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The sound of a bell rang through the schools of Winchester, and children all over started to race, but none so energetically as a blonde haired, blue eyed boy wearing long blue jeans, a blue coat, and a white shirt that laced up at the collar.

Kai ran through the streets of Winchester, laughing all the while. School had just let out for the day, and he was ready to go home.

"Hey, Kai! Get over here!"

The blonde haired boy paused for a second, then shook his head at one of his oldest friends, Max.

"No can do, Maxie. I gotta get home before the 'rentals go nuts. But I'll be out tomorrow, okay?" He flashed Max, who was a beautiful girl (long blonde hair, bright green eyes, soft tanned skin), his best and brightest smile, one she returned.

"Okay, but don't get in any trouble." She told him, reaching up to pull her hair into a pony tail before jamming a baseball cap over her head and blowing a bubble with the watermelon scented bubble gum she was chewing. "You remember what you've got to do tomorrow, right?"

Kai nodded his head, giving another smile. Tomorrow would be their day, the day they got into that scrap with those boys from the Kings School. It was going to be one of the best fights of the year.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world, Maxie! I'll see you there!" He started to run, throwing a wave over his shoulder to the girl as he did so, heading down the streets until he got to his address: 3058, Abbey Way.

"Mum! Dad! I'm home!"

3058, Abbey Way. 3058, Abbey Way. 3058, Abbey Way.

Kain had been repeating that address to himself almost religiously ever since he had followed the boy home almost a month ago.

That beautiful child with the tanned skin and that unmistakable mane of true-blonde hair - the boy who he had now learned was called Kai - had disappeared behind the door of his home, though he would remain hidden in the shadows between the shrubs until the moment to strike presented itself.

He wouldn't leave for anything. He had a hunch about this particular evening. It reeked of what he desired most from that boy.

With his dark eyes kept veiled by his hair, Kain smirked widely to himself and waited, yet he could hardly cease the anxiety that had started to pump through him. Within a matter of minutes, he hoped, the child would be left unguarded, unattended to and completely vulnerable. It would take virtually no exertion on his part to dominate the boy, in spite of how much of a spunky little fighter Kai believed himself to be.

Kai walked into the kitchen, oblivious to the man that had followed him home, smiling when he saw his mum and dad sitting at the table.

"Hi, Mum. Hi, Dad. What's for dinner?" He sat down at his place, looking at his parents expectantly. Mrs. Lillith Kenwood smiled at her son, pushing some of her bright blonde hair back behind her ear.

"Well, Jaden," Kai winced as she used his real name, something he hated, "Your dad and I are going out to eat tonight, and since we're just going a little down the street, we thought you might like to stay home alone tonight?"

Kai's blue eyes widened a bit, and an almost triumphant feeling ran through him. His mum and dad had never left him at home before. Most people would've thought them berks for leaving a twelve year old alone, but Kai desperately wanted this kind of freedom.

"That sounds right as rain to me, mum." The blonde haired boy stated, smiling at his mother. "Will you guys be back early?"

"We plan to stay out until eleven thirty." The booming sound of his father's voice made Kai smile even brighter. He was going to be left alone for hours and hours, and when his parents got home he could prove that he'd be safe at being home alone, and that they could let him be alone more often. "You're going to be good and not destroy the house, right?"

"Of course not, dad. I promise I'll keep everything in tip-top condition. I'll probably just stay near the telly for a while, then go to bed." Kai stood up and wrapped his arms around his father's neck, then around his mother. "Thank you guys, for letting me do this."

Mrs. Kenwood and her husband smiled, wrapping their arms around their son. He was their one and only, the only child they would ever be allowed to have because of a certain thing from Mrs. Kenwood's past.

"You're welcome, Jaden. Now, we've got some food in the fridge for you to eat, and your dad and I are definitely going to be home at eleven thirty on the dot. So, you go and get cleaned up, okay?" Mr. Kenwood barely had the words out of his lips before Kai streaked out of the room, running toward his bedroom upstairs to get to his own bathroom and to his pajamas. He was so excited, because now he was going to be left home alone--even if his parents wouldn't really be that very far away--and he would show them that they could let him stay alone often.

It was going to be great!

Kain had started to peek out from between the shrubs as he swore he heard the murmurs of a farewell being exchanged between the child and his parents. Yet, the man was quick to duck back down between the foliage when the front door moved ajar and revealed the young boy's father and mother exiting their home hand-in-hand.

The sight made him scowl for only a second, until his lips widened into a smirk when the two adults stepped into their car. He did not even budge from his position until the sound of the vehicle's engine was far out of earshot, and even still, he moved cautiously, treading silently through the lawn until he reached the faulty window at the side of the house. The only reason he knew it was faulty was because of his attempt to break in at least twice before.

This window was never secure completely.

Setting his hands at the window, he grunted a little as he pulled it up, pushing in the screen before he set one boot at the sill and then the other. He landed firmly, quietly, on the living room floor. Instantly, his smirk widened to the point where he almost appeared to be insane.

There was a familiar feel to this environment, for a reason he did not know, but the familiarity was something he could use to his advantage.

Hell, he had to be comfortable for what he wanted to do. He had to be lax and the least bit nonchalant, if he wanted to get the most out of his time alone with Kai.

Kai took the world's quickest shower of all time, making sure to wash every important place, then grabbing up his boxers and pajama bottoms, yanking them on quickly.

"Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh, what a beautiful day! I've got a beautiful feeling, everything's going my way!" The boy sang as he left the bathroom, a cloud of steam crossing behind him. Since his mum and dad were gone for the evening, the first thing he ought to do, he thought, was to get the food out of the fridge and heat it up. "Well, that sounds perfect to me."

Tan lids slid closed over blue eyes, and Kai skipped down the stairs, landing at the place right before the living room.

"Time to get some food, time to get some food!"

Kai was standing right before him, and that was enough to make the man reveal his teeth in a horridly chilling smile. Kain was well aware of the fact that he very well appeared to be any child's nightmare, with his dark eyes hidden completely behind his hair, with his lips fixed into an utterly frightening smile that could stop any young boy's heart, with his frame clad in only the utmost sharp attire.

A low laugh escaped him and desire shot through him, the mere sight of the tan-skinned, spunky blonde standing there in his pajamas spurring him to lick his lips. This may have been any child's nightmare, but it was his version of the perfect dream - except, it was a reality.

