This is a story about a good girl who gets together with the assumed "bad boy" of the school because of an English assignment. They have to dodge her up tight parents and get past their differences. How will their relationship pan out? Bad Summary….

Authors Note!

This is my newest story. I started writing it for the November Novel Writing Month where you write a novel by the end of November. I didn't finish it in time but I'm still writing it. Please review and I'll take constructive critism as well. I hope you enjoy!!

Chapter One: Xander and Elena

The sound of Cecilia Ortega's shrill, demanding voice was the first thing I heard that morning. I groaned and rolled over, pulling a pillow over my head. Then my door was opening—rather loudly I might add. "Elena Jodynne Ortega! Get out of bed now. You're going to be late for school." I rolled my eyes and sat up.

"Being less than half an hour early is not late, Mother. It's merely not as early." I explained but pulled myself out of bed and walked to my rather large closet. She stood in my door way a moment longer before following me in. She liked picking my outfits for me, always thinking she was helping. Today it was a blue button up shirt and fitted jeans. I reluctantly put them on as she walked back into my bedroom. No doubt she would do my hair as well.

"There's nothing wrong with being early, Lena." She continued, sitting on my bed with a brush in her hand. I didn't argue. I sat next to her obediently and let her pull my hair back into an acceptable bun. She then picked out a silver chained necklace and matching earrings to go with it. The whole look was topped off with comfortable sneakers. I sat by my vanity and put on what little make up I ever wore and grabbed my things. "You're father had to head to work earlier than he thought. Some emergency case he had to take care of right away." I sighed, knowing what that meant. My mom was still naive but I knew the truth of the cliché. My dad was having an affair with his secretary. He was a lawyer named Gabriel Ortega and a damn good one. He was always at work so one day I brought him lunch and found his secretary—Laura Michaels—sitting in his lap. I barely talk to him now but I never told my mom. "I'll be taking you to school today. All ready?" She finished and I nodded silently.

I didn't say good bye as I got out of the car. It was 6:45 and she was complaining. She always made me show up at 6:30 every morning. I argued for a while because the late bell didn't ring until 7:10 and most people didn't show up until 7 o'clock. She ignored me by saying I wasn't going to school for my friends, I was going to study. So I ended up in the library or my homeroom for half an hour. It was rather lonely.

Fortunately today I was late and my friend was early. She stood outside the school doors with a cup of coffee in each hand and a big smile plastered on her face. Her name is Aurora Locke and she's been my best friend since first grade. She had a very different lifestyle and personality but our diversity made us click in all the right ways. I put my hands over my heart as I approached her.

"Oh my god, you are a saint." I said as I took the coffee from her. She grinned and flipped back her dark hair.

"I know it." She said and we walked together through the school doors, arms linked at the elbows. She was dressed much more drastically with a pair of black skinny jeans tucked into knee high black boots and a red tank top covered with a black lace top. She had a "rebellious" sort of look about her that I loved. I always sort of wished that my parents were as freeing as hers and allowed me to dress in such a way. She walked with so much more confidence than I did and I envied her every step. She went to homeroom with me although her homeroom was upstairs with Mr. Craine and we sat down to talk. As I told her about my father's excuse, she texted and nodded, scrunching her nose in disgust. "I wonder if your mom knows it and is just dealing or if she's completely oblivious." She spoke her thoughts as she usually does and I rolled my eyes.

"If she knows than she's an even better actress than I thought." My mom was that type of housewife you see on TV that can plaster a perfect smile on her face and everything would seem absolutely fine. I always worried that I would have the same fate but Aurora assured me I was nothing like her.

"Kristen's on her way." A smile lit up on Aurora's features. I wasn't as happy as she was. Kristen Holloway was our other friend. We were pure rivals in elementary school but now we were really close. Aurora made us settle our differences over a fashion show contest when we were ten. It was really childish but it brought us really close. Now the three of us—although our personalities differed so much—were practically inseparable. Kristen was the blonde, preppy, partying type; Aurora was the relaxed, unique, and happy type; and me…I was boring. I did well in school, the last party I went to had a cake and sleeping bags, and I always listened to my drilling parents. I always figured it wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't an only child but, then again it could always be worse. I sipped at my coffee and looked up as Kristen walked into the classroom.

"Hey." She said, looking more tired than usual. Her blonde waves bounced as she walked and her heels clicked on the linoleum. She wore a simple, yet expensive, beige top and faded blue jeans with a pair of pale yellow heels. She sat in the seat next to Aurora and looked at her phone.

"Hey." I muttered softly and she glanced up.

"You ok?" I nodded, not wanting to get into it. She didn't look convinced.

"Her dad's still having the nauseating affair." Aurora intervened for me and she understood right away. Her dad had a little love affair a while back and it caused her parents to split. Now she was the type of kid who was spoiled by both parents to earn her love. She acted like she loved it but I could tell it tore her up inside. She would frown about it when she thought no one was looking. I think she tried to act positive so she didn't lose her mind. I understood that; I would lose it if my parents split. That's partly why I haven't talked to my mom about Laura.

