Not from you." I hissed, brushing past him and storming into the hallway.

I didn't want help from him. I never would. I hated him. I think.

The other lessons had gone fairly quickly, they were as boring and un-educational as any other day at Clarington High.

I made my way into the Canteen and looked around awkwardly. Just then, I saw Sophie wave to me from a table at the back of the room, so I hurried over to the big, round table and pulled up a chair, sitting down.

"Hey." Sophie stated, a smile forming on her face.

"Hello!" I grinned. She laughed slightly. For the first time I noticed Kayla sitting beside her, with her head in her hands. My eyebrows creased and I looked back up to Soph, motioning to Kay. She shrugged slightly, so I turned back to Kayla.
I remembered then what Jess had said about Jack breaking up with her, and I changed my tactics. Jack and Kayla had been dating for about five months, and I thought their relationship had potential... shows how good I am about predicting things, huh.

"Kay." I said softly, rubbing her back softly. She looked up, her mascara smudged around her brown eyes and her auburn hair slightly ruffled. I put an apologetic look on my face and reached forward, enveloping her in a hug.

"Guys!" Jess screeched, running over to our table and coming to my chair, nudging me slightly so that I would budge and then sharing my chair. I placed my arms across my chest and raised an eyebrow at her.

"Is there something wrong with your hands?" I said sarcastically. Jess looked at me, puzzled.

"Huh?" She was definitely a blonde.

"Is there something wrong with your hands that prevents you from, oh, I don't know... getting your own chair!?" I yelled the last bit, pushing her off of my seat. For a seventeen year old, she was surprisingly light.

"Hey!" She whined, trying to squeeze back onto my chair – I wouldn't move.

Finally, she gave in and found another chair, and I smiled, satisfied.

"So... you were saying?" I asked casually, as if we had never even had the fight over the chair.

"I was going to say tha-..." she began, her voice trailing off slightly as she stared at something behind me. I waved hand in front of her face, trying to snap her out of her little bubble. Eventually, she came back into reality and looked back at me with her eyes wide open.

"What happened to you?" I muttered, a hint of sarcasm in my tone.

She leaned forward slightly, trying to seem subtle about it, and placed her elbow on the table, using her hand to cup her mouth as she whispered into my ear.

"Tyler Harris is staring at you."

I smiled slightly. She thought that was a big deal? I didn't care if he was looking at me. I hope he got a nice view, it didn't bother me. What bothered me was the fact that I was missing out on potentially good gossip from Jess so that she could tell me that a jerk was staring at me.

"I really couldn't give a damn." I replied bluntly, shrugging.

"Are you kidding?" She gasped, her mouth hung open.

"No." I sighed.

"Oh." She said, sitting up straight and scratching her head as though something astonishing had just happened, but she didn't quite understand it.

"But he's cute." She giggled, leaning back down so she could whisper.

"And he's obnoxious." I diverted my gaze to my bottle of water that was in front of me – I wasn't feeling hungry today. I randomly started twirling the bottle in my hands.

"And I think he likes you." She added. I didn't even try to stifle the laugh that escaped my lips, loud and clear.

"Yeah right, we hate each other, Jess." I wiped my eyes dramatically, as though it was so funny that I had cried – believe me though, I was close to that point.

Jess sighed just as dramatically and cupped her chin in her hand, gazing adoringly at Tyler to see if she would get a reaction out of me. I just shook my head and turned to Kayla.

"Hey, it will be okay, you know." I said sympathetically.

She nodded weakly before saying, "I hope so."

I turned again to see what Sophie was up to, only to find that she was no longer sitting at our table. She was sitting a couple of tables away... a table full of guys – typical Soph.

I had no choice but to turn back to Jess. She was still gazing at Tyler, but the look in her eye was a little bit more distant than usual. I shrugged and stood from the table. It was too depressing here. I looked down at Jessica again, and she was now looking up at me, a questioning look in her eyes.

"It's too boring in here; I'm going to go back to my locker and then the library or something." I smiled. She nodded and I hurried to the exit of the canteen. Before I walked completely out of the door though, I chanced a look back, wanting to see the object of Jess's stares.

Tyler was sitting at a lunch table casually, all the other seats taken up with the schools 'golden girls'. In other words, the populars'.

I wouldn't say that I wasn't popular, because I was... ish.
My little friendship group – me, Jess, Kayla and Soph – was considered the second lot of 'golden girls', as we call them.