"Kai-kun," he murmured teasingly and took one step forward, his smirk widening at the sound of his shoes against the wooden floor. This was his chance to screw with the boy's mind, to play with him a little before the real fun began. "...Don't you remember me, Kai-kun?"

Kai's eyes opened wide as he started to move backwards, taking note of the person in front of him. He did look somewhat familiar, but it wasn't exactly a priority to him right now.

Right now, he wanted to know why this person was in his house.

"...get out of my house, or I'm going to hurt you." The boy fisted his hands and tensed up his shoulders, glaring with those bright blue eyes. "Get out of my house!"

Kai looked around for anything he could use to make this man get out of his house, and his eyes lit upon a vase. He dumped out the red roses and held the vase up, like a cricket ball.

"Get out of my house, now, or I swear, I'm going to destroy you!" The boy shouted.

With a light chuckle, Kain lifted both of his gloved hands and shook his head, as though to convey that the boy had completely misunderstood his unexpected arrival.

"...Now, now, Kai," he laughed a second time, although the sound seemed to be supposedly more nervous than the one before. "If I leave, you'll never know who I am. At least allow me a moment to explain myself."

He lowered his hands and donned his usual smirk. "Your parents have sent me here at the very last second to serve as your babysitter for the evening. I'm guessing that their worries of leaving their one and only son at the home by himself got to them."

He gave an amiable smile. "I won't be in your way, Kai-kun."

"You're lying!" Kai shouted as he glared at the man. He could tell that this man was lying, because there was no way his parents--the parents who trusted him--would have sent a babysitter. Besides, if they'd wanted him to stay with a babysitter, they would've chosen Max's mom, Mrs. Otario, not some stranger. "Get out of my house, now!"

The boy let his eyes narrow, looking the man over, noticing the window glass on the ground beside him. That definitely showed that this man wasn't sent by his parents.

"Get out of my house, you creep! If you don't, I'll call the police! Or, better yet, I'll beat you black and blue! I'm not going to let you stay in here, so leave!"

The boy was talking too much, and it angered him, but he admitted that adored the child's witty tongue. Instead of donning an expression to match the frustration and resentment that had started to build up in his veins, he decided to put on a strained smile, one that both showed his anger and his perversion.

He took a few more steps forward and reached out one of his gloved hands for the vase clutched in the child's hands, effortlessly pulling it from his grasp and tossing it aside to the space behind the couch. The object shattered, and the sound seemed to serve as a cue for Kain to smile even wider.

"...Fine. You win, Kai-kun," he purred and moved even closer, until he could easily brush the back of his glove against the child's cheek. "But, this isn't over, and it won't be until I take something very precious from you, something that you will never be able to get back."

He laughed and grabbed him by the shoulders, slamming him back against the wall.

"It's game time."

Kai's fist came up and slammed into the side of the man's face before he even knew what was happening. It sent him reeling, and Kai used that as an escape. He fled from the living room and raced into the kitchen, heading for the back door.

"MAX! MAX!" He shouted as he threw the door open, running into his backyard, toward the fence that separated his yard from his best friend in the whole world's. "Max! Help! Help!"

Max looked up from the car magazine she'd been reading and saw Kai running straight for her. She stood up off of the lawn chair and walked over to the fence, laughing a bit.

"Oi, Kai, why you running so fast?" She joked. "Something on the telly scare you?"

Kai shot his best friend a glare and started to tr to climb over the fence, hoping he'd be able to make it. "Just help me! Hurry! Someone's in my house!"

Kain let out a grunt of pain and lifted his glove to the side of his face, hissing at the dull throbbing that immediately started at his cheek. He pulled back his lips after a moment and shot a glare towards where the boy disappeared.

Kain did not hesitate to pursue the child, reaching out a hand to violently swing open the back door of the kitchen before he streaked out into the evening air. It did not take him long to spot Kai attempting to run over to appeared to be the boy's friend, a young female who apparently had the name "Max."

With a horrid smirk, Kain willed his feet to move faster across the lawn, lunging forward slightly to clasp the back of the child's collar before he threw him down to the earth. Swiftly, smooth and with a sort of grace, he retrieved his switchblade and pointed it poisedly in Max's direction, keeping a taut hold on Kai's throat.

"Get out of here," he growled. He slipped his hand into the front part of his suit jacket and quickly pulled his hand out of the pocket hidden there, having replaced his knife with a pistol. "...I am not afraid to shoot you."

Max stared in shock at the barrel of the gun, her eyes slipping from focusing on it to focusing on her best friend in the whole world. He was being held by the scruff of his neck by this man in front of her, and that was enough to rile her up.

"Let go of him, now!" She ordered as she threw one of her hands up, knocking against the man's gun, making it fall to the ground. "Let him go!"

The next second, the girl was punching at the man as hard as she would, which for a twelve year old girl was pretty good. Kai, too, tried to fight as well, kicking and grabbing at the man's hand, trying to make him let go, managing to kick the place that held the knife, knocking it out.

All the while, the two of them screamed out for assistance.

Lifting his boot, Kain drove it into the young girl's stomach to render her breathless, and her frantic attempts to claw at the hand around her friend's throat only spurred him to tighten his clasp. He struck her again until her spine collided against a tree, until he was able to meet her eyes with his hidden ones and let out a snarl.

He could care less if he was making it more difficult for Kai to breathe, just as he could care less if he was wounding the female that dared to fight against him.

It was a brave attempt, he admitted to himself with a smirk, and he did appreciate it whenever a child made a valiant effort to win. But, children never won. Not against him, at least, especially when he would do nearly anything to get what he wanted. He bent forward and snatched up his knife, dragging Kai against the ground as he approached the girl, bringing his blade directly above her heart.

"You should know better," he growled through panting, pressing the tip of the knife against her chest. "...Screwing with me is something no child should even attempt to do, though...I do hope your courageous exertions are rewarded in Heaven."

That was his bitter farewell, before the knife plunged into her heart.

Pain. That was the first thing that Max noticed, as the knife slipped through her clothes and skin, past her bones and into the organ that pumped her life into her.

Kai screamed out in rage as he watched his best friend slump to the ground, the knife in her chest seeming almost like another limb, a red stain forming.

"Max! Max!" He called out, his voice laboured as he tried to fight against the man. "Max!!!!"