"So, you know Michael Rogers from my history class?" Kristen asked us, trying to change the subject. Aurora nodded. I recognized the name but I don't think I knew him. "Well, he asked me out last night over a text. Should I go out with him?" I stopped listening then. That wasn't exactly my area of expertise. I'd had a couple boyfriends before but they never last. I wasn't exactly an interesting person to be around. So I pulled out my notebook and started the problems that were on the board. I knew she was going to have us do them as a morning warm up so I just got them out of the way now. They were simple algebraic equations. I finished them in a couple of minutes. The bell rang soon after and I got up to walk them to the door. They were still talking about Michael.

"I'll see you after class, k?" Aurora said to me as she gave me a quick hug. I smiled to her and gave Kristen a one armed hug.

"Let me know more about this Michael guy later." I encouraged which made her face light up. She loves the attention being focused on her. I went back to my seat and Mrs. Kline gave me my assignment for the day. She knew I wasn't going to need any explanation on the subject so she just gave me a kind smile and walked to the door to greet her students as they came into the classroom.

My first couple of classes were uneventful. It wasn't until I got to my English class that my day got interesting. Mr. Davis gave us an assignment on a play called The Important of Being Earnest. It was a book we read last week and I had found it quite amusing. But the assignment…I wasn't too excited about. "I need you all to pair up because you're going to be given a particular part in the play to perform for the class. You'll also be working together to write an essay explaining the basic plot of the play." I felt my face lose its color. I didn't know anybody in the class and I was not good at talking in front of others. I was that shy girl who feared the essays we had to read to the class. He allowed us to pick our partner but it had to be boy/girl if possible because of the couple roles in the play. Since we had more girls than guys, the extra girls would be given the role of Gwendolyn and Cecily.

Suddenly everyone was up and talking as they began deciding partners. Most of them knew exactly who they were going to choose the second he said "partner up". I remained seated and merely glanced around the room at who was left. I caught the eyes of someone I was suddenly hoping would find a partner. Xander Booth sat in his seat, obviously not pleased with the partnering idea either. Everyone avoided him for reasons unknown to me but he intimidated me with his mysteriousness. All I knew about him was he did poorly in his classes—which wasn't very unique in this bunch—and he had a younger sister named Olive. She was an art freak who came to school adorned in colorful clothing and torn jeans splattered in paint. I envied her originality and creativity. I'd seen her work and it was amazing. I couldn't even make a decent looking mug in ceramics.

"Alright, who doesn't have a partner?" I slowly raised my hand as Mr. Davis scanned the room. "Good, seems to be pretty even. Elena, would you mind moving to sit next to Mr. Booth?" He asked and I nodded politely as I grabbed my things. I sat in the desk in front of his and turned it around like everyone else did so I was facing him. "Now, the performances will be done two weeks from now. That gives you plenty of time to rehearse and plan out your essay. Yes, they're both due then. We'll be doing performances Tuesday and Wednesday to give everyone a chance. Go ahead and get started." Mr. Davis handed out our scripts and I glanced through it once before looking up at Xander.

"Hi." I said quietly, pursing my lips together.

"Hey." He said, even quieter. He didn't look comfortable. I looked down at my paper and began reading the lines. It was a slightly romantic scene between Jack and Gwendolyn when Jack is proposing. My face turned a little red as I imagined us acting it out in front of our peers. "So, this is going to be interesting, huh?" He said, reading over it too.

"Yeah..." I said, chewing on my lips. We were silent for most of the class as we read and re-read through our mini script. I mostly just pretended that I was still reading and trying to memorize my parts. I took out my highlighters and colored my lines in yellow and his in blue. He started to chuckle and I glanced up. "What?" I questioned immediately, starting to blush.

"You're highlighting it? That's seems a little…OCD?" He explained with a slight smirk on his face. I frowned and looked at the pages.

"What's wrong with being organized?" He merely shook his head and took my green and pink highlighters, doing the same to his script.

"Happy?" He teased, a playful look in his eyes. I looked down at the paper, my shy eyes avoiding his. "So, do you want to…come over to my house later so we can go over the script together?" He asked after a few moments of silence. I looked back up at him and thought about it. The possibility that my mother would allow me to go to a boy's house—especially one like him who had "bad boy" written on his features—were very slim. But I didn't exactly want him coming to my house either. "Or we could go to yours. Whichever."

"Uhm…I'd have to ask." I tore off a sheet of paper from my notebook then split it in half. "Here, write your number and I'll text you." I said and wrote my number on one half of the paper. He did the same before swapping with me.

"Ok. I should probably check with the rents before hand too." He said with a chuckle and tucked my number into his front jean pocket. "Do you drive? Or would I need to come get you?"

"I can drive. I just don't have a car." He nodded and we jumped slightly as the bell rang rather loudly. I hadn't realized it was so late into the class period. I stood up and gathered my things into my bag. "See ya."

"Later, Lena." I turned back and smiled. No one calls me Lena except my mom. It sounded nice when he said it though.