I laughed slightly as I stood watching Tyler. He was so typically himself. I knew that it didn't make sense, but it did.
He was exactly what I said he was, an obnoxious jerk who thought he could have any girl he wanted with the click of his fingers.

Yeah... well, anyone but me.

I slammed my locker shut, only to be greeted by a heart attack. Tyler leant against the locker next to mine, grinning enthusiastically. He had scared the life out of me when I saw him.

"What do you want?" I sighed. I wasn't in the mood for his games; I just wanted to go home. For some reason, seeing him at lunch with all those girls surrounding him had done strange things to my mood.

I slung my bag over my shoulder and crossed my arms by my chest, sighing.

"Aw, don't be like that Macy." He mocked. I restrained the urges to scream in his face.

"Just get to the point." I said through gritted teeth.

His grin grew bigger. "I just wanted to say bye."

"Bye." I replied bluntly, turning around and heading towards the school's exit. I didn't particularly think that he would give up that easy, it's not his sort of thing.

He caught up to me, and was replicating my speed so that he was at the same pace as me.

"Hey, Mace." He mumbled, reaching forward to grab my arm. I sensed it coming and shook him off before he had even touched me.

He was still beside me though, so I stopped walking suddenly, and spun around, shocked to find him so close. I could smell the rich scent of his aftershave.
I suddenly felt awkward, so I stepped back hurriedly and ran a hand through my hair, pushing it out of my eyes like I generally did when I was nervous.

"Why are you nervous?" Tyler asked, his eyebrows furrowed. Oh, what? Could he read minds as well now?

"I'm not nervous." I defended, trying to sound as convincing as I could. Unfortunately for me, this wasn't convincing enough.

"You are... I know you are. You always do that with your hair when you're nervous." I froze and stared at him for a moment. How did he know that? I tried my best to stay away from him at all times.

I hesitated for a moment, slightly freaked out. "Just stay away from me." I muttered, my eyes never reaching his. I turned away from him and practically ran down the corridor.

I had reached the bus stop, and I pulled out my mobile and selected Jess's number. I waited for her to answer, tapping my foot on the ground lightly.

"Macy?" She asked, her voice baffled.

"Yeah, Jess, it's me." I clarified.

"Oh okay..." She replied awkwardly.

I diverted my gaze from the floor and spoke into the phone. "Yeah..."

"Look, I'm not being funny or anything, but what the hell do you want?" She said bluntly. I stifled a laugh at agitated way she said it.

"I just wanted to ask you a question..." I began. I could sense her eyebrow raising, even though I couldn't see her.

"Am I predictable?" I wondered.

"What do you mean?" She asked, her voice still puzzled. I mentally hit my head with my fist.

"I mean... well, what do I tend to do when I'm nervous?" I thought I would drag it out, instead of just going for it. At least this way, her answer would not be biased; it would be what she honestly thought.

"That's easy! You always push your hair out of your eyes." She said nonchalantly, although it was really obvious. I placed a hand on my hip and raised my eyebrow.

"Okay, thanks... bye." I mumbled, hanging up before I could hear her response.

Was I really that predictable? I was suddenly engulfed in guilt. I felt bad for running off on Tyler so quickly.
Then again, I had absolutely no idea why I was even caring about if he felt bad or not.

I sighed, walking straight past the bus stop and deciding to just walk home. It would give me some time to think. About what exactly? I have no idea.

By the time I eventually got home, I was ready to just put my feet up and relax, but as soon as I walked in the door, I was surrounding with shouting and moaning, coming from all directions.

I felt a weight barge into my legs, and I looked down in surprise to find Olivia, my three year old sister, clinging tightly onto my legs.

"Hey, Liv." I muttered softly, reaching down and picking her up, sliding her onto my hip. Her face immediately enlightened and she grinned cheekily.

I glanced briefly down the corridor, checking to see if my Mum and Dad were there. From what I could hear, they were in the kitchen, arguing as usual.

"Macy, I don't like shouts." Liv said, pouting.

"No, neither do I." I replied, trying to ease her with my quiet voice instead of the loud ones in the background.

"Can we go up now?" She asked sweetly. How could I say no to her? I scurried up the stairs, Liv still on my hip, and walked into my bedroom, chucking my school bag on the floor. I sat her on my bed and she smiled gratefully.

"Don't look." I said, poking my tongue out at her. She raised both her hands and covered her eyes. I smiled as I changed out of my uniform and into some grey tracksuit bottoms with a dark purple tank top.