Kai's voice was growing fainter to Max's ears, and the world she could see was growing dim around the edges. She reached up her arm--which had the feeling of lead--to touch the wet stain on her dark blue shirt, watching as her fingers came away red.

"...Kai..." She whispered quietly, feeling her eyelids slipping closed. "S-stop...yelling...I'"

Kai watched as his friend's chest stopped moving with breaths, and he started to shout louder, tears running down his face.

"Max! Maxine!"

Kain wasn't finished.

He clutched the hilt of the blade and twisted the weapon to a side, letting out a low laugh under his breath as he swore he could physically sense the switchblade cutting through the flesh, the bone and through the once-thudding organ that beat no more. His lips curled into a smirk before he ripped the blade from the female's chest and kicked her corpse towards the shadows in the space between the shrubs, finding himself entirely grateful for the darkening sky.

Now, his work was done. At least, his work on Maxine had been complete.

She was merely the appetizer. Kai was his entrée.

With a forceful tug, he dragged Kain towards the entrance of the home the two of them had exited through, keeping his fingers taut around his throat. He looked down at him, his eyes hidden, though his expression undeniably one to be deemed neurotic.

"...Do you see what will happen if you continue to resist me, Kai-kun?" he murmured and smirked even wider, pushing the boy into the home before he shut and locked the door behind him. He did not hesitate to approach him, nor did he wait to press his back to the living room floor, situating his knees on either side of the child's waist.

He licked his lips. "I cannot wait to become one with you."

Kai was still crying as he was dragged into his house, still seeing Max's dead body slumped by that tree. This man, this person, had just killed his one and only friend.

"G-get off of me!" He sobbed out, trying to push the man off. Even if he was crying, even if he'd just seen that this man would hurt him, he definitely wasn't going to give up without a fight. "G-get off! You killed her! You killed her! You killed my Max!"

The man's hand struck sharply against the child's face, the sound of skin-on-skin contact enough to make his features even wince faintly.

Though, the noise of pain that the boy made compelled his lips to widen into a grin, before his hands worked at ravenously pulling away the child's shirt to reveal the smooth, tanned skin that he had been hiding beneath the garment. He wasn't about to waste time, and instantly, his lips latched hungrily to Kai's chest and started to kiss over the flesh, allowing his tongue to flick out to taste at his breast.

Kain drove himself into the boy, pulling at the belt at his pants before he kissed from his breast to his throat, and back down again, all the while panting for air. One of his hands pressed its palm into the boy's crotch whilst his fingers groped in utter yearning, the need for oxygen becoming more prominent.

"...nnnh, Kai-kun," he groaned. "Don't you understand? I am living my fantasy."

Kai didn't care for what the man was saying, because he was too scared, too angry, too horrified by what was happening. He started to squirm, to try and force the person away, screaming loudly.

"Get off, go away! You killed my best friend! You killed my future wife! You killed Max!" He kicked up as hard as he could, managing to clip the man in the back before he punched upward and hit the guy in the stomach. "I'm going to kill you for this! I'll kill you!"

Kain made the faintest sound when the child punched him in the stomach. The sound seemed to be more of a short grunt than an actual noise of pain, and his lips widened to a smirk at the boy's laughable attempt to make him stop.

Kai failed to realize that virtually nothing would make his oppressor get up. He had been waiting for this moment for almost an entire month, and even though that amount of time was not particularly lengthy, it truly was for a perverted, twisted man that had incessantly envisioned the evening this would transpire.

Walking his fingers to the zipper of the boy's pants, he forced himself to pause. He removed his own belt before he tied it securely around Kai's wrists more than just securely. The man leaned his head down and pulled the zipper down with his teeth, pressing his lips against the space between the boy's legs softly.

"...My, you're beautiful," he exhaled. "Nnh, what could you be hiding here..."

Kai continued to scream, trying to fight himself free of the belt, and of the person who was ontop of him. He was scared about what the man was doing, and right now, all he really wanted was his mother and father.

He needed his mum and dad.

"Get off of me! Get off! I want you to go away! Get off! Get off of me, you bloody berk!"

It was almost hard for him to believe that the child screaming beneath him was the same spunky and sharp-tongued boy that he had been following for the past month.

It made him smirk and chuckle lowly, with his lips pressed softly against the small opening the loosened zipper and undid button had created at the crotch of Kai's pants. His fingers dared to slip into the opened, whilst the other hand tugged down at the garment to pull it away and carelessly toss it aside, to reveal the smooth and beautifully tanned skin of the child's slender legs.

His fingers traced over the muscles that he could see there, brushing lightly against his flesh to spur the child to shiver. He bit at his boxer shorts, making a low sound of pleasure as it became evident to him that Kai was becoming aroused, in spite of how hard the child was attempting to deny it.

"...I never knew you were so toned," he purred seductively, his fingers touching against the space between the boy's legs in a prodding, massaging gesture. "I wonder what else on your body must be the same."

A sound attempted to escape Kai, but he wouldn't let it. He wouldn't let this man touch him in these ways, he wouldn't do it. With a few twists and turns, he managed to raise his leg up and kick hard at the man. He felt his foot come into contact with something that felt surprisingly like human hair, and the man fell sideways, off of him.

"You fucker!" He screamed as he stood up, not caring that his clothes were strewn around anymore. "I'm going to murder you for this!"

Swiftly, Kai grabbed another vase and dumped the flowers, then threw it right at the man, watching as it hit him, causing him to stumble back. But Kai wasn't satisfied with that. He wouldn't be satisfied until this man was dead.

"I'm going to kill you for what you did to Maxie!" He shouted before he punched the man right in the nose, the crunching sound and the spurt of blood that came out afterwards a gratifying reward. "Hey, your nose is bleeding. Think it's broken?"

At the punch to his nose, the man finally let out a genuine sound of pain, pulling his hands away from the child's frame to cradle his bleeding nose. Rivulets of scarlet liquid started to pour quickly from his nose in spite of his efforts his cease the flow of blood by pressing against the wounded bridge of his nose.

Yet, the gesture only made the throbbing worsen.

Kain let out another sound of pain and frantically reached for a pillow, pressing it against his face before he struck out against Kai's face with his other hand, never minding the amount of blood that stained his own fingers. When the pillow proved to be inadequate when it came to stopping his bleeding, he desperately removed his jacket and vest, pressing the latter to his face.

