I'm fed up with all this pencil-scratching

The short answers, true/false, and matching.

I fight back a guttural cry.

I just can't manage another try!

Apparently this will get me to college.

But if this question wants my knowledge-

I will readily give every bit away

It's nothing I wanted anyway.

It's one thing right after another

My spirit is now completely smothered.

Like one, two, three- tears fall

Yet I can't even muster a good bawl.

I know that if I had the strength,

I'd pick my chair up and throw it a great length,

In hopes that it hits whoever wrote this test,

This ridiculous memory contest.

Each slip-up is duly noted

A huge mar on the reputation I've long toted.

FYI, my score doesn't tell you who I am

I'll never partake in that scam