She uncovered her eyes and smiled. I switched the telly on and told her that I would be right back.

I dawdled out into the hall, and coincidentally the doorbell rang. I rushed down the stairs yelling, "I'll get it!"
I pulled open the door with a smile on my face, but the smile soon disappeared when I saw Tyler standing in the doorway.

"What do you want?" I asked, my voice sour.

"A simple 'hello' would have done." He stated sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and practically repeated my question.

"What are you doing here?" I kept my voice firm.

"Mrs. Gibbons found me, like straight after you left. She gave me this sheet and said I had to show you..." He said. I looked at him for a moment. There seemed to be a mischievous glow in his eyes.

"Why did you have to show me? I could have gotten it off someone else." I mumbled suspiciously.

"Well, we are partners in this project." He grinned.

"You're kidding... please tell me you're just kidding?" I begged, my sentence sounding like a question.

"Nope." He popped the 'p'.

"I never did like Mrs. Gibbons." I muttered under my breath. Tyler heard and laughed silently. I glared at him for a moment.

"So... can I come in?" He asked, gesturing to my house.

"No." I replied without hesitating, shaking my head vigorously.

"Why not?" He asked, his eyebrows were creased.

I heard a small thump upstairs and I spun around, staring up the staircase.

"One second." I exclaimed, hurrying up the stairs.

I pushed open my bedroom door and gasped. Olivia was on the floor, surrounded by work books and CD's and practically everything in my room. Currently, she was continuously throwing my phone against the wall.

I gasped and ran to her, snatching the phone from her and gazing at it sympathetically. Poor phone, what a tragic end to a life.

"Liv!" I yelled.

"Macy?" Tyler's voice echoed. I ran out of my room for a moment, peering my head around the banister and watching Tyler carefully as he stood awkwardly at my doorstep with his hands in his pockets.

"What?" I hissed. He flinched slightly, looking around for where my voice had appeared from. I looked at the floor for a moment, and grabbed a small pink slipper, one of Olivia's. I shrugged slightly before throwing it powerfully down the stairs. Luckily, it hit Tyler on the head, and he gasped, staring at me. I smiled a little too nicely, and his stare turned into a glare, which only made me smile more. Things were so much better when we were arguing.

"Are you going to let me in or am I going to stand out here all day?" He asked, shaking his head.

I placed an innocent expression on my face as I hurried down the stairs, and stood at the door.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" I stuttered sarcastically, making sure I sounded over dramatic. I turned my smile instantly into a straight face and I slammed the door shut in his face.

Once his good looks and charm were no longer in my sight, I replaced the frown with my grin. Just then, I remembered the bomb site that was my bedroom – thanks to Liv.

I ran up the stairs, taking two at a time and shoved open my door. For the first time I took in my room. The beige walls had crayon marks smothering them. The light carpet equally messed. All my photos that were covering the wall that my bed was beside were ripped or vandalized. Surprisingly, my bed was the only thing not ruined. I slowly turned to glare at Liv. She was looking up at me, her dark eyes wide and her light hair hanging innocently around her shoulders.

I gritted my teeth and pointed to the door. She understood what I meant and trudged out.

I sighed, sitting myself on my bed and placing my head in my hands. Most people, in this situation, would tell their parents and get their sibling in trouble. Then their parents would fix the problem and get everything sorted. But not mine. I could still hear my Mum and Dad arguing downstairs.

Before I could stop myself, I felt a droplet slowly fall down my cheek. I rubbed my eyes thoroughly, desperate to make sure another tear would not escape.

Someone knocked on the door several times, and then rung the doorbell at least three times as well. I sighed again, rising from my bed and traipsing down the stairs, finally reaching the door. I pulled it open, rubbing my eyes once again.
I looked up to see Tyler still standing at the door, his arms wrapped tightly against his chest and his eyebrows deeply furrowed.

"Were you crying?" He questioned me, gesturing towards my face. I turned my head, embarrassed.

"No." I shrugged, trying to seem natural. I knew my voice had sounding too guilty, though.

"Mace." He muttered, his eyes low. I looked up in shock. Tyler never called me 'Mace'. It was always either 'Macy' or 'Samuels'.

"Why did you call me that?" I snapped suddenly, surprised with myself at how I had spoke without thinking... it wasn't like me.

"It's your name..." He replied, his tone suspicious. I felt the need to explain what I had meant.

"No, I mean why did you call me 'Mace'?" I added.

A look of understanding flashed on his face, before it was replaced with one of confusion... again.