"...damn you," he growled and reached into his jacket, retrieving his knife. He pointed it towards the boy without hesitation, keeping his gaze hidden. "Get down. Now."

He wouldn't do it. Kai saw that his enemy was down, and now was the time to escape. As quickly as he could, he knocked the knife from the man's hand and grabbed it in his own, smirking a bit in triumph.

"Stay away from me." The blonde haired boy ordered coldly as he started to make his way toward the front door. "Stay away from me, and by the time I get out of here and get my parents, you'd better be gone. I'm not going to tell you again."

As soon as he said those words, the boy took off, running as fast down the street as he could, the knife that killed his best friend and only true love in his hand.

Kain swore under his breath and scrambled for his vest and his jacket, shakily slipping the garment over his frame before he hurried after the child, snatching up a box of tissues whilst he made his departure from the Kenwood home. He pressed a few against his nose and winced slightly.

He wouldn't be surprised if the boy had truly broken the bones in his nose; he admitted, there had been a surprising amount of strength behind that punch. Nevertheless, he willed his feet to move quicker against the asphalt of the sidewalk as he pursued Kai with utmost resolve, weaving smoothly through whatever crowds of people could be skirting the streets at the hour.

"Kai-kun, stop running!" he shouted and lunged forward, latching his hand to the back of the boy's collar. Forcefully, he pulled back to get him to cease in his tracks immediately, before he pushed him aside into the shadows between two homes.

"...I told you not to run," he growled and tightened his hand around his throat, to the point where he was sure Kai could not breathe. "I told you, Kai-kun."

Kai struggled to keep himself from having to pass out, trying his hardest to kick out at the man. It was getting harder, however; there wasn't much air getting to his brain, and he was pretty sure he was going to pass out soon if the man didn't let go.

"Let...go..." He struggled to say, reaching up the hand that didn't have the knife to grab at the man's fingers. ""

Kain would do anything but let go. In fact, he did quite the opposite and tigthened his hand around the child's throat until he could feel his hand wrap almost completely around the boy's neck, his fingers pressing against his flesh in a sick desire to completely cease his supply of oxygen.

The man's lips widened into a twisted smirk before he leaned his face close to Kai's, his lips placing a chilling kiss to the corner of the young boy's mouth.

"...Sleep, my angel," he purred. "Sleep."

Kai felt his body starting to shut down. There wasn't enough oxygen getting to his muscles, so they started to relax, and his brain was already dying. His eyes were slipping closed, and he tried hard to keep his hands prying at the man's neck, but...

"Leh..." The blonde haired boy coughed out before he felt his mind shut down completely, forcing him under. It was so strange, passing out. One second you were there, and then, with a mere cerebral flutter (or in this case, not having enough oxygen to the brain and having it die), he was gone. Kai's muscles relaxed, and he fell limp in the man's hold, his body dying from suffocation.

When the child spoke no more, the man let out a bitter chuckle under his breath.

The young boy's prying at his hands had only proved to be futile, much like his pleading and demanding for the hand around his throat to become loose and release him. Kain moved hastily to pull the child into his arms whilst he stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself in the overhanging lights that illuminated the sidewalks.

His footfalls sounded rhythmically against the asphalt, the boy's limp and seemingly lifeless frame remaining against his chest as he again found himself hurrying through thinning crowds of Winchester residents.

His destination was ahead, and within eyeshot: the Kenwood home.

"...You should've known that I would eventually get what I came here for, Kai-kun," the man was murmuring lowly, pushing his shoulder forcefully against the front door of the home to forcefully grant himself entrance. He shut the door behind him with his foot, being prompt to lock it before he hurried through the foyer, up the stairs and to the nearest bedroom, a room that just so happened to be Kai's own.

Shutting and locking the bedroom door behind him, he carefully placed Kai against the bed. He smirked down at him hungrily and started to quickly remove his suit jacket, his vest, his necktie and the collared shirt beneath it, his fingers nearly quaking with excitement as he worked at his pants. He couldn't waste any time, not with such a fair, untainted beauty.

"It's time for the fun part," he murmured to himself.

The first thing that Kai noticed was that he could breathe again. His lungs were working, and his eyes were fluttering open, a sound escaping his lips.

"Wha...?" He slowly started to sit up, his eyes half-open as he propped himself up on one elbow, trying to look around. The first thing that registered was that he was in his room. And since he was in his room, he must be lying on his bed.

But how did I get here? The last thing I remember was...that man...and... "MAX!" Blue eyes flew open, and the boy sat straight up, not caring for the spinning. "Max!!!"

Kain stepped out of his pants and crawled onto the child's bed, pressing his palm against the young boy's lips to silence him. Smirking down at him with a chilling laugh, the man licked over his lips slowly before he bent forward to press his mouth to Kai's, allowing one of his hands to take a taut hold of the boy's belt loops and tug down roughly on the garment covering his legs.

He was thankful that the child had done such a sloppy job tightening the belt, just as he was grateful that it took virtually no effort on his part to pull Kai's shirt from over his head. Kain growled into the impassionate kiss and turned his head to a side, hungrily thrusting his tongue forward until he felt his own collide against the child's, the lower portion of his frame making a similar gesture against the pair of slender hips beneath him.

He made another low sound and massaged deeply at his chest, concentrating his fingers specifically at one of the boy's breast. "...Nnh, don't you struggle, Kai-kun," the horribly mocking tease. "You know better."

Even though the man told him not to struggle, it was the only thing that Kai could think to do. He fought against the man, pushing his face from his own, trying to kick up to make him let go. However, his body was still weak from nearly dying, and he was still in shock about seeing his only true friend killed.

"G-Get off of me, you bloody bastard!" He shouted out as he began to kick harder, tightening his fingers into fists, punching upward and kicking wildly. "Get off of me! I'll kill you if you don't! I'll kill you!"

Inwardly, Kain admitted that most of those kicks and punches had actually hurt him, though he wasn't about to tell Kai that and have his ego inflate. Instead, the man leaned forward to swipe his belt from his pants before he secured the leather fastener around the boy's wrists, snarling down at him as he found himself having to dodge a persistent onslaught of blows to his face.

Once the belt had been tied securely, he struck the child across the face to disarray him. He took advantage of the boy's momentary disorientation and snatched the belt from Kai's pants to bind his ankles.

At this, and with a smug look crossing his features, the man let out a chuckle and dragged his tongue against Kai's breast. Smirking against him, his hidden eyes flickered with something dangerous, something hungry. "There's no one here to save you, Kai-kun," the tease, almost a singsong. "No parents. No Max. No nothing."

He grinned. "Just me."

That couldn't be true. Kai wouldn't let it be true. He was going to fight, he was going to fight against this man, and he was not going to lose, not if he could help it.

"Get off of me, you sick fucker!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, kicking his hands up at the same time, managing a quick pound into the man's hips. "Get off! Someone! HELP!"

Like before, Kain ignored the boy's futile attempts to escape and tightened the belt bindings at the child's wrists and ankles. The laugh that escaped his lips was both sinister and mocking, much like the expression that shadowed his features when his hidden eyes flicked over the nearly completely unclothed frame of his captive.

Hastily, he made a makeshift gag out of one of the two socks that had been carelessly tossed aside to Kai's nightstand. He stuffed it deep into the boy's mouth, laughing mockingly when his cries became muffled.

Scornfully, he ran his fingers through the boy's hair and bent forward to kiss the corner of Kai's mouth, allowing his tongue to prod yearningly against his lower lip.

"You're a bad, bad boy," he purred. "...Little ones like you should know better."

Kai glared up at the man with pure hatred in his eyes, still trying his hardest to struggle against the bonds. A growl, muffled, left him, and he continued to fight, not wanting to give up.

"LEHMEHGU!" He screamed as he tried to bring his head up to bash it against the man's. He would do anything to get away now, because he finally knew what the man was going to do. He'd never heard about a rape, but he knew some things about them, and...and now...


Kain planned on doing quite the opposite.

Instead of moving away, he moved closer, tilting his head to a side as his lips pressed hungrily to the hollow of the young boy's throat. His own unclothed frame pressed against the nearly nude one beneath him, a seductive growl resounding from his throat as he felt the fabric of their boxers massage, grind and press together.

Of course, he wanted to rip away the child's underwear and cut to the chase, because there was truly no point in going slow. It was only drive him mad, and undoubtedly Kai felt the same. The child would deny it, but his body's visible evidence would speak through his lies.

Kain growled a second time and shoved his hand into the boy's pants. His fingers were forceful, groping hard at Kai's member, stroking along the underside as he made yet another sound. "...Ahhn," he gasped.

"Ga-uh!" Kai couldn't help the half-choked gasp that escaped him, and he started to writhe, trying to twist away from the hand that was touching him. This man was going to rape him if he didn't get out of his hold right that very moment.

I've got to make him let go! Kai tried to think of how to do that, but there came a little problem: Kai was not good at thinking ahead. He was good at going by first instinct, to fight, to hit, to attack. He wasn't good at thinking things through.

But, in this moment, it seemed he would have to. So, how could he get this man to leave him alone?

Only one answer came to mind, and Kai was grateful to be able to act upon it. He twisted up hard and managed to tear his feet out of the stupid belt that had been wrapped around them, and kicked upward right into the man's groin.

Take that, you bastard! He crowed triumphantly in his mind.

Immediately, a noise of pain left him. It was his instinct to pull away, yet as he did so, he refastened the belt around the boy's ankles until he could physically see the leather baring into his skin. Though, instead of binding the boy's feet together, he tied each foot to its own bedpost, scrambling to grab up a spare belt from the floor.

The pain at his groin soon whelmed him as he finished the binding, his frame doubling forward only slightly. From beneath his hair, he glared at the child and gave a bitter smirk. "'re a feisty one, aren't you," he snarled lowly. "...I didn't want to move so quickly, but...if you insist, Kai-kun."

Slowly, he pulled down at the boy's underwear, until the flesh at his crotch started to become exposed. His lips pressed against his pelvis, his tongue flicking forth. "I hope you're ready."

This was very bad. No, this was super bad! Kai couldn't move at all, and he was completely at this man's mercy. No one was around, and nothing could be done to stop him.

I've got to try, I've got to! I can't go down without a fight! The boy started to struggle harder against the leather bands, spitting out as hard as he could until the gag flew from his mouth, and then he did the one thing he would never have expected himself to do.

He screamed as loud as humanly possible.

Outside of the Kenwood home, side-by-side on the sidewalk, two people froze.

One of them turned their ashen-grey eyes in the direction of the sound that had so clearly pierced the air a few seconds ago, a sound that undoubtedly resembled the distinct noise of a child screaming desperately for assistance. In spite of how had emitted the sound, their distress could not have been any more evident.

Even still, as quickly as the noise echoed, it vanished.

Nevertheless, he knew he was not hallucinating. He wasn't hearing things. His hand moved aside to press against his servant's arm, ceasing him when he started to absentmindedly step away from his side. Keeping his eyes focused on the house, the ashen-eyed boy questioned him as suspicion crept onto his visage.

"...Did you hear that, Kaname?"

Before the other boy could even respond, Kale had started to step towards the home. Already, one of his hands had slipped into his pocket to retrieve his switchblade, whilst he forced entry into the home via the already broken, faulty window. Undoubtedly, the shards of glass that had been dispersed over the wooden floor coupled with the tampered furniture in the living room clearly spelled out a struggle between two people.

They were most certainly not alone.

Armand set a cautious hand against his master's shoulder, setting his boots silently against the floor. "Kurai, tread carefully," he murmured, as he mirrored the boy's action and reached into his pocket to thumb over his blade.

He turned his silver eye towards the ceiling at the faint sound of rustling, movement, human activity and what sounded like the dull thudding of bedposts against a wooden floor. Someone was here. Someone was in dismay, and someone needed help.

"...There, above us," he whispered barely. "The bedroom, master Kurai."


Kain snapped.

Instead of simply placing the sock back into the child's mouth, he struck him violently across the face several times. He did not cease until he saw a stream of blood trickle from the young boy's nose, until there was water streaking his cheeks. A second time, he snarled throatily and gave a rough tug to the boy's underwear, until the entirety of his lower frame was exposed.

Hungrily, angrily, he pressed their mouths together and shoved his tongue forward, pressing his unclothed frame against Kai's. Like before, he groped at him, in attempt to further stimulate the flesh that was already becoming naturally aroused.