"Am I not allowed to call you that then?" He said.

I shrugged. "I don't really care what you call me."

"Okay then." He mumbled with his eyebrows raised.

"So, what do you want...? Ty." I stated, sarcasm clear in my voice.

He stifled a laugh and shrugged, taking his hands out his pockets and leaning against the door frame.

"I thought we could talk about the project... but you didn't answer my question, were you crying?" He asked.

I flinched slightly and diverted my gaze awkwardly to the floor.

"So what if I was?" I snapped defensively.

He raised his hands, professing his innocence. "Whoa, calm down. I was just wondering."

"Well... don't." I hesitated. I had to admit, that comeback was pretty weak. I must have been losing my touch.

He sighed. "Well I'm not going to ask again, so I'm coming in." He told me. He stepped forward, walking into my house. I hadn't told him he could. I didn't want him in my house.

I flinched back slightly, raising my hands to stop him from coming inside. My hands rested on his chest and I looked up into his dark eyes. He was staring at me, waiting for some kind of reaction.

I stared at my hands in amazement. I felt as though electricity had just jolted throughout my body when we had touched, and I caught a gasp in my mouth.
I looked up at Tyler, frowning. I slowly removed my hands.

"I...I-I'm sorry." I stammered. I nudged him backwards, trying to avoid too much physical contact, and shut the door hurriedly. I leant against the door and sighed, collapsing to my knees. Why was everything in my life so complicated?

I woke up to a loud beeping and I glared at my alarm clock in disapproval. Slowly and grudgingly, I pulled back my covers and made my way into the bathroom.
I had a quick shower, grateful for the time it allowed me to relax.

I climbed out and wrapped a pale cream towel under my arms, walking casually into my bedroom. I gathered together my school uniform and got dressed.

I ran my fingers through my long, dark hair and ruffled it as the hairdryer blew the strands in multiple directions.
When my hair had finally dried, I hurried downstairs and ran out the door, without even a goodbye to my family.

I leant against the brick wall by my house and waited patiently for Jess. After a few minutes, her dark red car pulled up, and she leant across the front seats to push the door open for me. I climbed in with a smile.

"Thanks!" I muttered, clipping my seatbelt into place.

"No problem, you in?" She asked, gesturing to my seatbelt. I nodded to her, and she put the car into gear and we made our way towards our school.

The car journey took about ten minutes, but eventually, Jess pulled into the parking lot. I opened my door and stepped out, brushing my hair out of my face as the wind continuously forced it there.

I slammed the door shut and looked around. It was quite a sunny day, the blue sky fresh and the ground vibrant.
I lifted my gaze, a smile planted on my face, only for my eyes to be met with the dark eyes of Tyler Harris. I rolled my eyes and turned to catch up with Jess, but he ran towards me, matching my pace in identical strides.

"What do you want, Harris?" I sighed, turning to look at him but not slowing my step.

"I wanted to talk to you." He said smugly.

I stifled a laugh. "Yeah... okay, sure. Now what do you really want?"

"We need to do the project." He smiled. I caught my breath suddenly when he smiled, and my heart beat sped up slightly. My eyebrows creased and I diverted my gaze from him.

What was happening to me? Why was I feeling like this? I had to get away from him, I didn't like what he was doing to me.

I increased my pace, only for him to meet it almost instantly. He reached out to grab my arm, but I shook him off and turned around. I didn't want to, but I had to hurt his feelings. What I said next turned into a rant.

"Look, I really don't want to have to do this project with you. I think you are an obnoxious jerk who uses people and thinks he can have any girl he likes by a click of his fingers. I don't want to have anything to do with you, so leave me alone."

He froze and stared at me, his expression blank but his eyebrows creased. I immediately regretted saying that. Maybe I had gone one step too far.

"Is that how you feel?" He asked, hurt obvious in his voice.

I flinched slightly, not wanted to say what I had to. "Yes."

"Fine..." He muttered, his voice shaky. He met my gaze for an instant, before turning around and heading off down the hallway.

"Don't hate me, please?" I called after him, my voice echoing down the corridors. I doubted that he had even heard it.

For some reason, I felt my heart sink slightly.

I didn't want him hating me.

Now, I felt even worse than what I had when we were talking.

I felt bad that I had been the one to hurt him.

Did he hate me?

Thinking that did funny things to me.

My heart starting beating loudly and I looked around to see if anyone could hear it.

No one was looking.

I stared at the spot he had disappeared from, frozen in my spot.

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