But, he wanted the boy to moan, to exhibit his own proof of pleasure.

" little fucker," he growled in the kiss. "Fight me, I dare you."

Okay, so this bastard wanted a fight? He was definitely going to get one. Kai struggled as hard as he could and managed to force the man away again by biting him hard. When the man pulled back yet again, he screamed just as loud as before, then yanked.

"GAH!" He screamed in pain as he felt the belt around his wrists dig in, but he didn't care right now. The blood that poured down his skin meant that he was fighting for his life, and if it left scars, he would be proud of them. "I'M GOING TO FUCKING MURDER YOU!"

A scream similar to the one before pierced the air.

Immediately, Kale shot his eyes over his shoulder and narrowed them coldly. It was as though he was staring the oppressor directly in the face when he was simply glowering at the stairwell.

He did not utter a word as he approached the stairs and started to ascend, his boots falling silently, making no sound even when he stepped against those unexpectedly squeaky patches of wood. His blade remained poised in front of him, even as he gestured for his servant to follow.

Soundlessly, the two of them stepped to the top of the stairs.


Kain snarled angrily and pulled away on instinct when the child bit him. But, he wasn't about to sit back and simply let the boy remained unpunished for fighting back. Smoothly, swiftly, he pulled away the belt at the boy's wrists and drew it back. He brought it hard against Kai's chest, his stomach, his shoulders, his sides, his legs, sticking him violently with his hidden eyes glinting madly in rage and a twisted lust.

"...God damn you," he snarled. "God damn you!"

He drew the belt back to strike the child again, though when he brought his hand forward again, the object was no longer there. From beneath his hair, he blinked and shot his gaze over his shoulder, only to find himself shivering violently at a pair of ashen-grey eyes, as well as a single, silver eye that glowered at him with disgust.

It was him this time who emitted the noise of alarm. It was Kain this time who scrambled back in fear, only to find himself thrown aside by a boy he had never seen.

He had no idea who they were, but it didn't matter. They looked lethal.

Pain. That was the first thing that Kai could think of. He didn't know why the man was no longer on him, or why the pain had stopped, but it had, and now it was burning him, and it hurt.

"Nnnh...." The whimper that escaped him was involuntary, and he tried to shift position, crying out in agony when he felt his skin nearly tear, felt liquid running over it. That man had hit him hard enough to cause his skin to open and bleed. There would, without a doubt, be scars.

Then again, there were more than enough scars on his body. Couple more didn't make any difference, and now he could get up and fight.

"Wh-whoever....whoever you are..." He cried out through his pain induced haze. "P-please...h-help me...get me out of this belt..."

Whilst his master dealt with the child's oppressor, Armand looked to the boy.

The compassionate part of his heart shattered instantly, and he had to force himself to look away from the young boy's severed flesh, his open, bleeding wounds, those tears threatening to spill onto his cheeks. His own eye fell closed as he knelt to undo the bindings at the boy's ankles, as he reached forward and replaced Kai's underwear over their proper place.

He could barely stand to look at the sight any longer. "...Master, I must take him to a hospital," he spoke quietly and took his cell phone from his pocket, immediately dialing the emergency hotline number. "He will bleed out otherwise, my Lord."

Kale nodded faintly and knelt down in front of Kain. The man tried to strike out against him, though the futile gesture only made the ashen-eyed boy burst into a mocking laughter, his own hand lashing up to clutch Kain's wrist and press it against the wall. When the man's other hand tried to succeed in what the first had failed, Kale brought his blade against Kain's wrist and swiped at the flesh to cut him.

Instantly, the man lowered his hand and hissed in pain, allowing the ashen-eyed boy a moment to lean forward. He flashed a handsome, though utterly chilling smile, stroking over Kain's cheekbones with the tip of his blade.

"...You're a coward, and I can tell," he purred, before his expression suddenly became one of absolute disgust. "No punishment will be too great for you."

At the mention of the word "hospital," Kai went nuts.

"NO! NO! DON'T! I CAN'T GO THERE!" He shouted loudly, starting to thrash about fast, wincing in pain and screaming every time the blood flowed faster. "YOU CAN'T TAKE ME THERE! IF YOU DO, I'LL NEVER GET OUT!"

He knew about hospitals, and about what happened in them: if you went inside, there was a chance you would never come out again. Kai wouldn't let that happen to him. After a few more minutes of thrashing, he finally managed to force himself off the edge of his bed, onto the floor.

"Aaah!" He shouted loudly, when the wood came into contact with the bleeding wounds, which were redder and more horrible than they'd been before. But, right now, Kai couldn't care less. He forced himself onto his hands and knees, and then just onto his knees, panting heavily.

"You...won't....take me...there....."

Armand moved in front of the child and started to say something, though the dispatcher at the other end of the telephone line spoke before he could. He blinked his silver eye once and gave a faint nod of his head, looking aimlessly from his master to the child's oppressor to the child himself.

Again, the pang of ache struck his heart as he found his gaze looking over those bloodied wounds, a sight that made his lips release a silent sigh.

"...Yes, I'm calling from 3058, Abbey Way. I have a child here in critical condition," his accented voice spoke slowly and clearly, whilst he reached over for a few blankets and started to press them against the worse of all of the boy's wounds. "I will need an ambulance here within the next ten minutes, at the most. Yes. Quickly."

Ending the call, Armand returned the phone to his pocket and moved a supportive arm around Kai's frame. He lifted him into his arms and brought him against his chest, stepping from bedroom and into the hall. "The medical personnel will not be long," he murmured, looking down at his boots as he started to descend the stairs. "You will be treated in virtually no time, little one."

Kai tried to struggle, but it was so weak. He felt too tired, and he wasn't able to move from this person any longer.

"" He whispered quietly, struggling just a little more, feeling the blood flowing down his chest again. "...they're...going to...want be here...I promised them..."

Kai tried to struggle further, but he wasn't able to. He was too tired. And now, he felt the fear going through him again.

" mum..."

Shifting the blankets against the boy's frame, Armand looked down at him when he mentioned his father and his mother. The ache in his heart worsened at the thought of him taking the boy away from his parents.

He could either contact the child's parents himself, or he could have his master explain to them the situation once they returned home. He took a glance over his shoulder, pausing at the middle of the stairs. He started to call for Kale, until he heard frantic rustling and an angered snarl from his master.

Undoubtedly, the man was busy with keeping Kain under control. "...I could contact them," he murmured, turning his silver eye to Kai's bright blue. "If you tell me either your father or your mother's cell phone number, I will explain to them what has happened and where you will be."

Kai made a sound of pain, trying to understand what the man who was holding him was saying.

"...cell phone...explain what happened...where you'll be..."

"My mum...her''s..." He frowned as he tried to remember. His mom had always told him to remember her number, it was so easy. Just remember...

"550-895-4321." It came out of his mouth easily, as though programmed. " mum...her name's Lily..."

Tanned lids slid over bright blue eyes, and the boy's frame went lax as he succumbed to the pain, falling into a faint.

Armand felt his eye widen when the child in his arms grew lax.

With a final, hesitant glance over his shoulder, he descended the stairs completely and strode quickly for the front door of the Kenwood home, glancing down towards his boots as he stepped over shards of broken glass.

Slipping his phone from his pocket, he dialed the number the child had told him, the number he had been repeating to himself countless times in his head. "550-895-4321," he murmured to himself as he watched his finger press the buttons cautiously.

Nudging the front door open with his shoulder, he ducked his head as he found himself stepping into the brittle night air. "...Mrs. Kenwood," he spoke into the phone, turning his face towards the sound of an ambulance siren wailing from somewhere in the distance. "I am calling to inform you on something urgent. It regards your son."

Just a few blocks down the street, at a restaurant, Lily Kenwood opened up her cell phone and pressed it to her ear. Before she could even get her first word out, the cultured voice on the other end spoke up.

"...Mrs. Kenwood, I am calling to inform you on something urgent. It regards your son."

Lily blinked three times and looked at her husband, then pressed her hand to the mouthpiece. "Richard, something's wrong with Jaden. We've got to get home."

She pulled her hand away, then spoke sharply. "What's wrong with my son."

The woman's alarm and fright was clear even through the sharp tone of her voice. Armand kept his face turned towards the sound of the wailing ambulances in the distance whilst a silent prayer moved through his head. He tucked the phone between his jaw and his shoulder to rest one of his hands against the child's chest, his fingers pressing carefully against his weakly beating heart.

"...Mrs. Kenwood," he murmured, his voice quieter than before. "Someone has forced entry into your home and attacked your son. He has been afflicted with serious wounds, though...I am taking him to the hospital at this second. The ambulance is nearby, and my master will deal with the oppressor."

He knew the woman would fail to understand what he meant by 'his master,' but he did not have any time to explain. For Kai's sake, he had to remain brief until given a moment to explain sometime later. "I cannot speak for much longer."


The loud exclaimation made half the restaurant jump, and Mrs. Kenwood stood up, grabbing her husband's arm. "Richard, we are going home, now!"

Mr. Kenwood was about to question, but then his wife put the cell in his hand, making a motion for him to speak to the person on the other end.

"Hello?" He ventured cautiously.

In the short span of time that had transpired between the woman's exclamation and her handing the phone to her husband, the ambulance swerved quickly around the curb and appeared at the end of the street. He took a few steps towards the sidewalk to unveil himself from his place in the shadows.

The vehicle skidded to a halt in front of the Kenwood home before a team of medical personnel seemed to burst from the ambulance doors, moving quickly towards him to carefully remove the child from his arms. Armand knew better than to combat them, even if he desperately wanted to keep the young boy in his arms. He forced himself to trust the paramedics, following them into the back of the ambulance.

"...Mr. Kenwood," he started softly, looking over Kai's lifeless visage. His fingers carefully brushed aside the hair against the child's forehead. "The ambulance is leaving from your home. I'm afraid I cannot speak for much longer..."

He knew he could, but he didn't want to. "I will debrief you at the hospital."

Mr. Kenwood made an affirmative noise and turned off the phone as the two parents ran out of the restraunt, starting off toward their home.

The paramedics looked at the boy who had given them this child, then turned their attention back to the boy, who had just made a noise.

Kai's eyes fluttered open and he made a loud sound of pain, trying to move a bit. "...h-help..."


(In The Hospital)

Kai startled himself awake, only to find himself staring at a white ceiling. His first thought was that it was not his ceiling. His ceiling had been painted light blue when he was a baby, and his walls weren't the mint shade of green these were, but a soft shade of yellow.

This wasn't his room. This wasn't his home. Where was he? What had happened?

That was before he heard the beeping. It was a strange, rhythmic beeping, with a pause between: Beeeep. Pause. Beeep. Pause. It kept on for a while, going on endlessly, and it made him wonder what was doing it.

What's making that noise? He thought dazedly. That was another thing he realized; he was thinking so very slowly. There wasn't anything he could think of; he was just being so very slow at thoughts. What is going on? Where am I?

Those were the main few things that were still in his mind: where was he? What had happened? The last thing he could remember was the sound of a belt hitting his skin, and after that, there was nothing. So, what had happened? What was going on?

Kai didn't really want to know. He didn't want to know what was going on, because he was so fricking tired of everything. He was really tired, with everything that was going on. What oculd have happened all these times? What was happening?

"....where 'm I?" The boy whispered, his voice thick with the medications that had been pumped into his veins. "Where 'm I?!"

With a odd maternal affection he never knew he had, Armand brushed his fingers against the bright blonde hair covering the boy's forehead. He glanced down at him a bit expressionlessly, keeping the ache in his heart from ghosting over his face. He gave a very slight shake of his head, cupping the child's cheek for only a second before he slipped his hand to Kai's own and took it lightly.

"...Shh. You're at the Hospital," he murmured to him quietly, taking a moment to look over the boy's badly beaten frame. He kept his voice no louder than the heart monitor, letting something gentle lace his tone. "It is only you and I at this moment, little one. Your parents have yet to arrive, and my master will be on his way soon, I assure you, once he has taken care of your oppressor properly."

He paused, lifting his silver eye to the boy's bright blue. "You need to rest."

Kai couldn't rest anymore. He was still caught up in the daze of the medications, but he couldn't sleep. He just couldn't. He was too tired to think about fighting.

"...where's 'm mum...I want mum..." He said thickly, trying to speak through the haze. "Please...I want 'm mum..."

Kai didn't know why, but somehow, someway, his hard boy exterior had deteriorated, and now he was an injured, sad, and scared little boy, who wanted his mummy to hug him and console him.

Armand could tell that the medications running through the child's system were trying relentlessly to regain control over his consciousness. He nevertheless squeezed the boy's hand with a careful tautness, shaking his head slowly once again as he met Kai's fatigue-laden eyes.

"Both your mother and your father are on their way here," he told him softly, wishing he had more information to tell the child. "...They will be here, little one. I promise."

He leaned closer. "...Will you tell me your name?"

Name? Name? What was his name? He couldn't really remember. He knew that his name began with a J--or was it a K? He knew that there was an A in it, at least.

"I name's...Jaden...but I don't like my friend Max...calls me Kai..." Calls? But Max wasn't alive anymore. The evil man had hurt her, had...killed her...

"She called me...Kai...but he...killed her..." Tears began to fall, and he bit his lower lip. "...he killed her..."

"...Jaden," Armand echoed in a murmur and brushed his fingers through the boy's blonde hair absentmindedly, letting his silver eye look over the weariness in his young features. Again, a pang of ache struck his heart when the boy mentioned the death of his friend, a death neither he nor his master had been there to witness.

But, it was more than merely a death. It had been a murder, according to the boy, one executed purposefully by the boy's oppressor.

Already, his blood was becoming heated. His other hand curled to a fist in his lap and he looked down at it almost angrily. "...That man will pay for what he has done to you," he promised lowly. "I swear this to you, Kai, Jaden..."

Slowly, he met his drowsy eyes. "You may call me Kaname."

Kaname? That name reminded him of something...

"Like the guy from Vampire Knights? It's my favorite managa..." He whispered quietly as he let his eyes drop down half-way, a sleepy yawn escaping him. "...Kaname's my favorite student in the...manga..."

The boy gave a small smile. "Call me Kai...or Jaden...I like Kai more, though..."

Armand made a sad smile, again brushing his fingers through the boy's hair. He turned his gaze about the excessive cleanliness of the hospital room before he peered through the windowpane, feeling his lips fall from subtle smile they had been fixed in.

"...Kai," he echoed quietly. "The name suits you well, I must say." His hand slipped into the pocket of his jacket to retrieve his cell phone and he pressed a single button to turn on the device. There wasn't one missed call or text message, meaning his master hadn't made an attempt to contact him yet.

He took on a stoic expression. "My master should be contacting me soon, I'm hoping," he spoke quietly, looking at the boy's sleepy face. "If not, I will call him and have him meet us here, Kai."

Kaname had a Master? That was strange...a Master. It was so strange...

"A master? ...was he the other boy?" He tried to recall that there had been two people who had saved him, and he faintly remembered Kaname talking to someone else...

"Tell him...thank you."

Armand gave a small smile and nodded his head once, slipping his cell phone back into his pocket. "Yes, he was the other boy with us. I will transfer the message to him, Kai," he whispered, lifting his hand to give one of the boy's a subtle squeeze.

The child's fatigue was becoming more evident as time gradually progressed, displaying itself in his weary, blue eyes, lacing itself into the undertones of his voice. Slowly, he let go of his hand and sat back in his chair, turning his gaze to a window.

"You need to rest," he murmured. "No more talking."

Kai didn't want to rest. It was still stuck in his mind that, if you went to sleep, you would never wake up. He definitely did not want that.

"No...Please...I don't want to sleep..." He hated to beg for something, but if it meant Kaname wouldn't let him sleep, well, he would do it. "...tell me about you...and your Master...please?"

Somber, Armand met Kai's weary eyes.

He was about to open his lips and decline the child's proposal, but a thought occurred to him. There was no harm in telling the young boy a simple story, he supposed, seeing as it mainly involved him speaking and Kai listening.

Denying his suggestion would be quite irrational.

With a silent sigh, Armand nodded his head once and scooted forward in his seat, letting his silver eye look over the fatigue in Kai's young features. There was something else in his face, however, something that looked like fear. It spurred him to take the child's hand gingerly, thumbing over the backs of his knuckles.

Taking a breath, he started to murmur. "...My family...hated me when I was your age, Kai. I was neglected and scowled upon, simply because of what I keep hidden behind this." He motioned towards his eyepatch subtly, lowering his hand to the child's once more. "...They soon...left me, I suppose you could say. I was left alone, though I soon came to disliking it. I realized I wanted to feel accepted, and that acceptance and gratification, for me, came through serving someone I admired."

He paused to smile faintly. "Kale, my master, was that someone."

Kai was trying to focus on Armand's story, he truly was, but the medication kept trying to drag him down, and he was fighting hard against it. Hospital meds were hard to fight against, though.

"...wha 'appened then?" The words were slurred, and Kai could hardly keep them straight. "Wha 'appen'd?"

Armand did not know whether or not to continue his tale.

The medication administered the child was taking an obvious effect on his system. Truthfully, he doubted that the young boy, in all of his weariness and exhaustion, could resist the slumber the medicine was trying to pull him into.

He smiled faintly and patted Kai's shoulder, shaking his head slowly. "I shouldn't keep you from your rest," he murmured to him, both concern and something tender lacing his voice. "...My story can wait until you are fully rested."

Kai wasn't even able to hear what Kaname was saying. He was being brought down even further by the medicine, and he was so tired now...

And very soon, he was asleep, drifting on a medicine cloud, wondering where this would end. Would he dream now? Would he...?

Hearing no response from the child, Armand assumed him to be asleep.

A small smile curved his lips, his fingertips pressing carefully against the young boy's partially lifted eyelids to ease them down completely. In spite of how weak, weary and fatigued Kai appeared to be, the sight touched a part of his heart, compelling him to tenderly cup a side of the boy's face.

"...Rest, little one," he whispered before he stood, moving a mere foot or two away to the window. He retrieved his cell phone from his pocket, scanning its screen to realize that he had missed a phone call from his master. The man had to be on his way, though he would first contact the young boy's parents to reassure them.

He dialed the number Kai had given him at the home, murmuring it to himself as he watched his finger press each of the buttons slowly. "Five, five, zero, eight nine five, four three two one." The device was lifted to his ear. He listened to the tone, waiting.

Lily Kenwood answered her phone almost immediately, her eyes narrowed. "How is my son?"

The woman was standing in the middle of her living room, where she and her husband were at the moment. She was ready to go to him, but she couldn't.

"Tell me, how is he? Tell me."

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